Vacuum Forming, for fun and little profit...

Discussion in 'DIY' started by mytwhyt, May 27, 2017.

  1. mytwhyt

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    Found this site,tk, while looking for something else, which lead to something else, which lead to vacuum forming. The site is about building Star Wars props and stuff... When i found the vacuum forming, even though it wasn't what i had been looking to do, i knew it was what i wanted... After months of reading, i designed and built my idea of what i thought would work for me.... I did make enough mistakes that now i'm looking to upgrade on oven depth and power output.... I have made it perform well enough to make it do what i needed it to do...
    I built it to fold up on itself with a cantilevered folding oven... It's the only vf machine i've ever seen that folds... It was the result of having a 160 sq. foot shop, and the need to save on the sq. ft. it occupied when stowed.
    I just show a bunch of pics, and then the things i thought of to build with it...
    Picture 027.jpg Picture 001_2.jpg Picture 008.jpg Picture 011.jpg Picture 015.jpg Picture 016.jpg Picture 020.jpg Picture 021.jpg

    I can never get the pics to come out in the order i want them to.... Don't know why i worry about that, they probably wouldn't make any more sense than scrambled as they are....

    I'll go look for some of my projects now, this should be enough to totally confuse you about the process...
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  2. OldSmokey

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    Not confused at all. Very nice job!

    I've spent a fair bit of time working with vacuum forming as it relates to food packaging, basically turning a roll of film into pouches, then sealing them under vacuum.

    What you have built is pretty impressive. I bet you'd have a lot of fun with a TIG welder...

  3. mytwhyt

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    Dog Log Retrieval and Bagging System aka DLRBS
    IMG_1946.jpg IMG_1947.jpg IMG_1939.jpg IMG_1944.jpg

    It's rather funny how this got started... I was out with my dog, naturally she took a shit. I slipped a plastic bag on my hand to pick it up, believe me, you want that warm feeling your dog can give you, in your heart, not your hand. Anyway, she started laughing and rolling on the ground, when she got control of herself, she told me how embarrassed she was to actually be with a human who would pickup warm dog shit with their hand.... I had to agree with her..
    I've had a great dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback. One day she accused me of cheating at poker. I told her "I can't help it if you wag your tail every time you get a good hand." All in all, she's given me some pretty good advice... I told her my ex-wife was being really good to me latley...She said "That's what usually happens before that last ride to the vet." Enough about my dog.
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  4. mytwhyt

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    It's all brazed together with a Little Torch, A very small jewelers torch.... I had to drill out my largest torch tip to get it hot enough.....
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    That's pretty cool. Nice DIY talent.
  6. blazerwill420

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    How do yo make the forms for whatever you're making? And can you get specific how you made the machine? There is something I have been trying to make and this is perfect for it.
  7. mytwhyt

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    The simplest way to make a mold is out of MDF [medium density fiberboard] if it suits you needs.. The mold can have no undercuts that will trap the plastic after it's pulled over the mold... The mold also needs a 3-5 degree draft angle on the sides so the plastic will release... There are other ways to make molds... The simplest is if you can make the mold off an existing piece you want to duplicate.... If it's not too big, either in plaster, or Durham's water putty, Home Depot... The small molds on the vacuum table in the pics are made from water putty... Durable and long lasting stuff..
    When making a mold from an existing part, you have to except a small percentage of overall shrinkage of the part you're making... There are ways to deal with that... That shrinkage can be dealt with if you are making a mold from scratch in mdf, by making it slightly bigger...
    I would be helpful if you can tell, or show me what you want to make....
    I don't hold myself out to be an expert on making vacuum formers.... This machine was my first attempt, and was what i came up with, mostly as a compromise of what i saw on the site.... They can be as simple as using an oven to heat the plastic, and a shop vac to suck the plastic over the form... This link will show what other people done.... some are as simple as you can get, others are from plans available online.... You can google vacuum formers... Those available for sale are from dead simple, to industry standards....
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    Dog Log Retrieval and Bagging System :roll:

    I would pay 19.95 for that off tv. why are you not a millionaire, showering your internet friends with generous gifts???
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    I've been accused of having all the talent in the world, and not a shred of ambition... I guess i'm just lazy....That and i've never met anyone who was willing to use their money and my ideas for a small percentage of the gross....
    It's my fault, i should try harder to sell myself...
    My main problem is i've reached a certain level of contentment by not wanting things i don't really need... That's not counting my little truck, and my bigger truck.... Definitely not my fishing boat, my guns, and especially my dog... I usually have two of those things with me, on a really good day, three...
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