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    "Do no harm"

    Your medicine should not increase your risk of lung/throat/neck cancer. I would like to hear medical marijuana user's opinions on Vaporizers.

    If you are in the market for a vaporizer you can find them at:
  2. elcajon555

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    I Just recently bought a vaporizer. It was specificly designed for the medical use of marijuana. I think it is great. It cuts the smoke down to about 1/10. The high is also a bit different. And you use less herb. Though there a couple downfalls. One is that you can only keep the vaporizer plugged in for like 20 minutes otherwise it will overheat. So it is somewhat hard to use in a group, it is better for individual use. The other thing I have noticed is that I haven't gotten has high as I can while using the vaporizer, don't know if it is the vaporizer or the fact that I haven't used enough herb. However, I still would highly recommed it and it is a very useful tool.
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    I have a 'Vaporbrothers' vaporizer and as Webby once told me..."it's the vap that acts like a bong". I believe it preforms very well in all aspects due to it's unique design. I have gotten the same 'high' from it that I only got from ingestion in the past. They take a bit of getting used to, but in the end they are great and have my full approval.

  4. hellostupid

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    :light:I also use cannabis medically for my chronic arthritis i've had since 1984...

    :alien:I think Vaporizers are over-rated...well at least mine wuz. I bought one...stopped using it the 2nd week. I recently learned that "some" vaporizers are also counterproductive...something 'bout the vaporizers oxidizing the THC molecules too much;ultimately prematurely degrading THC down

    to the 2 lesser quality Cannabinoidz(such as CBN)...before the THC could ever reach your lungz!!!:shocked:

    The healthiest way to smoke Pot is the smoke the Most Potent Pot.

    We all know dirt weed is unhealthy...becuz u can never smoke enough of it to "get there"... for Organic bowl is really all you need every 2-3 hrs!!!!

    What good is a vaporizer when your Bud ain't potent to begin with?

    My personal recommendations for medical tokers:

    1)Unfiltered Joints is king-only 20% of the THC is lost thru slipstream.Most Efficient!

    2)Portable glass Waterpipes/Non-Waterpipes....less than 30% of the THC is lost thru slipstream. I like portable waterpipes becuz it'z easier to handle/clean(although the water does remove some THC away...but not much) than regular glass pipes.

    3)Toke your bongz WITHOUT the water- 60%-80% of the THC is lost thru slipstream/bong water. Bong water is actually counterproductive-you'll lose an avg. of 30% of your THC if you filter your "hit" thru water!!! Blasphemy i know!!:shocked:

    4)Screenz are bad-plus your bud tastes better without it.

    I just learned this recently...that bong water is bad.My fellow toker told me jointz and pipes were healthier last year...but i didn't take him seriously.I believe him now!

    I wuz at Mnt. Charleston last week...nuthing is better than tokin outdoors. I did notice my hitz were actually stronger thru a pipe than thru a Bong. I still use my bong; except i leave the bong water out.[/color]

    :light:Conclusion:The more potent your hit...the less hits you'll need...the better it will be fer your lungs in the long run. If your still hackin; then simply load a smaller bowl. Personally, i turn one entire bowl into 2-3 smaller hitz...maximum efficiency. Also, organic bud is much,much smoother that chemical bud.... :) :smokin:

    Thanx to Growkind...i'm now empowered to harvest my very own medical grade cannabis... basically; this is the very first year that i had ever smoked "true" Budz(dirt weed should be legalized...cuz it'z not "really weed"))...

    ...thanx guyz...i owe everything to this growkind forum... :)

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  5. Useless

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    I like my vapir. Works great. Kinda pricy but worth the investment. I agree, you do get a totally different high, but if you smoke out of just the vaporizer for a couple weeks, it's hard to go back to joints and bongs.
  6. ClayStreet

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    Cool Herb I thought you were more of a pipe/bong person.. The bigfoot 3' Graffix bong with fur stuck to it [​IMG] sittin in the living room next to the DVD player..

    I've smoked different ways..

    - Through a Sprite Can - really sucked, harsh toking there.

    - Through a Tobacco Pipe: the inside filter got blackened quickly and had to remove it.. Otherwise decent..

    - Through a 2 foot Graffix Bong. This thing had plastic tubes all up the inside. You had to really work to get that smoke out, but it was well worth it!

    - Through a Pipe with twin Resin chambers: The resin chambers of course holding more weed, kinda made it taste better, and the smoke was a bit harsh at times.

    - Through a smaller pipe, good straight hits.

    - joint , really messy, don't care for this one..

    but never tried it through hookas or Vaporizers. They seem kinda expensive just to "try" it..
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    I am vap was at the woman's house for a long time as she loved it. For some reason she stopped using it so I brought it back over here. One thing about it is there is no need for 'fire', but you're up **** creek in a power outage ;)
  8. ClayStreet

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    yea but Herb I'm sure you have a backup generator just in case.. :wink:
  9. imported_Webmaster

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    el cajon what vap are you using?

    i use the vapor brothers that herb pictured here on a nightly basis. i love it. i have it all dialed in so it works great. in fact i just had a friend stay here for a week at the end of my recent vacation. the first 2 days all he would do is use the PHX bong, by the last 4 days he put the PHX away and only wanted to hit the Vaporizer. they can take some getting used to but once you dial them in they are fucking great. i love toking pot, as evidenced by this site, but it's not something i want to die for. anything i can do to decrease my risk factors im going to do. this has hit home especially hard since i started selling them and deal with people on a regular basis with emphysema and lung cancer, a real rude awakening.
  10. ClayStreet

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    I thought that it took lots of smoking weed to cause any problems.. What are "risk factors" for a smoker like me who uses a dual resin chamber pipe, also a large one hitter..??
  11. hellostupid

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    :alien:I believe a cigarette smoker requires at least a pack a day to survive. That'z a more expensive habit than smokin cannabis(especially if you're growing it...hehe)...

