Trainwreck & Belladonna

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  1. Scorpio

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    For the complete grow, please check out the other links for this grow.

    Grown under a 400w HPS...with 6 plants, got crowded

    Hi, just got my batteries for my camera so, now you can see my progress with the grow.

    I'm at 7 weeks and 2 days, and have now started flushing 2 days ago.

    From left to right...

    First pic Whole garden

    2nd pic-Trainwreck #1

    3rd-Trainwreck #2

    4th-Trainwreck #3

    5th-Trainwreck #4

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  2. Scorpio

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    More pics...From left to right....1st- Close up of the Trainwreck #4 purple leaves2nd-Trainwreck #53rd-Trainwreck #5 close up4th-Belladonna5th- Belldonna close upEnjoy the pics... Just getting use to digital camera...the pics look great, some a little have some blur.Looks like it's going to be a great harvest.... most the yellow is due to the spidermite problem I had during, flowering. The yeild isn't that great but due to the mites, it could have been more.6 Plants for the harvest...5 Trainwreck and 1 Belldonna.And yes..I picked these strains for their trippy high!!!

    Trainwreck 4 close up resize.JPG

    Trainwreck #5 resize.JPG

    Trainwreck 5 close up.jpg

    Belladonna 1 resize.JPG

    Belladonna close up resize.JPG





  3. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Hey Scorpio, can you describe the smell for me?

    I am very curious, because those are the least TW looking plants I have ever seen. I was discussing this with TA in another post (I think it was TA) and I wonder if yours are smelling anything like the real cut.

    Shame GHS did a really poor job with the clone, or they just dont have the real cut.

    I hope you get some potent smoke though. Ultimately, thats the thing most folks are looking for.
  4. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Still looks good but I was going to say the same thing. Even the way the plant bulks up doesn't look the same.
  5. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Yea man, they dont look bad or anything (aside from the obvious nute deficiencies in the leaves) the colas appear to be fattening up a bit, and look pretty good to me.

    But the bud formation doesnt look like TW. The leaves dont look like TW. The stems are too thick for TW. If Scorpio hadnt posted it as TW, I never in my life would have been able to pick those out as TW. Thats why I am asking about the terpene profile, I wonder if there is any relation or sign of the real cut in there.
  6. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    Thanks for the reply, the smell is hard to describe, each plant has a different smell, but from what I can tell, some have a spicy/skunky smell, with a hint of fruit...the purple pheno has the blueberry smell. The other plant has a poison skunk smell.

    Trainwreck #4 is the only one that could come close to the original, it grew like a sativa, and grew tall skinny buds, but now is starting to pack on the weight.

    I'm sure they look nothing like the true cut, but from the other smoke reports done on this strain, I know I'm going to love it. Really have heard great this about the GHS TW. They sure are frosty!

    For the Belladonna, wow the smell sure has that Super Skunk pheno...the smell is just awsome.
  7. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    DEPENDS i Suppose eh!?!?!?

    I didnt think id hear that fromyou useless, even though i kinda know what ya mean!!!

    ANY plant on EARTH, CAN look wayyyyyy different from the "REAL" thing IMO, and most likely alot of others too on this subject! (NOt sure though, as i CANT speak for EVRYONE!)lol

    But, Im Just saying, iff you grow a plant all twisted (Deliberately) in a good LST method, (WHICH SCORPIO has Done!!!wink: ) then you'l have ANY shape or FORM you want, in the LOOK of the Plant! (as he has LST'd the lil BEAST's, Clearly!!!) :bigok:

    But i ALSO know exactly what you mean, but he Has used the LST method (which you know, CAN make ANY plant look Different, in a BIG way too, depending on how ya grow it out!):sign13: :smokin: :)

    Ya know what i mean anyway bro, just a thaught.

    Hope so, Dont want it taken the wrong :qbluewacko: :) :thumbsup:

    I do BELIEVE and have Witnessed MANY a differ from GHS too myself, and i love growing out GHS strains, But have been put off slightly by all this Changing n selling parts of the CO. to flippin Marocs n stuff, that serainly has NOT HELPED the Company at all, since the Initial Takeover, or Joint Buisness they now have.:sign13: :icon_confused: :stop: (Take it back at LEAST Arjan n Franco, YOURSELVES again!!) But share the Goodies :potleaf: Strains and Genetics this time!!! lmao.... "Cheesy Mofoka's"

    Peace my good man Useless,:wink: :thumbsup:

    and Good job of growing out some nice strains SCORPIO my good Friend!! :bigok:

    Congratz, and Best of Luck with the drying n Curing!

