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  1. Guerilla Family

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    When growing from seed, Is it safe to top the sprouts early? Say I have 25 sprouts, and I Top or FIM all of them. Are their chances of turning male higher?
    Im saying does the stress from removing the main shoot like 3 weeks into veg, stress the plant to turn male?

    I have always wondered about this...
    I think I once read in Hightimes the more stress you induce into your plant the greater chance it has to become male. But its been a while.

    Guerilla Family
  2. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

    I've topped at 3 and 4 weeks and did not experience any additional males that I could tell... It will cause all the plants to bush out so to speak, and then up.

    I use that to keep the height down, and get more main cola's..

    Hope that helps:suave:

    SMARMY Cuban Bee

    I like to wait till I have 3 or 4 internodes to top
  4. Guerilla Family

    Guerilla Family Serious Guerilla Farmer

    Yes I know how topping affects a plant..Just wasnt sure of the stress factor.. So there is no proof that topping a plant (stress), will increase the ratio of males?

    Thanks guys

  5. bud-e

    bud-e Germinated

    I think that kind of stress turning plants male is mostly urban legend, but I can't say for sure.

    I prefer LST to topping anyway. You might want to just do that instead, since it gets just as good of results and there's no old wive's tales of LST turning girls into boys.
  6. EvilSkuzzi

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    If the seed is male the plant is male. I dont think you can stress a plant into turning sex. You can stress it during flowering and make it go hermie but not completely change sex.
  7. Guerilla Family

    Guerilla Family Serious Guerilla Farmer

    Ok Thanks ES


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