The Medicine From The Garden

Discussion in 'The Growkind Gallery' started by Bud Greenright, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Bud Greenright

    Bud Greenright In the garden, you?

    The winter meds are in and harvested and everything looks good. Grown with organic hydro ebb & Flow system. Available in the Compassionate State of Colorado.

    1st pic is of the Purple Haze-Did not have a lot to take pics of as it was already packed up. But this looks so good and the smoke is so flavorful and heady the dispensaries cant get enough.

    2nd pic is the Sour Diesel- It is the best tasting Diesel I have ever had.

    3rd pic is more diesel!

    4th is the blueberry-Looks the best and holds its own with the purple haze for taste and high. Web PICT0554.jpg

    Web PICT0572.jpg

    Web PICT0573.jpg

    Web PICT0574.jpg
  2. teamster6

    teamster6 Guest

    Sweet buds!!!

  3. wwboy

    wwboy pro grow!


    hey where did the b.b. come from??? what breeder???? like the budda shot by the way.
  4. Gratitude

    Gratitude Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    Cheers Bud thanks for posting!


  5. Bud Greenright

    Bud Greenright In the garden, you?

    The Blueberry or True Blueberry came from seed I ordered 2 years ago, from the DOC CHronic amsterdam seed bank. I am still growing White Widow ordered from them 4 years ago. The final 2 mothers are still producing clones:beerchug-2:

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