    Peace Out,

    UBB...........:thumbsup: :pimp:

    P.S, Any other People have ANY other information on this GHseeds TRAINWRECK at all??? (As in the Grow, size of Calax Formation and all the rest,??? Because the CALAXES in the real TW are Massively Big ass ones at that!!!):sign13: :) :smokin: Ya could Build a good spliff with ust a good few CALAXES of the REAL TW when i was in Amsterdam, which does indicate that the TW may just be that bit diff, whether it be GETICALLY differed in some way, or Just a Fuck up in the LAst produce of the Produced TW seeds from GHS!?!?:icon_confused: :) :confused:

    Thanks Peeps, and Nice growing SCORPIO my good man! (nice work none the less) :thumbsup:

    *Let us all KNOW how it Smokes and then we can all have a better judgement on this Pheno, or Strain, as MANY seem to have smoked it at Least, and ive sertainly Puffed this Beast many many a time now, so it would be very interesting to hear all about the FINISHED produce!!! :bigok:

    Thanks for sharing bro..... :bigok:
  8. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    It's not the LST that makes it look different. Also, I have seen a few LST grows of TW and it still grows the same just more of it. It's the traits like useless pointed out the way some of the stems look don't even look like suppercropped TW. the caylxs don't look as large as they should for their stage, the fox tailing looks very minimal and a few other things. It's not the way the plant was grown deviated from it's natrual way of growth that makes it's apperance differnt, it's just the plant it self. I don't know just had a buddy that grew it a few years back and was nothing like that and having seen it so much you can kinda identify things. It's like with the Ice and the LUI, I've grown both of them sooo many times there is plenty of things I could identify about the plant regardless of grow style. Basically just saying it has nothing to do with the plant structure but the bud structure itself which you can't control other than adjusting lights to make them more dense or stretch minimally to air out a little.
  9. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    I can try and get some close ups or take some more pics. They sure are doing wonderful, and I'm sure my harvest will be grand!

    I still have some Dutch Passion White Widow and Blueberry buds left over from the past harvest.

    Thanks for the kind works everyone!

    I sure will post some more pics if yall like you see more? I will also post some pics of the finished product after the trimming and harvest.

    I will post the nug shots in the smoke report.

    I'm going to make another thread soon and post some pics of my other grow.

    Pineapple Punch, Shark Shock, Bubblicious, and Haze Skunk. They are looking great!
  10. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Pineapple punch sounds very interesting, really looking forward to that one. How do you like that DP BB? much BB flavor in yours at all?

    Looking forward to see how this thing turns out. Not too much longer!!:scream:
  11. Allen

    Allen Humble Gardener

    Rezdog from Reservoir seeds said in a post a week or 2 ago in his form at IC mag, that he sat down and had lunch with Arjan from GHS, and that it is the Arcata cut that they are working with. Just goes to show that "selfing" genetics doesn't guarantee squat, and as I said in another post before, there will still be much variation in the plants grown from seed. It's supposed to be easier to find that special girl.
  12. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    OK, where to start here...

    Scorpio - dont get me wrong man. They look plenty frosty & I wish you the best of smoke. Interesting descriptions of the terpene profiles. The real TW smells like pine sol, lemons, spice, and a skunky rotting whale flesh, in that order of prominence. No berry or fruity smells at all.

    UBB - It is not the fact that it was lst'd. It is as skunky stated, the bud structure, the leaf structure, the stems, etc.

    I do realize different environments can play a role in phenotypical expressions. However, I would still expect trainwreck to retain these traits. No environment change or difference is going to take long slender leaf fingers and make them short and fat like an indica. You get what I'm saying? Show me a pic of the real cut mixed in a field of 100 plants, and I can pick it out. I grew it plenty long enough to know her well. Literally 100's of plants. And I just dont see any physical resemblence.

    I was hoping the unique terpene profile might show up in the offspring. Apparently not by Scorpio's description. Also, real deal TW should not have large calyxes. The calyxes are notoriously small. Not large calyxes at all. Very few pistils. Light limey green/silver buds.

