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    *I am posting this in Smokers because it needs to be SEEN.* Mod Please RE-post this (keep it here too please) in the Organic Cultivation section and even in the advanced section. This is important. It needs to be discussed IMO*

    Who does it here? If you do not is there a reason? I am catching up on information in my life...lots of info crammed in the last five years. I am just now realizing the benefits of worm farming...

    I wish I could post pics and give yall more details..but that'd be sketch. I am starting a small scale farm with a bunch of chickens, a huge vermiculture bin (selling juice on ebay and craigslist as well as castings) and all the extra go to my 6 4'X25' well as the corn patch and other places. Might get a pig and some ducks...maybe a sheep, goat, or cow next year once things are established more. It's going to be second to none.

    Oh and I just realized people sell worm juice on ebay. DUDE. LADIES. This is some of THE BEST POSSIBLE stuff you can put on your plants. Go and buy it, now. If you have a deficiency just pour some diluted worm juice on there.

    Vermiculture is not messy, smelly, buggy, moldy, or ugly when it is done right. A family of four can sustain thousands of worms and never have any additional costs other than the start up. Your worms will exponentially will have BLACK GOLD for your plants, and you will have BLACK GOLD JUICE for your weeeeed. I mean, really? Companies would LOVE for you to pass this information off and never think about it again.'s time to get back to the basics.

    I cannot believe it's taken me this long to go organic. It has been fun, informative, and rewarding learning about how great/easy organics (true organics...not some shit labeled OG from a bottle) can be and how BAD and COUNTERPRODUCTIVCE chemical fertilizers are.

    I consider this one of my more informative posts...meaning a contribution I am proud of. So many wasted threads talking about how to use Fox Farm nutes correctly. Shit is fucking garbage. People who are new to growing...please go organic. It's a responsible decision and your growing will be easier for it. Inform yourself and then inform others. WORM JUICE RULES

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    Nice man! I'm gonna try! :thumbs-up:

    Dirt only right?
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    Works best in dirt...I'm not sure if it works in a soiless mixture. Just dirt it baby

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