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    Autism, also referred to by its full medical name of autism spectrum disorder, affects a jaw-dropping one out of every 45 children in the United States, according to a new government survey recommendation for doctors published by Autism Speaks.

    This is a rather drastic increase in previous surveys’ estimates of 1 in 68 children. But while there is an ongoing debate about just how many people may be struggling with a diagnosis of autism, what is clear is that the autism is a significant source of concern for families today. What is also clear is that too little is still known about how to reduce the risk and reliably treat the effects of autism.

    Medical Marijuana for Autism

    According to the Autism Society, there is nothing simple about autism. Rather, because autism is characterized as a “spectrum” health condition, no two cases of autism are likely to ever be exactly alike. Symptoms appear along with a spectrum from mild to severe. As well, there is a spectrum of symptoms that can but may not always manifest.

    Autism symptoms of patients can begin to appear as early as 12 months of age, according to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD). The earlier the signs and symptoms of autism are detected and marijuana medical evaluation card medical and treatment in California medical marijuana is initiated, the less severe the full expression of the condition is likely to be.

    However, some children experience what is called “regression autism,” which may not manifest until the age of 24 months. Here, the child begins to exhibit the symptoms in a type of pattern researchers call “regression,” meaning former skills with language, speech, social interaction, play and facial expressions seem to be progressively “unlearned.” Researchers in their doctor’s medical marijuana recommendations and information are not sure why this happens and why it happens in only some children. They also do not yet understand how to determine which children are most at risk of regression autism.

    The major early signs and symptoms of autism onset includes these, as reported by the Autism Science Foundation:
    – Lack of eye contact.
    – Repetitive body movements (rocking, flapping arms, et al).
    – Unusual forms of play, such as meticulously lining up toys in a row.
    – Ceasing to respond to their own name.
    – Inability to or difficulty with following a gaze or pointing finger to connect with its object/source (this is called “joint attention”).

    Medical Marijuana Autism Treatment

    In some states such as New Jersey, marijuana medical autism medical evaluation and medicating options in California marijuana recommendable like renewed plastic ID (your ad was here) and cultivation license may be on the near horizon (as early as 2018), as reported by
    But with renewed (your ad was here) and cultivation license of 420 Evaluations medical card medical in California medical use still considered a state-by-state issue, how quickly such legislation and doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation can be proposed, passed and enacted across the nation will, for now, be left up to the jurisdiction of each state.

    However, with growing anecdotal (personal experience-based) evidence flowing in from parents and carers of California marijuana recommendable, stating that use of medical marijuana recommendable offers help, medical recommended, information and relief to their loved ones with autism, the medical and research community is now sitting up and taking notice as well.

    For instance, the Chicago Tribune reported on one family’s story of using medical cannabis in cookie form to curb their autistic son’s daily violent outbursts. Reading their story, it is clear why many neurologists and scientific autism researchers say such powerful anecdotes should not be discounted or ignored.

    Marijuana Treatment for Autism

    Unfortunately, to date, many parents and carers find themselves turning to renew (your ad was here) and cultivation license of 420 Evaluations cannabis card medical when all other medications and doctors medical marijuana recommendations and information – even connecting with so-named “celebrity treatment professionals” – have failed to produce the hoped-for positive outcomes.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there is currently no medication that can treat the core autism symptoms or the expression of autism itself.
    The only available medicating, Risperidone, that has been approved and medical recommended and information for treating autism, is used to treat irritability and comes with the possibility of powerful side effects such as weight gain and sluggishness.

    Depending on the individual, anti-convulsants, anti-psychotics, anti-anxiety medications, tricyclics, stimulants and similar other medications may be prescribed by 420 Evaluations, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Unfortunately, while a medication may work well for one autistic individual with a particular symptom, prescribing that same medicating for the same symptom in another individual may fail to produce any positive progress.
    For this reason, medical recommended use of marijuana medical to treat autism is an option many parents and carers in California marijuana recommendable are increasingly asking and advocating for renewed (your ad was here) and cultivation license within their states.

    Cannabis Treatment for Autism

    The CDC reports that as many as one-third of all parents and carers of individuals with autism may have already sought out alternative or complementary treatments when mainstream medical approaches have not worked. As many as 10 percents of all families may currently be using a treatment that falls outside what mainstream medicine is willing to prescribe.

    Medical cannabis medicating for autism of 420 Evaluations in California medical marijuana is one such medical evaluation and treatment, as reported by none other than Forbes magazine.

    In some particularly severe cases, these parents’ willingness has paid off in notable ways. One child who received hemp oil in the form of a mouth spray spoke his first words after being completely unable to speak. A mother whose severely autistic son was non-responsive to all other treatments saves cannabis founded a nonprofit, The Unconventional Foundation for Autism, to promote medical cannabis’ positive potential for treating severely autistic children in California medical marijuana. There is even now a specific cannabis strain, Joey’s Strain, named after her son!
    Determined, persistent parents are leading the charge to obtain access to autism medical evaluation and treatment using renewed (your ad was here) and cultivation license of 420 Evaluations medical card around the nation, with their advocacy work being reported on by high-profile news sources such as CNN Money and Good Morning America.

    Cannabis Cures Autism
    Recently, the IB Times reported on the changing position of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) regarding use of medical cannabis of 420 Evaluations cannabis card medical for very sick children. For those young patients who have not found help or relief through more mainstream medical marijuana evaluation medicating, the AAP now advocates for prescribing renewed (your ad was here) and cultivation license in these cases.
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    Dude! You guys are getting creative. Good read.....with multiple links to your website shilling MMJ cards included.

