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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by CaptKush, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. CaptKush

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    I have a watering question...I am finding myself having to water my plants everyday because the soil gets dry very fast...I probably between 4 plants give them over 1/2 gallon per day...not each plant, but total 1/2 I not giving them enough water?...2 of them look really healthy...1 is a little droopy and dark green...1 is droopy...I will get pics on here later...they are in 3 gallon pots and when I water them I water until I see some trickle out the this just the way my plant is over should I give more water...the soil gets VERY dry...almost looks like the soil cracks...any thoughts?
  2. StillPuffin87

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    I had a similar problem which led to a much larger 1... my soil dried quickly so i was watering every other day, maybe every 2 days and just 2 days ago, i awoke to find my plants wilted and very unhealthy looking. I repotted and gave just a lil bit of water and within hours they are perky again. Im not sure if its possible to water log the soil, but you may wanna watch out for this. my soil was very dry as well. but for your soil drying out so fast I would check the room temp/humidity which can cause water to evaporate faster. I would say go a day w/o watering and observe how they look I'd say just watch out for the overwater!
  3. CaptKush

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    the temp in the room with the light on is about 80-82 max...with light off its about 69-71...not sure about the humidity...dont have a meter
  4. Cabinetgrower420

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    ya try and get some pics, they would tell us if they are healthy or not. To me it sounds pretty natural, not a bad thing. I remember seeing one guy say his plants were needing 1 gallon a day!
  5. Harryhood

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    I have a sour diesel plant three weeks into flowering and it drinks a gallon of water a day. Granted it is being grown in a bubbler and it is a monster. Id give your ladies as much as they can drink without going overboard.

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  6. UrBigBuddie

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    watering n feeding your plants!

    This could be hazardus to your plants doing/giving them all this water. Do you have perlite through your grow mix or is it hydro??

    Perlite will allow you easily to, Not have to water your plants as much, as it stores eccess water up and it gradually seeps out the "over-watering"amounts that its been holding , and that will feed the plants their water for up to 4 days with a good mix/Medium, allowing your plants when the feeding time comes to drink up all the water and Nutes in a very thirsty like manner and take all the nutrient all the way up to the BUSH directly, in that more thirsty way, which can be a very good way to go about feeding your plants needs.

    "Just by letting the soil dry rite up totally, and then, when it has, "feed", and youl notice a Big difrence in the development of your grow!!!

    Peace Out,

    N hope this can be of some HELP!!!

    UrBigBuddie............:punk: :punk: :sign13: :sign13: :)
  7. WiZaRD

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    OVER watering?
  8. CaptKush

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    the soil has perlite in it...not sure how much though as it was already mixed in...the plants are pretty monsterous...ones 3 feet...the others are around 2 1/2 ft...went down this morning and they were super droopy...watered them and now they are good looking...they must just be thristy
  9. Harryhood

    Harryhood Guest

    Are these plants flowering?? Are you using a peat based soil?? I grow hydro mostly but all of my experience with peat is that it drys out quickly. Plants tend to drink alot more at the onset of flowering than they do during veg.

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  10. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    experienced same probs before.....

    Iv had exact same probs in past.... did you re-pot using fresh soil,etc before flowering?I never used to but then i started getting this problem.Im thinking that whats happening is the bottom of your pot is solid due to a salt build up or summit similiar and the way to find out is to flush the plant REAL good and see what comes out...when i had this problem hardly anything was coming out the bottom like it should normally.It can be caused by high temps/humidity mixed with over feeding,etc.

    This when it happened to me was caused by the fact that i never seen water coming out the bottom of the pot so i assumed it needed more feeding/watering but i never realised i was actually water logging my pot but cos i was flowering i assumed the plant was just drinking a bit more.The plant made it all way through harvest but when i emptied that pot there was a layer of clay rock hard!

    Maybe if id flushed my plants more often i would have noticed sooner but hey we learn from our mistakes right?Temp/Humidity DOES have a lot to do with probs of this nature aswell.

    Also remember NEVER to over do it with perlite,the reason being that perlite can hold water and if you have too much perlite then it is easy to water log your pot in no time as perlite expands and holds moisture.PPL sometimes overlook this and think the more perlite the better,just thought id point that out.Hopefully you sort out the prob soon...

    one thing i will say is that if you are in flowering then try not to feed so often...a good feed every 5 days does my plants real good.The roots will soak up all the water in the soil as i dry it out then at least i know when i feed again im not over watering/water logging my grow.Peace:)
  11. CaptKush

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    yea they are in their second week of flowering now...I feed them with every watering...are you saying I should just give them water and feed them only every 4 waterings or so?
  12. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    yeah... we all come up with our own variations,etc...

    Yeah personally the probs i had were also due to the fact i was FEEDING and never WATERING.... so yeah i would give them feed and leave days between feeding but also give the plants maybe one good watering in between.Its handy to have a feeding guide for flowering.If you are 2wks into flowering then go easy and remember that within a number of weeks your gonna be changing your nutes from say'bloom' to 'booster' so you dont wanna have too much nutes.....NUTE LOCKOUT=NIGHTMARE.

    This is what caused my salt build up cos i wasnt watering in between,i was feeding with water but wasnt just giving the plant water apart from when i gave it a flush.Its healthy to give your plant a flush here and there cos if their is a concrete block,etc then the flush will highlight these problems...or it did for me anyway.Its good especially near the end of flowering to dry the soil real good between waterings,etc.Peace

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