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  1. Cannagirl

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    Insta-stress relief. Poppies, Pot and fish. Feel free to share yours. Forgot to put the audiobook in, but hey you can see the top of a jar of weed! Yes, I am flowering in December. I am leaving, what the hell. I am testing potency of overly cold plants. Yanno triches protecting and what not. The moms are getting too big so I am just starting new ones. I have just been selling clones a while. If I feel like it I will get a better shot of the moms. They are pure kush and pineapple kush. They are excellent cloners, the pure kush especially and great producers. I just pay $15 1/8 for all the best pot in Cali and love variety so I quit flowering for a spell.

  2. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    Oh man Resin you must be jealous, look at that suuun ;) Plants been outside for 2+ weeks. Seem fine so far, it has gotten down to the 30s.
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    Well I see a angel in that tank whats the orange one a oscar????

  4. Cannagirl

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    Yup they are the odd couple. I got them when they were both tiiiiiiny. I wanted those kinds so I picked the meanest sunovabitch Angelfish and a very docile Oscar. The Angel's name is Satan and the Oscar is Angel ;)

    You can also see a chocolate pleco on the front. I also have a red crayfish, large clown loach, a parrotfish, and a pumpkinseed in that particular tank. I just removed a shitload of plants, it looks ugly. That glob in the middle is gone. I picked up an aquatic plant at the pond that I would like to see take over. It is growing. I also have red and green varieties of duck weed. I remove about 4 cups of duck weed a month, squeezed out. I have not cleaned the tank since I moved in July and the ammonia stays at zero. The filter is there for water movement, but has no media. The tank has been established for years and the plants clean it for me. Don't mind the now missing ugly glob in the middle.
  5. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    The first was an hour ago, now it looks like this. I like these floating native plants better (whatever they are), they let more light in and they are growing. Got rid of the globby stuff completely. My phone cam seems to take better pics at night but you get the idea. It's bare but my lights are nice and the new plants growing. And I will never, ever, get rid of the accidently introduced green duckweed and the less problematic maroon duckweed. But I never clean it either. They send down cool little roots though and my fish eat both species. The fish above the Oscar I caught (he is either a pumpkinseed sunfish that looks "off" or a pumpkinseed/green sunfish hybrid which often occurs in the wild, they are close to the bluegill but prettier), I will probly release this summer. He is starting to dig breeding holes so I like to reintroduce them now and catch a baby and start all over again. Just has to be big enough to not get eaten by the Oscar. See the smaller orange parrot fish? He rules the tank. They are a mix of cichlids that showed up in someones tank someday and no one has really figured out exactly what they are but they are funny and cute as hell. Mine is still young.

  6. Cannagirl

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    Just noticed the crayfish, crawdad whatever you wanna call him is halfway up the heater in the tank in pic 2. He climbs it to breath air (they don't need it, they just like the option) which is why it is angeled, the heat doesn't seem to bother him. And yes, the tank is fully covered. I got it as a steal off craigslist, stand included, $100. 70 gallon seamless acrylic by Truvu.
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    The view from my couch today is SNOW. aint supposed to snow in NC in December, certainly not before crissmus.

    Everything is going...strange. This is what Stephen King calls, "slippage". Things going strange.

    There's a lotta slipage goin on.

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    Fish Tanks! You Say?

    Cool Tank. I used to keep a nice 55 Gal. Feshwater tank. We want to do another tank someday, maybe a Saltwater Next Time. We don't have this tank anymore, we gave it to my Sister In Law and adopted out all our fish through our local pet store. Check it out anyway though, I still enjoy looking at the pics of it. Now all we have is a small 10 gal. with one regular Gold Fish, One Fancy Bulby Eye Goldfish and a couple little Cory Cats and a little Pleco, It's all full of algae, the Pleco is slacking I guess! Anyway here is our old tank.


    It had a Black Sand Bottom. Dual Filters Heaters and some cool fish and decorations. We kept it for several years before taking it down. We had a Chocolate Pleco, a Senegal Bicher Eel, and a Banded Sevrum, all pretty big fish, that we got wen they were much smaller and raised up. Fisha re fun.

    Choco Pleco:


    Banded Sevrum (only fish i ever named, it was Carlitos) Sevrum's are supposed to be more on the docile side as far as semi aggressive large fish go but Carlitos was a Terror with tons of attitude, always chasing the Pleco and Bicher around the tank. What an a-hole :roffl:


    The Senegal Bicher Eel. A very cool fish, lots of fun to watch, but fairly elusive preferring to feed with the lights out adn hiding much of the time in caves, but when they swim around they are truly beautiful to watch, like a Chinese Dragon swimming around in your tank! Also fun to watch feed. They are actually related to Mud Skippers and can breath air and survive and even move on dry land for several hours. Gotta watch 'em cuz they can and will jump out of a tank that isn't well covered!



    Hope you enjoyed my show and tell, I just wanted to play too. :thumbs-up:

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