    If you breed it (as the female, since its a clone only) expect really really small seeds.

    Skunky - Well put man.

    Scorpio - The pineapple punch does sound interesting. Any info on that one? And I would dig some more pics. Love the bud porn. heh heh heh

    Allen - I would like to think Rez would know the cut if he saw it. So maybe they are working with it. But what I find interesting is that TW is a Thai x Columbian x Afghani. (Or maybe its Thai x Oaxaca x Afghani, not sure anymore these days). Now if selfing a polyhybrid the end result genetically is the same as an F2 generation, variation wise. So I would expect some (in fact a lot of variation) which is what is showing here, but not in any expected ratios based on the parents. As such, I would expect genotypes of all 3 individual parents, with some showing traits having a mix of parents, mixes of 2, and of course something similar to the original parent clone. So far, everything I have seen online and in person and have smoked has not resembled the original cut in appearance or smell or taste, or effect.

    What GH should have done if they wanted to offer TW to the public is outcross to a non dominant male, and then backcross to the original clone a few times, using selection to get as close to the original as possible. I just dont think GHS has the capability or the skills to breed properly anymore. And market demand for easter egg colored, selfed genes of popular namesake means they dont have to. They are making tons of dough, and not doing anything any one of us couldnt do. Well, except maybe the neat-o easter egg beans. I guess if the name is all that people want, then sure, you can buy it, but they certainly dont seem to be anything close to a true representation of the original clones. Now, with all that said, it doesnt mean they are necesarrily crappy, and it doesnt mean you will get crappy bud. It just means, if you want to find a representation of the original cut that has been hyped (deserved or not) you better buy a shit load of packs and start searching.


    edited to add pic

    Here is a close up a TW nug


    I'll try and find some more of them if you guys want.
  13. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    I agree on your approach to producing train wreck the right way. They should have approached it the way reserva privida did with the Purple wreck by choosing a male and crossing it with the TW and continued backcrossing to produce a TW male. I would first find a good male candidate for the inital cross, cross it with the original cut, then grow out the seeds find the males with the most desirable traits and continue to back cross. Each generation I would still grow out the resulting females to watch the females to examine their likeness to the parent mother. Once I had gone enough generations backcrossed, by choosing my males and observing the same generations females I would use a male from the generation that yielded the female most similar to the original mother. Thats just to assume that the male is going to have just as much true TW character. Then I would use that as a stud to cross with the original cut. Just off the top of my head I'm pretty sure that is how I would go about it.
  14. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    That is exactly how to go about it, properly. Excellent post skunky.
  15. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    Thanks for the much needed info useless. I'm sure I would love the smoke no matter the outcome, I'm sure I made the right choice with the TW and Belladonna.

    Skunky and for the Dutch Passion Blueberry, I flowered it out, this and the WW was the first "name brand" smoke I ever grew.

    I kept clones of both strains, but as the 2nd grow started to go, I flowered all 3 of my WW clones, so I don't have any more WW to grow, but I do still have many nugs left from the harvest, and they are still curing in jars- over 5 months of curing.

    For the Blueberry, I gotten 2 different phenos. One of the phenos was a huge yield super huge colas, more yield then my WW. The other pheno, was a deformed one, grew single blade leaves, the yeild wasn't that great.

    I took only clones of the BB with the most yeild. The smell from the BB had a skunky smell, with hint of Blueberry. I could it had the berry smell, along with a strong skunk odor. I still have a clone that is living, and will let it get bushy and take some clones and flower some BB.

    As for the Pineapple Punch, this strain looks to die for. The description, extremely powerful smoke, with a strong smell of Pineapple. It's more of a Sativa high and finishes in like 10-12 weeks. I'll make a thread and post the pics of the one I got growing.
  16. Gratitude

    Gratitude Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    Thanks for posting pics!

    You've got a nice harvest coming!

    If my math is correct we switched the lights on the same day, May 26th right?

    Good to finally see them after all this time :wink:

    Looking forward to a smoke report.

  17. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    Just asking and Congratulating!!!

    CAn i PLESAE "ASK" HOW on earth you Think you's KNOW this Info, coz i aint finding ANYTHING in the whole NET that indicates any of this Talk at all!