    I kept the article but destroyed the links to your service. Before advertising or putting links to your own services on our site we request that you contact admin for permission. Really nice try though. If you want to advertise on or link to GK please contact the site Administrator. He's a pretty friendly cat.
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    The AAP still does not approve cannabis as a treatment for autism, nor is it permitted for that condition in any state. In fact, the AAP is one of the two biggest opponents of medical marijuana in the medical community, the other being the American Psychiatric Association. Medical marijuana is contraindicated for almost all children including those with autism according to the best current science. There HAVE been one or two pilot studies showing it may have promise for autism treatment but it's not even close to accepted medical practice - or even to popular psuedoscientific medical practice. Homeopathy has more licensed medical supporters than pediatric care using medical marijuana. At least water and sugar pills won't actively harm children.

    But hey, it's cool to take advantage of desperate parents with nowhere to turn as long as their money ends up in your pocket, right?

    You are a bad, bad man and it's people like you that give the rest of us industry professionals a bad name. Thank you so much for that.
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    :siskel: If its not solid info, maybe this thred should get the ax. Definitely dont need wrong ideas getting spread around.
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    Fuck...didn't actually read it. Just spotted the links and typed up the message. 'Doing my job' so to speak.

    Thanks SirStynk. Been awhile since we had your knowledge around here. Don't know whether to axe it or keep it up as an example of bullshit and a solid rebuttal. Figure the Boss can decide that one.
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    Its all good. And I'm going to be back around at least for the summer and I'm looking forward to it :D I'm building a greenhouse for a friend and supervising the grow for a cut of the crop. I'll have some bud porn to post come September and I'm pretty sure I can manage a grow log. Depends on how many hours I'm working on other jobs. Can't promise anything past that once law school starts back up but between now and then I'm really looking forward to shooting the shit with you guys.

    My Marijuana Regulation professor flagged this issue as "the big one" for federal medical marijuana legalization. If pot can treat autism then no politician's gonna be able to stop it and the cops can whine all they like. An honest "save the children" cry rings as true in red country as it does in blue. Just look at the wave of CBD laws in the bible belt that followed that 60 Minutes episode on Charlotte Figgi. We can't get along on anything else but this one's bipartisan. The science just isn't there yet but the research is in the pipeline. Glad I had something to bring to the table this time :)

    But this post? Seriously? Out of all of the 108,000 medical marijuana patients in Colorado there are about 330 that are under the age of 18. I got that number straight from Senator Aguilar, who is both a doctor and one of five members of the Marijuana Regulation Committee for the Colorado Legislature. Horse's mouth. She gave me the exact number but I can't remember it because I was too busy pissing myself while I was presenting to her policy committee about why they should keep letting medical patients grow 99 plants. Pity the bill that cut the limit to (I think) 24 plants passed a week before my presentation. Anyway, that should give you an idea about how those groups look at giving pot to kids right now. For now the only ones who get it are terminally ill or have a condition that basically melts their brains. A little slowed brain development from the pot doesn't touch the damage from seizures so bad they usually kill the patient before they're 10. That's the bar you have to beat to get pot prescribed to a kid in the most permissive medical marijuana state in the country.

    Course, you can buy the pot yourself as an adult and give it to your kid for any reason or no reason at all. It's *probably* illegal but there aren't any cameras in your home. CPS will *probably* take your kid if you're caught so don't get caught. I'm not a parent and I'm in no position to judge. And history may show that you were right to do it. I have no opinion on that and I don't work with it. I work within the law and I don't touch criminal or family law. I'm studying business law and nothing else beyond what it takes to pass the bar so take all of this with a bag of salt. I'm not licensed to practice law and I wouldn't take this kind of case even if I could. Mandatory disclaimer: I'm not offering legal advice, I do not claim expertise in any legal area, and you're an idiot to put any weight in anything that ever comes out of my mouth before you pay me a retainer, which I won't take for at least another 15 months. After that give me a call.
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    Good luck on the bar and keep up the good work brother.

    In my state, a highly restrictive med state, an adult pretty much needs to be in a condition where cannabis could do no more harm than the alternative treatments......and they need to be tried first. In other words, let us cripple you with marginally effective drugs first then, AND ONLY THEN, we might let you try our specially contracted insanely overpriced manufacturer approved cannabis extract.

    Kids in my state? psshhaw....cannabis kills kids instantly! Didn't you know that?
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    I have a daughter who gets migraines and as a father it kills me to see her in pain. I have know idea where to start, except getting her a mri first, then drpending on the outcome do i maybe try low cbd oil? I am going to def try to get her to a doc who can give me advice but I dont want to give her any pharm meds that could cause her harm. Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated. I trust my gk friends opinion above all others so I can get educated, any references on the mater is greatly appreciated.
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    Start reading my brother. Your acquired knowledge of her illness is the best tool she'll ever have. As dad of girls, my heart goes out to you. Once you figure out what you want to try hit me up and we'll get you set up to make your own meds.
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    Thanks bro, I know her mother had migraines as a kid but I am not going to let her suffer thru it as her mom did. The kids Motrin is stuff I would use if she was sick and high fever, pharmacy says just give it to her when she gets the headaches and its really all thats avail to me now but you know, cbd oil would be better in my way of thinking. If I do all organic grow and then how do I go about it. I guess for now my question is, who is a trusted cbd oil compamy to get meds from I could use till I could make my own. I am going to get her a legal med mj card just so I dont risk having DCF show up and try to fuck with me.
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    Bluebird Botanicals for hemp based cbd products. They be pricey though. Think you'll definitely be better off picking a strain from the CBD Crew line up and making your own though. What you make depends on what delivery system you choose and what produces the best results for your daughter.
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    Thats the problem, I have no clue how to make cbd oil. If she was over a certain age, I would let her try edibles but want to try CBD oil first.
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    I am going to start another thread so i wont continue to hijack this thread.

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