True Living Organics: You Can Grow Natural Marijuana Indoors

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    Toke of the town Link

    [​IMG]As the art and science of cultivating cannabis have advanced by leaps and bounds over the past decades, more and more weed consumers -- particularly medical marijuana patients -- have noticed that organically grown herb not only tastes better, but has superior medicinal effects and a better high.

    What's the difference between marijuana grown with chemical nutrients and that which is grown organically? One place to find out is the new True Living Organics by The Rev, which describes itself as "The Ultimate Gujide to Growing All-Natural Marijuana Indoors." According to The Rev, your existing grow room can be converted to an all-natural, synthetic-free, living, breathing cannabis cultivation space.

    Written in an accessible, jargon-free style, the book sifts through the jargon surrounding organic cannabis cultivation and gets straight to the heart of the matter: the living soil. Providing several different ways to create a high-quality growing medium for your plants, True Living Organics makes an excellent handbook for growing organically. In fact, the book features what may well be the most extensive soil and growing medium guide ever published.

    [​IMG]TLO growing can raise big plants even in small containersWith more and more people using cannabis for medicinal reasons, the synthetic grow style that has long been the norm is now being reevaluated, as marijuana consumers look for a healthier, more natural type of weed that can be smoked all day long without worrying about any chemical residue. But The Rev goes even farther than the typical organic grower, and is passionate about creating an all-natural, real, living medium for his cannabis to grow in, using only organics provided by nature.

    The book removes the difficulty of switching to the organic growing style by taking the reader through the transition process, first choosing the correct grow lights and utilizing all available grow space, to dealing with pests and creating organic nutrient teas for your plants. The Rev also shares favorite tips and tricks from using an earthworm farm to the best places to buy soil additives.

    True Living Organics, in fact, dispenses with the basics of "how to grow pot," and instead gives readers an education on what cannabis plants really need and the best ways to give it to them. With more than 200 color photos illustrating every topic, this book is not only easy to use, but also attractive to the eye.

    As a staff writer for Skunk Magazine, The Rev has become a vocal advocate for his own True Living Organics style of growing. He was once a successful and prolific hydro grower, but saw the light several years ago, and once he sample his first homegrown True Living Organics bud, he never looked back.
  2. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    remember folks, don't panic it's organic
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    did u buy this book yet?? Looks interesting
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    I bought the book and read it.... I actually have emailed back and fourth with the rev many many times. I actually received a bunch of beans from him. A pack of C99 that ate IBL from Bros Grim. Stock, a pack if his own strain called Boggle Dragon, then a pack of mixed beans containing his Dark Matter, Cap Peeler and Rusty Haze... I also found a place in Florida that pre mixes the soils and layers and spike mixes.

    The biggest thing in the revs teaching is a living soil in a container that is layered with various things. Also adding spikes around the edges of the container. Then just water with pure water and once a month or so brew and feed compost teas. He has recipes for a rooting tea, veg tea, flower tea and finishing tea.

    He believes growing this way allows the plants to access the nutrients when it needs it vs force feeding chelated synthetics. This allows the plant to express its true genetic potential in flavor, aroma, color and potency. He claims once dialed in TLO has given him 80% of the yield he used to get as a cash cropped doing hydro... But much better quality.

    He is all about a super soil, then as you fill the container you put various organic layers. The theory being you create a true living soil filled with bacto, myco, nemtoads, protozoa... Those in turn break down the organic matter making all the nutrients super available..
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    Hydro rules!:roffl:
  6. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

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    Ya know seriously, this is interesting. But I gotta say two things. Now maybe I'm spoiled, but I don't know if there's a whole lotta REAL difference between organic weed and non-organic weed, all else being equal. I mean shit if we all took the pepsi challenge blind folded, same strain, same cure, same everything, except one was organic, the other not I bet some of us would fail - even some old heads.

    I mean the UF is non-organic. A shit ton of us GKers on here have grown a shit ton of bomb diggity weed using the UF, me included.

    And two, for cash cropping, soil just is not an option unless you like to work for free. No one round here pays a premium for organic weed. I know. I've asked. Now maybe in some pockets in some states someone is trying to market organic weed, and maybe there are some heads out there picky and rich enough to spring for it. But not a lot. And not round here. Not a big market, sooooooo….you wanna work for free?

    That said, the market (small as it is) for organic weed will grow. How rapidly is anyone's guess, but where there is demand there will be supply and dudes will grow organic commercially. But unless you get a premium and you are specifically trying to market to an organic crowd (to get the premiums) hydro is the way to go commercial IMO.

    Tables. I'm setting up my first one right now :new_blackey:
  8. Bigbud214

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    I will be doing my own "Pepsi challenge" soon. I will be receiving samples of the various components needed for TLO growing.... Yes I AGAIN scored free samples. Getting soil, starter soul, teas and spike mixes to run a couple plants TLO. I have cuts from my current run rooting now. Then I will be doing one in my soil mix of Roots Organics 707, Green Lite, and Fox Farms Ocean Forrest at a ratio of 1:1:1 and fertilizing with House & Garden nutes and one TLO style... I will then have a nice side by side and see if there is any difference in Quality. Um looking for better taste, aroma, appearance and potency. I'm not a cash dropper so quality has a premium over quantity.

    We have heard many say they cant tell the difference between organic and synthetic grown weed. I believe most people cant tell the difference between a USDA Prime dry aged steak and a generic steak from the corner store. I know and appreciate the distinct difference between the two.

    I know this is a hot button subject as some very respected heads here on GK swear there is no difference. I will be able to make my own determination soon enough
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