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  1. UrBigBuddie

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    #1-Strain:> African TRANSKIE. (Land Race strain)

    #2-Appearance:> Lime Green appearance on Foliage development all the way through on this one. To be expected, "no deficiency"(As "some" May think at first..Decieving)
    True Traits. Extremely UNIFORM Branching,Bushy as well as Tall. Steady/consistant/Tight (for SATIVA) int-noding spacing. Stays throughout flowering too.

    #3-Taste:> Very Floral, Slightly Skunky Taste, that is Really Smooth on the throat, going in, and on EX-Haling. Leaves a nice kinda pleasant Fruity Floral Taste on the mouth.NOT an Unwanted Taste, like Other strains "can be". Smooth n a Gentle fruity/floral taste. Creamy kinda aftertaste to it also.

    #4-Aroma:> NOT a strong plant ODOUR wise. Slightly Fruity/skunky, but a very Garden Green Smell also.
    Gets a LITTLE more skunk like throughout flowering, but nothing overwelmingly STRONG growing this really nice strain.

    #5-High/Stone type:>Very potent high n long lasting.
    Very much an UPLIFT in the HEAD type high/stone. Can get a little on the Trippy side of things, but nothing too strong in that sense. A very happy type high, n very clear introspective burst from this strain, that Lasts n Lasts. VERY POTENT.

    #6-Source:> AFRICA

    #7-Price:> GIFT.

    #8-Potency:> 10 / 10

    #9-Overall Rating:> 9.5 / 10

    #10 Grow Difficulty:> 8.5/10 Can be a Little Picky, but overall easy enough to Adjust to. A HARDY enough plant to make a plant/Strain able to work with though. Forgiving enough in that sense.

    #11-Overall Description:> Pleasant Uplifting/Introspective Body warming HIGH, of a REAL BLAST that HITS HARD. Or some People find, that it Hits HARD after a little CREEPING. None the less, a total Pleasant Happy Warm very Clear, Head n Body Buzz. One to definately Put on the SEED menu.

    #12-Would you Reccomend:> ID HIGHLY reccomend this strain for Many reasons, as its a Very warm Happy Feel to it. Pleasant and Very Uplifting, and at same time, Very Clear n Overall ENJOYABLE HIGH to the upmost. Medicinal Users may find it usefull in many ways, but can be Racey on the heart this one at first.

    #13-Smokers General Comments:> Loved the TASTE and Smell was NOT overpowering through GROWING ,or even the "Flowering period", like the Extremely Pleasant fruits/Bud that it gave of, really Hazy Happy Uplifting High that just Lasted n lasted. This strain doesnt get weaker by the Spliff or Bowl. Stay's Uplifting n Potent every time, with this Lovely Plant.
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  2. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Toke Report> "2nd opinion"

    #1-Strain:> AfricanTRANSKIE. (Land Race strain)

    #2-Appearance:> Very pale green looking,good structure to it.

    #3-Taste:> Very very smooth,you could be forgiven for thinking you were smoking on a low tar cigarette as it has no harshness on the throat at all and it leaves an almost pleasant aftertaste in the mouth.Definetly a floral type of taste and although it was perfectly cured it tasted almost like an uncured harvest even though it wasnt,it just had that planty ,vegetative matter kind of taste. One of the smoothest tokes i have ever tasted.

    #4-Aroma:> Very deceptive as the strain doesnt have much in the way of pungent odours to it at all,yet it packs a heavy punch in the buzz. Not much of an aroma to report which aint a bad thing in my opinion.Of course,it does still stink the room out after a few spliffs but not as much as the average.

    #5-High/Stone type:> Very VERY potent.What it lacks in aroma and taste it doubly makes up for in potency.The strain has a tremendous sativa type stone,so much so it actually reminds me of a mild halucinigenic like salvia except its far better and lasts longer. Very giggly type of stone and the buzz lasts for ages. I noticed that you dont need to pack the spliff as much to get stoned plus two spliffs and your stoned! Its a real "creeper" of a stone,after one spliff you still feel straight but half way through your 2nd spliff and B-A-M it hits you like a hammer,great all round head and body buzz....VERY CEREBRAL! 10/10

    #6-Source:> AFRICA (the transkie mountains and hills of africa)

    #7-Price:> FREE. Courtesy of U.B.B:thumbsup:

    #8-Potency:> 10 / 10

    #9-Overall Rating:> 9.5 / 10

    #10 Grow Difficulty:> N/A

    #11-Overall Description:>In a few words id say: Strong potent sativa type stone and alround cerebral and body buzz that creeps up on you. Very enjoyable strain with no pungent odour or taste.9.5-10/10!