    Im LOST as to where ya;s FIND all this INFO, (,LMAO< UNDERSTAND you all dont have Much Liking toward ARJAN, but No-one flippin KNOWS him, maybe 1, maybe 2 people here??? (NOt sure even iff that at all,lol)

    But allim saying is that i UNDERSTAND what you's are all saying, But EVERYONE does grow diff (AS you all well KNOW, Not Think or w/e) so ya's NOT think it "COULD" be The Experience in Grwoing!?!?:icon_confused: Or JUst the "FACT" that you's "KNOW" that its NOT the REAL tyhig, even though Yopu's are NOT growing it, and HAvent, as far as im aware.....:sign13: :icon_confused: :)

    Peace n No dissing here at all, lmao, (as ya;s KNOW!!! lol)

    Just REALLY wanna KNOW how alot of Folks SEEM to KNOW, not "THINK", that these are ALL diff genetics... WHY would this be the Case??? IM so LOST as to Why you all think n say ya's KNOW this of these Strains!?!?!?:icon_confused: :sign13:

    Elabourate iff you coukd Please!!!??? :smokin: :) :bigok:

    Thanks folks,

    As every bit of Info i can get on these will be Greatly Interesting aswel, as i was :icon_confused: :sign13: :) planning on crossing a CHEESE with a MASTER KUSH!?!?! mmmm (Sound Yummy eh???? lol):sign13: :)

    Peace Out n Thanks Useless n Skunky and SCORPIO for putting on a great show of Your Prodiction my good friend!

    CHEERS for sharing all you have SCORPIO, quite a Bit has HELPED me in my QUEST for the BEST outta the Infamous CHEESE strain! :thumbsup:

    UrBigBuddie..........:pimp: :potleaf: :bigok:

    P.S, What i REALLY mean is.... You MUST all KNOW for sertain, that ARJAN n FRANCO n All the REST n all that, all grow in TOP NOTCH OPTIMUM quality set-Ups too, so Could that POssibly be the reasoning behind all these strains apparantly so called "NOT being what they say they are"???

    Hope you all get me on this one, as ARJAN n the REST MUST have Perfected the RESULTS in their OPTIMUM CONDITIONS (That MUST have been PERFECTED to grow these all FANTASTICALLY on their Video's n all, Plus Ive saw thw Big Ass CALAX growth froma friend of a friend, that has grown TW, BUt as i say, IM No where Sure on this matter her!!) to even think about producing these strains, and I KNOW myself he goes everywhere to FIND em Quality strains n genetics, and BREED all the GREAT genetics, from all over. As you may or may NOT have seen Recently, the BOTH of them PLus Someone else, are Currently on a STRAIN SEARCHING expidition in MALAWI, looking for the O.G Malawii-Gold too just now!!!???

    JUst a Thaught, As im still wondering how its all Taken this way, anyway dont take me the wrong way please, as im just asking how you's KNOW this....

    Thanks People!

    PEACE!!! :)
  18. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    UBB, trust me it's nothing really personal and not that we don't like the guy necessarily. Just lost respect, that is all. He went to shifty methods to try to produce top notch elite strains and fucked up by not going about his methods correctly and has in-turn flooded the MJ community with tanted and/or even falty genetics. Falty meaning false. He wants to claim this he wants to claim that but proof is in the pudding my brother. If he took his time like the past GHS he would probably be able to avoid all of that. Also yea good luck finding most of that stuff in the search. Too many common characters in most of them. Got to just surf around and find shit. Also for how we know, because we know! hahaha. Naw man like I said proir to this post. I've seen this shit grow time and time again and the cut was from a good good good friend who lives just right outside the emerald triangle. This cut looks, smells and just does everything you could possibly find or read about the true arcata cut. I don't know the strain as well as useless as I just observed and didn't actually spend the time growing it. But, just being around it and seeing it all the time then seeing this one. looking at all the components it just didn't look right. Leaf structure alone if you were familiar with the strain would have you questioning things. Maybe TW is the real cut but if it is like useless and I have said before he could have spent more time with it to produce a product better for market. instead of just trying to hurry up and hit the market to make some money. The main reason I don't like this is because I have done selfs in the past, a few times using STS. My result one time was complete uniform plants, another not soo much. So what did I do? Stabilize it! By back crossing to the parent of the most desired traits I was going for. So why the fuck can't GHS take an extra 6 months to develope the strain better and make it more worth the money for the people who are funding them pretty much. I may not be some world known breeder but I know my shit and I'll call 'em like I see 'em.

    and just for last clearifications, we don't think we know. (not trying to sound like a dick)We do know. If you hunt around on places like HG and planet ganjga as well as numerous other places and breeder forums you will find the same info.
  19. Scorpio

    Scorpio Sticky Skunky Buds

    Your math is very correct! I turned on the light on the 27th but really it was almost midnight on the 26th. You must be a Psychic!

