War for the planet of the apes

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  1. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    I saw it this weekend. I give it a 7 out of ten. All in all it was pretty good. Bad Ape steals the show imo.

    And if you followed the original ape series of movies then you know at some point man becomes mute. We find out why in this movie.

  2. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    is marky mark in this one?

    honestly i think the remakes have been decent so far, the effects are way better nowadays
  3. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    He's not in this one. It's woody harellson playing a kind of character similar to the colonel in apocalypse now.

    They built a new theatre here too not long ago. It's pretty cool, the seats are recliners and you can reserve a specific seat.

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    LOL best view in the world, through the two feet
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