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Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by Steve French, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Steve French

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    I recently installed a water softener and by default my growspace water supply is now soft. I haven't had any major issues with my tap water before(I'm on my third batch in the new digs), I just aerate it, pH it and go. I know the water in my area is harder than most (there's evidence on every plumbing fixture in the house), so I installed a softener. I don't even know how hard my water was before I got a softener, so I have just been playing with the setting on the softener going by 'feel'.

    Very recently, leaves began to turn yellow and have necrotic spots on them at the small veins on the fan leaves. The leaf turns banana yellow, the bases of the leaves turn yellow last.

    Unfortunately there are a few factors that could be causing my problems. I recently fed aggressively with a bloom boost 0-50-30. I am usually more conservative with this stuff. Also, I accidently watered some plants with non-pH-balanced water. AND, the day temps went up about 5F because I was playing with my light cooling system.
    I am obviously going to return to my conservative ways with the 0-50-30, and try my hardest to remember to pH balance water EVERY time(that was my first). The other exhaust fan for my lights is back on, so temps are back to 72-75F.

    I was wondering if anyone has had an experience switching from hard to soft water. Is it or worth it, or maybe imperative that I spend the 3 hours and $50 to get hard water to my growspace? Am I better off getting an RO system now (I was going to wait) and using the same source?
  2. royaldoe

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    Doesn't a water softener use salt to soften water? I know that youn don't want to water a lawn with water from a water softener cuz it'll turn the lawn yellow. You might want to check this out. I think an Reverse Osmosis system would be better.
  3. Bella_Jeri

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    At one point there was a water softener in my basement, but for an unknown reason it was taken out. I am on a well and septic; water is fairly hard, measured at 250 ppm (15(gpg).

    I would like to add a water softener again, but the choices and info at local stores such as Lowes, Menards, Sears, etc leaves something to be desired.

    The house has a kitchen and three bathrooms, but at present only me living in it. Gas water heater. No dishwashers or whirlpools, though I do shower daily, sometimes more in summer.

    Any comments from knowledgeable people about brands known for quality, features or other issues to look for are greatly appreciated!

  4. blazerwill420

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    What are you trying to accomplish exactly?
  5. OldSmokey

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    Everything I've read says that softened water is a no-no, due to the salt. I got an RO unit one grow ago after about stubbornly going 5 years without one. It really does make a difference.

    On what should be an unrelated subject... Get a test kit for hardness and use it to determine how often the softener needs to regenerate. There isn't really a way to do it by feel. Too often wastes salt and water. And if not often enough, the hardness in the water starts to go up.
  6. ResinRubber

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    Seems you're looking for info and ended up reviving an old thread. Are you a grower or just looking for softner info for home use?
  7. Looks like switching to RO will do the trick for you.
  8. Mrgreengenes

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    I would say RO water filter system is the way to go.

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