    As for the update...

    I cannot wait to post some more pics, the color sure is looking nice, the leaves are getting purple and looks wonderful.
  20. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    I know this from years of experience, growing hundreds of real TW plants. That pic is a nugget of the real TW, grown by me. Do you see large calyxes on that bud? Didnt think so. Has anybody who has grown GHS TW had anything remotely close to the real TW smell or flavor? Nope. The 5 different phenos my friend got were not like the original. Not one report from anyone who would know has said it is like the real TW.

    I dont know Arjan, and I have nothing against him personally. I dont like what GHS has done recently, but that's more of an ethical thing, and does not reflect on their person. I'm glad you have blind faith in GHS, me,I like to keep my eyes open and see whats going on.

    If you re-read my last post, I explained how there is no way its environmental. It is pure and simple differences in the genetics. Perhaps read the part directed to Allen, as I explained what I think is going on, and why nothing resembles the real cut. No, I havent grown GHS TW, why would I waste my time? It doesnt turn out like TW! My friend has grown it, and I have seen lots of reports over the last month or so, all confirming what I'm saying to you. The plants dont turn out like TW. If you cant grasp that, I dont know what to tell you. Maybe you should get a real TW clone, and then talk to me about GHS version. Seems to me, the only people that support GHS TW are the ones who never have grown the real deal to have a comparison. I never said it was bad ganja, just that IT IS NOT LIKE THE CLONE!

    UBB, you give a prime example. Your cross of "Cheese" x MK. Is your cheese GHS or BB "Cheese"? Because if so, it aint cheese. It's Cheese x Affie bx3.

    So if you claim your cross is cheese x MK, you would be falsifying the genetics. You get me? Thats is my biggest problem with GHS. They are fucking up the gene pool, and no offense, but guys like you are the ones helping em do it. (see above example). How many thousands of people who dont know the real genetic backgrounds are buying GHS "Cheese" growing it and selling as cheese, even though it isnt? Then how many might get a seed, or make seeds, and pass them around. Its like GHS is spreading gonnaherpasyphillaids. LMAO.

    Also, have you seen their breeding rooms? LMAO, my rooms are more professionally built than theirs are. Anyone can make walls from panda film and hang some lights. Nothing special about their grow set up is my point here. I would happily engage in a growoff against GHS. My TW vs. their seedstock TW. I have absolutely zero doubt I would win. Not because I am better grower or anything (even though pride would make me say that for sure I can outgrow, but because I have the real clone. Which in a TW contest is going to win by being what the contest is based on. You follow? And if you are questioning my growing abilities, go look at my gallery again amigo. If you think GHS has perfect growrooms and perfect conitions giving them perfect buds, you need to take a few grow classes. I have seen and set-up far nicer op's than those in the youtube commercials for kids. And while they do grow some really nice buds, its nothing spectacular. I bet many people here could grow nicer buds, so dont think Im tooting my own horn or anything. Just saying GHS op's are not special.

    Heaven help us when they take a real landrace and fem that. The malawi gene pool will go down like the titanic.

    Let me ask you a question UBB. Have you ever grown real TW ? Or even smoked it for that matter? And I dont mean GHS BS versions, I mean the real legitimate clone? I'd bet money you haven't. So my suggestion to you is get some real clones, grow them, smoke them, and see if you are still a GHS lap jockey riding the tip to the finish line. I highly doubt you would be. If you had an actual basis for comparison, and still argued that GHS TW is better than the cut, or just as good or whatever, then your points would have a bit more weight to them.

    Me, I grew the real TW for years. So I have a good basis there. I can tell you, with utmost confidence, every picture and report I have seen of GHS TW does not look or sound like the clone. The few buds I smoked that a friend grew, did not resemble the smell, flavor or high of the clone.

    So, whats your experience with the real TW clone UBB?

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