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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by silent spectator, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. AlienBait

    AlienBait Custom User Title

    So, you want the story, eh?

    O.K., I have a story, so pull up a chair and get comfortable.

    Many years ago when I was in college, some friends and I decided to take a road trip to Las Vegas for an extended weekend. After the first 2 days of gambling, drinking, and smoking, we got bored and thought, "Hey, let's go to Area 51!"

    For those who don't know, Area 51 is a top secret military research and development base in the Nevada desert. Rumor has it that is where they keep the bodies of the aliens that crashed their flying saucer in Roswell, New Mexico. There are many sightings of UFOs in that part of the desert.

    Anyway, after a couple of hours of driving into the desert, we came to Rachel, Nevada and got a "room" at "The Little A'Le'Inn". It is a bar/restaurant/motel. It's a cool place, but it IS a dump. So, after eating lunch we head out to the place known as "Area 51."

    We got to the edge of the compound following a dirt road. It really isn't much. There is not even a fence. Just a bunch of polls and signs that say something like "Don't go past this line." "Deadly force authorized." and "No photography allowed of any kind." So, we started taking pictures. As we were doing that the guards showed up in their SUV and park just inside the boundry and watched us. I'm sure they see that kind of thing all the time. They looked bored. We decided to stay on the public side of the line. Woudn't want to give them an excuse to use that authorized deadly force, now would we.

    Well, like I said, there really isn't much there. So, after about 15 minutes of amusing the guards, we left and headed out into the desert to fire off a couple hundred rounds from the rifles and pistols we brought. Apparently, it is legal to do that there...

    As the sun set, we decided to start drinking and smoking. I must have had a bit too much because I seemed to have passed out.

    I woke up to a very loud noise and a strong wind was kicking up dust and sand. I was in my sleeping bag (I don't remember getting it out...) and the sun was just about to rise. I look up and see a black helicopter hovering above me. Apparently the jerk thought it would be fun to buzz me at 5:00 a.m. There was a window on the bottom of the helicopter, so I could see the pilot and he could see me. I flipped him off and he just laughed and flew away.

    I looked around and my friends were no where to be found and I was still a bit drunk/stoned, so I went back to sleep.

    I woke up around 10:00 a.m. and thought, "What the hell am I going to do now?" I found that my friends had left the cooler with me, so I got out a beer and started drinking. They arrived about an hour later. They felt bad for leaving me there, so they brought food and coffee. That helped.

    I asked them, "What the Fuck! Leaving me out here with the rattle snakes!"

    The reply was, "You fell asleep, so we left you there to see if any aliens would come and abduct you. If they didn't we would be back to get you.... We left you beer..." Those Ass-Holes!

    For the rest of the trip, they called me Alien Bait!

    So, if any of you go to Rachel Nevada and stop by "The Little A'Le'Inn" look on the wall behind the bar. I am in one of those pictures. :)

    By the way, I only use this name on this site and 420G.
  2. SmokeWizzleEveryDizzle

    SmokeWizzleEveryDizzle ~Movin on up'

    jolly good times

    lol @ alien bate!

    good thread to start too!

    My name is taken from ebonics, in whiteman-ology it translates to "smoke weed every day"... which just happens to be one of my hobbies. lol Well hope all you nizzles' grizzles get plenty of lizzle and wizzle n turn into kizzle in your hizzle, 4 shizzle.

  3. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    I have this thing for lions....have a lion tattoo actually...but I've been using it for like 12 years or so, from my production/art ventures to screen names, LionMan has always been my basic for a name..
  4. Mr. Wakenbake

    Mr. Wakenbake Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    Normally I wake and bake.... nuff said lol
  5. Cannagirl

    Cannagirl Preheat to 420

    who's my little snickelfritz!?

    i heard the name on that 70s show. Did they make it up or have i just not been around very long....

    yeah I didn't feel like thinking when i joined....didn't think id stay. but i did. so it stays :)
  6. geheim

    geheim Excommunicated


    me too,

    my user name is a secret sorry.............
  7. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur


    Wawona is a street in san francisco that holds a special meaning to my wife and I.
  8. marymaryquitecntrary

    marymaryquitecntrary Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    one of my first memories is portraying "mary mary quite contrary" in a kiddie parade.

    and since she was a gardener, i thought this name might be appropriate for this site.

    i had to leave out the "o" in contrary cause it fidn't dit. :)
  9. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.