    #12-Would you Reccomend:> I would reccomend this particular strain to everyone and anyone who likes to get blazed and confused,lol. A trippy,potent and highly cerebral stone from a real sativa like unhybridised african wild strain.I HIGH-ly reccomend this strain,i honestly go as far to say this is without doubt one of my all time fav's.A great buzz that creeps up on you then hits you hard.Definetly a MUST for all the coinesseurs out there!10/10

    #13-Smokers General Comments:> Extremely SMOOOOTH! No harshness on the throat and no pungent cats piss odour in the air either,just a real smooth and pleasant toke that creeps up on you then packs a mighty punch.If you like the sativa type of stone thats quite trippy and giggly then this is the strain you have been looking for.The best compliment i can pay this strain is that i liked it so much that it will be the first and only strain in my grow room when i next do a grow,it really is that good.I would clone the hell out of this,its a keeper strain without question.I'd be very interested to see how this strain would be if crossed with specific other types of strains.The smoke is quality,i honestly cant speak HIGHly enough about this TRANSKIE african wild strain.:potleaf:10/10
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  3. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    So how long did it take to flower?
  4. skunkrnaught

    skunkrnaught Flying magic hemp carpet

    Sounds great can't wait to see some pics.
  5. Gratitude

    Gratitude Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    That's what I want to know!

    Thanks for the report guys!

  6. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    UBB grew it,i just toked it,lol..

    I didnt grow this one,this time round UBB flew solo on this project cos my grow room is shut down for the time being due to havin my son living with me,etc. But as far as i know the flowering was longer than the average due to the sativa nature of the strain.UBB will have the answers,it was a strain some mutual friends brought back from a recent trip to Africa,in the past they have brought back some potent landrace strains,we have had a few variations of SWAZI and DURBAN POISON too_Our mate says it grows in such abundance over there that you dont even need to go to a plantation cos it just grows at the side of the dirt tracks and in the urban slums,lol,sounds like my kinda place!Peace:potleaf:
  7. UrBigBuddie

    UrBigBuddie MEDI-GROWER

    Transkei Flowering Period...... n Few Pics...

    Sorry fellow Gkers. Ma bad! lol Its a Shorter than expected FLOWERING Period even for the most "Finest" of SATIVA genetics.:thumbs-up: Its Overall FLOWERING period took me into NEAR the 11th week, not needed to go much further(All depending on how you find the grow difficulty). though betwen 10 and 11 weeker for pure ripening of this here Land Race strain!:potleaf-2: [​IMG]Thanks again everyone for feedback and posts!!! :passsit: Cheers GK'ers, :wink: UBB............ :pimp: :jj: P.S, Some pictures of the Low'ly LST'd BUSHY SATIVA!! :wink: (Kept it LOW n BUSHY all because of restricted grow room) VEGG to Roughly 2-3 weeks in, n then on with the near end Flowering pics all the way to Final FULL ripened Quality Budding!:thumbs-up: SPM_A0613.jpg









  8. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit

    Very nice :thumbs-up: what region is it from...nevermind I see it is from Transkei.

    I don't know why African sativas aren't more popular. Other than Afropips there is very little African genetics available. I've got some Nigerian and Swazi Red seeds that I hope to get to this year :affro:
  9. ResinRubber

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    She's got a really broad leaf for an african sat. Nice look to her though.

  10. TheApprentice

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    Transkie now available to buy in LandRace form from Herbies!!! 1ST TIME EVER!!!

    2009 :bump:

    Couldnt help myself cos this information NEEDS to be on site. So y'all remember my love affair with LandRaceStrain:- Transkei ? Well for those who dont recall,heres a litte re-cap....

    :jmorph: Me and UrBigBuddie had a friend who liked nothing better than backpacking adventures whether it be Austrailia or Amsterdam. He had a friend who lived out in South Africa. He collected LandRace strains,not out of some notion that he was a connoisseur but everything to do with backpacker budgeting. So he sought out LandRace strains cos they were FREE,no other reason.He'd bring back his exotic strains,sell them on and then give out what he had left to me and UBB seeing that he was in our smoker circle and benefited from our fruits. I never got to sample the Drakensberg or the Durban but the Transkei more than made up for that!:eusa_drool:

    Anyways. For the FIRST time ever!!!! Iv finally seen a website that has Transkei LRS for sale. And for £17 for 12 seeds the price isnt half bad either.

    I couldnt see these amazing seeds for sale and not give this thread a bump. . One things for sure ,you will not smoke many finer Sativas than this right here!Iv recommended numerous strains but never went as far as saying something is "the best in its class" . But thats what i feel Transkei is in the Sativa stakes .

    :2c: If your looking to grow something unusual,something exotic that no body else has then this is THAT strain. If you like Sativas and you like some African Potency then You wont not be disappointed .... at all:bongin:

    Heres a thread created by UrBigBuddie in which he documents his Transkei grow

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