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    Iv been smoking this for past week or two now. Its a strain that iv ALWAYS known about growing up. It was like one of the first strains i ever knew of along with Thai -stick and Cheese. The guys who brought Cheese to the market (exodus collective) have long had a clone only version of this strain kicking around and apart from that iv rarely in all my years on MJ forums,actually seen people talking about it nevermind growing it. Its a fantastic sativa. Iv had it few times recently and its been hard to get a dealer to know anything other than the price of it lol. But i managed to get someone higher up the ladder to confirm its a Flash autoflower from Attitude and NOT an exodus originated clone.

    #1-Strain:> Tutti Frutti

    #2-Appearance:> Fresh green looking with leaves still left on the bud but im not complaining as the leaves are pretty frosty.

    #3-Taste:> Smooth but retaining the harshness required and expected from a nice bit of weed

    #4-Aroma:> Without doubt it has a 'fruity' aroma. Hard to describe except to say it smells different to the usual. Better than the usual. Its a nice smell as opposed to some of the pungent good weed out there.

    #5-High/Stone type:> Thinking mans stone. VERY SATIVA TYPE STONE! All round body buzz and although usually id say any sativa is good for going about your business. This is different. While sativas generally are a "get things done" type of weed.This is more a "think about getting things done" type weed lol. Dont get me wrong,if you only smoked a little then yeah you could go to work and be productive. But anymore than a spliff and your gonna find a reason to take a day off. And you'll ENJOY that day off!:icon_biggrin:

    #6-Source:> SWIM:wink: Apparently surced from Attitude. Flash seeds autoflower - https://www.cannabis-seeds-bank.co.uk/flash-autoflowering-seeds-tutti-frutti/prod_4174.html

    #7-Price:> Bought a half oz for £100.( After smoking a previously purchased eighth) No complaints.

    #8-Potency:> As strong as a sativa as iv smoked in the past year and iv been smoking nothing but sativas mostly (with the exception of UK Cheese and UK Psychosis ). My regular smokes over past year or so have sativa doms or sativa hybrids like Amnesia Haze , Tangerine Dream , Jedi Kush among others and id put this Tutti Frutti on a par with any of them. It doesnt quite hit my Transkei Landrace Strain standards that i put on a pedestal. But its not far away:2c:

    #9-Overall Rating:> Straight 9 out of 10. I was tempted to go 9.5 cos its a 9.5 or a 10 in many regards from taste to aroma to how it looks etc. But an overall 9 out of 10 is no exagurration or diss. Been smoking it for few weeks and it still hasnt grown old yet and i intend to be smoking it for several weeks more. WHAT BETTER RATING CAN YOU GIVE A STRAIN THAN TO SAY "Iv spent a hundred odd bucks on it already and intend to spend two or three hundred more". VERY FEW STRAINS I WILL SPEND THAT KIND OF MONEY ON IN ONE GO.Id usually just take £20 bags or quarters at a time but this stuffs real nice weed.:eusa_drool:

    #10-Overall Description:> Good sativa strain with good parentage - Blue Haze x Sour Diesel Haze x Oldtimers Haze x Meao Thai x Diesel Ryder. Nice smelling and nice tasting weed. Really dont wanna overkill the praise for it but its vry rare i buy an eighth then immediately go back and buy a half ounce cos im worried that they might run out of it lol. Last strain i did that with was Tangerine Dream. Big buds,not airy and not to compact. Leaves still left on the bud which usually pisses me off but these ones are quite frosty and smoke nice so no complaints. As far as growing goes then its not a big yielder by all accounts. But smokes nice and fries the brain nice too:jj:

    #11-Would you Recommend:> Without doubt,i only ever do a smoke report of strains i hghly recommend. If a strains shit then i dont even do a report on it lol. Different strokes though. Iv seen forums where people have put Pot of Gold and Tangerine Dream on a list of their worst to grow strains when POG is my alltime fav Indica hybrid and TD is among my fav sativas.All i can do is give my opinion on what i smoked. Put it this way. Im gonna go get an ounce of this stuff to last me through the coming weeks and im HOPING i can get an Oz of this to carry me through christmams and new year. Its VERY rare i'll go out and ut cash down for a few ounce of ANY strain. But a strain like this to me IS my medication aswell as recreational fun so im happy to stock up on it rather than be left with an inferior strain for the festive season.
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    I may have to try this but not the autoflower, spoke to you a couple times while you were smoking and it seemed to do the job, now the double posting and all... :roffl: seems like a legit strain to have
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    I smoked a jar of that shit from the last greet. It was a gift. Wasnt bad smoke at all:dink:

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    Sativas are where its at for me ,both medically & recreationally

    Its right up my street guys. Anyone who has followed my strain reports on this forum will notice that my heavy hitting scores always go to Sativas. Sometimes though its easy to smoke a strain for first time and get a nice stone due to the fact your not used to it so you can rate a strain 10 outta 10 that way. But for me to be smoking this for past week or so and STILL be enjoying the stone the same way means that i can give an unbiased review. Its real nice and the reason i wanna get a few ounce is cos the guy who i get this from has been mostly churning out Indica grows for a while with the odd sativa in between. I asked him about this and he said its purely down to the fact Sativas are a pain in the arse timewise. But with auto's he doesnt need to worry so much about time. Hes a seller for his family who do the growing but even his family only care about the dollar thats coming back. Their not connoisseurs by any stretch although on hearing my appreciation for the strain he did remark "A few people are saying the same,that this is the best weed iv put out". I told him,its cos its a sativa man!:thumbsup: You gotta remember that England is FLOODED with Cheese and Psychosis strains that are crossed with other big yielding strains. In scotland the growers grow what THEY want and if the customer likes it then its a BONUS. In england the growers seem to always churn out big yielding OR fast flowering strains that knock you on your feet. That usually means Indica.I love a nice Indica but im a sativa guy or sure.

    Nip- Yeh man,past several times we been chatting iv been smoking this Tuttie Frutti. Like i said its a 'thinking' stone hence the 5000 word essays:tvlaugh:

    Its a really good positive stone man. This is how i know sativas are like my medication cos sometimes Indicas hold me back and i dont do shit.When i smoke sativa im ALWAYS seeing the positive in everything,even in negative situations i'll find the positive when im smoking this shit.It keeps me in good headpace and on top of my game. It makes me more productive and reflective etc. Basically a sativa does for me what any kind of anti anxety/ anti depressive medication would do for me. I refuse to fuck with pharma medications when it comes to ones that play with your neural waves and all that jazz.Its not my thing:eusa_naughty:..... I'll take their opiates in times of severe pain but other than that i wont take any of their 'mind drugs'. Sativas are like prozac to me without the shitty speedy type feeling and comedown they used to give me:puke:

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