    Dont know if you are aware of this wawona,but when i first joined i was curious to the meaning of your name and when i googled it,apparently WAWONA has native american meanings or is a native american place of sorts,i cant remember but it was kinda interesting.Shit iv went over one line again:wink:Peace:pimp:
  10. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    Wawona is a small town inside Yosemite National Park....my back yard. :smoke2:

  11. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    very interestng sparky.....kinda neat....i love that part of the country.
  12. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Yup herb thats the one i was talking about,just couldnt remember,so i always assumed wawona picked the name as some kind of indian thing,didnt even know wa was from the san fran,i know ppl out there,been invited many a time.Peace:pimp:
  13. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    What's in a name?

    LOL canna...

    Loosely translated, snickelfritz means rowdy or unruly child.

    It is also the name of a (now deceaced) grand champion race horse. Many of his offspring still bear the name, with a few variations.

    Well, I was DEFINATELY a bit rowdy in my youth & I grew up raising horses...

    Plus, I have always like the word snickelfritz.
  14. HillbillyHemp

    HillbillyHemp Higher than Camel Pussy

    Mine comes from my best friend of over 20 years. We grew guerilla grows for about 15 yrs and always trusted each other. We never had a fight, arguement, or even a disagreement. He was the best friend I ever had, and was the most true human being I ever met.

    Years back we bought some smoke that was locally grown and would absolutely slay your ass. We never found out what the genetics were, so one day my buddy just started calling it Hillbilly Hemp. The name stuck. We grew from seeds of that shit for nearly 7 years.

    He passed away around the time I joined. It's kinda a tribute to him.
  15. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    snick...translated from?

    Is snickelfritz translated from either germanic or polish?Just wondring.I have heard of the name snickelfritz b4,maybe it WAS the horse Peace:pimp:
  16. wawona

    wawona The Trichome Connoisseur

    i am from nowhere even close to san fran. we have family in the bay area that we visit frequently. i live 2600 miles from san fran.
  17. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Aw right,i see i have picked you up wrong ,sorry dude.Peace:pimp:
  18. Diablo2

    Diablo2 Lord of Destruction

    Its an old video game that I used to play...
  19. strawberry.cough

    strawberry.cough looking into the abyss

    I think snickelfritz is german, or at least that is what I was called as a kid and my grandparents were german.

    I started out with one id then realized that it could be tracked back to me without even working really hard. I am not paranoid, but I also don't believe in inviting trouble sooooooo I switched over to strawberry.cough because that just seemed good 'nuff. Can't track me that way. When I was a kid they use to find me by yelling BERRIES, I loved them and I would come running. Grew up on the ocean in the the woods so I would and could wander. Life was so much simpler 50 years ago. And I am having a blast raising the variety, so the name seemed good.

    I see TheApprentice and I have something in common, verbose verbage. You guys are really lucky, you are a captive audience for me. I still live in the same spot I grew up in, and it is still out in the pucker brush, and I just don't talk a whole lot. The squirrels have stopped speaking to me. :laughing5:
  20. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    ROFLMAO! Verbose Verbage.....gotta love it :roll:

    You should see the place Wa. One of the most beautiful mountain meadows you've ever seen. They have a gorgeous golf course with wild deer just wandering thru. Some of the bucks have HUGE racks. There's no hunting in the park and they KNOW it. I recomend everyone visit Yosemite at least once in their life.....words can't describe the place.


    More pictures of Wawona, Ca. here ----> Wawona

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