Using Cannabis For Pain Management?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana' started by JonathanMD420, Jun 3, 2014.

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    Has anyone found any actual studies that support how CBD's have been known to help with pain? What about any other components of cannabis?
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    My personal experience... afghan is awesome for pain, toothache and back/joint pain and Master Kush is the shit for nausea. Not sure how it works but it does
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    Ask away. Been using/growing cannabis for pain management for over ten years due to a paralyzed limb. (nerve and tissue damage) Check the work by Sandra Welch PHD, Dr. Donald Abrams, Dr. Robert Melamede. All have wonderful research on the subject. Youtube and Google are your friend:thumbsup:

    If you need strain advice or thoughts on cannabinoid compounds and how they can be used to manage pain, please feel free to ask. One thing I'd like to caution....cannabis is NOT a miracle pain killer. It is a pain manager. Opiates will knock my pain levels to much less than cannabis, but, with far more physical and mental damage during long term use. Not to mention the physical addiction rates for long term users of opiates for pain management.

    IMO, cannabis is a safer alternative for many pain sufferers vs the deleterious effects of long term use of most other pain management medications.

    Hey LL...don't you just love the number of med use studies published by, or available from, Government health organizations? NCBI, NIH, National Library of Med, yet somehow cannabis is still a Schedule 1 drug? It's gotten so obvious that the cops and pharm lobby are the ones making US drug law that anybody not laughing (or crying) simply isn't paying any attention at all.

    Me? I'd rather Dr's and patients decide what works and what doesn't.
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    Iuse it for pain management and just had a coversation with my Dr about how bad off I would be if I took pain meds instead of smoking. It doesn't get rid of the pain but it makes it more tolerable.
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    Dude you fucking rock.

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    So you adding opinion and strain info, or, shilling your website? Administrative minds would like to know.

    Grew Trainwreck for quite a few years. Nice plant. Big buds:), spindly little stems:( Really good for inflammation. But I'd steer general pain sufferers towards Afghani dominant hybrids. The biggest problem for most pain sufferers is sleep and Afghani doms are very narcotic in effect.

    Way to refire an old thread eh?
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