    ...aren't cigerettes at least around $3 bucks a pack or more?

    Personally, i think I can get by off of merely one potent joint

    a day. 2 joints if i'm sharing.

    Thatz much better than 20 cigerettes a day! And they say smoking pot is worse for your lungs? Blasphemy!

    With homegrown...i don't cough. I think routinely hackin' phlem every morning is very healthy! Phlem is like toilet paper for your lungs. Tobacco doesn't allow u to have that option of "productive phlem hackin"...:confused:

    Why do u think some doctorz Actually prescribe cannabis to asthma patients!?! I don't hear of

    any doctorz sayin,"smoke 2 packs of Marlboroz

    a day and call me in da mornin..."....:puke:

    :puke:Sorry...this thread is directed at the Tobacco Companies and FDA and the Lumber Industry...just needed to share my hatred for them de-legalizing cannabis back in 1937....:angry:

    I don't consider 2 joints per day unhealthy(physically or mentally) by any meanz!!!!

    I jus know that if MJ were made would help nicotine addicts cut down... fer me...i smoked cigerettez all thruout high school and college....only one thing made me quit...

    ...that'z right!:biggrin:

    ....u know what time it'z time to sing the H.R. PufNstuf theme song,"....i can't do a little 'cuz i can't get enough...":cheesy:

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  12. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Stupid im not saying your wrong but where did you get your figures from about the loss of THC from different smoking devices. Your figures just seem high. I wouldn't mind doing a little more reading on it. You couldnt give me a few links could you please?
  13. imported_Webmaster

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    there was a maps study that found that the water filtration component in bongs actually removes some of the THC and vaporizers reduce toxins.

    Cigarette companies have known about this for years, in fact they have released 'vaporizer' cigarettes in the past but they weren't successful. i watched a Nova entitled 'The Search for a Safer Cigarette' just recently where it talked about the whole history. Very interesting.
  14. elcajon555

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  15. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Could always just smoke pure keif... :smile:
  16. greenthumb420

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    I just bought one of those aroma zap vaporizers because i couldn't fork out the $200 something for the vapir works off the same principle of using hot air through the ground up bud like the vapir except it's also portable and includes the ac and dc adapter.Has anyone here used one?
  17. misty

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    I recently saw a really cool looking vaporizor... i think that it was called the pyramid or something... shaped like a pyramid with a bag that you attach to the top and it fills with vapor like a balloon... anyone else see it or use one? i think that it is very $$$
  18. greenthumb420

    greenthumb420 Hash Engineer

    I believe you're talking about the volcano.Big $$$ for that one plus you have to replace the bags frequently.Pretty cool concept though.
  19. hellostupid

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    :alien:Hey EvilSkuzzi...i'm glad you asked...

    I'm merely one person's opinion amongst the many  others i've researched and reflected upon....such as this guy(who happens to have a P.H.D)....

    Yes EvilSkuzzi...even i wuz shocked to discover;that no matter what delivery system u choose;whether it be an unfiltered joint/vaporizer/or bong...60%-80% of the THC is ultimately lost thru Slipstream & Bongwater!!! But when it comes down to Unfiltered Joint is Best!!!:cheesy:

    Ismoke2much'z quote


    Unfiltered Joints is king-only 20% of the THC is lost thru slipstream.Most Efficient!

    :shocked:That wuz very bad editing,sorry! Sometimes my mind thinkz faster than i can type...and whatever i type really doesn't come


    ...  What i really meant to say wuz,"Unfiltered Joints is King-only 20% of the THC is Recovered while still over 80% of the THC is lost thru Slipstream. Nonetheless,an Unfiltered Joint remains Most Efficient!:light:

    Anytime i mentioned percentages-i wuz actually listing THC Transfer Rate Efficiency COMPARED  AGAINST an Unfiltered Joint!!!



    So i'll re-post what smokin utensil i think is Best for medical users...from best to worst Compared Against An Unfiltered Joint okay? Sorry fer any confusion fellow growkinderz...:cheesy:

    From Best to Worst Smoking Utensil for your lungs in the long run:1st)Unfiltered Joint-most efficient.

    2nd)Glass Pipes-only 1/3 less efficient than unfiltered joints.

    3rd)Portable Waterpipe-still about a 1/3 less efficient than an unfiltered joint! The water makes it less efficient than the Glass pipes.

    4th)Bongs-Slightly more than a third less efficient as an unfiltered joint;but it has more water than a portable it'z not as efficient. I now toke with less bongwater in it personally!

    5th)Vaporizers-not an efficient THC delivery system as an Unfiltered Joint.


    Again, i apologize fer any confusion.I should have proof-read and edited my original reply before posting. To be Honest, even I didn't didn't completely understand what the hell i wuz saying!!!  That'z pretty bad i know...i think i really should cut down on Tokin...:cheesy:

    So hopefully, this post will clarify what i really wanted to say in my original reply...hehe... hey! Kind Budz has a way of confusing me...sometimes i can't even remember to drink my coffee after i jus' brewed it...which has been happenin' alot lately...:puke:... :)

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