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  1. Mrgreengenes

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    Welcome to GrowKind! As a new member, we want you to make yourself at home, so feel free to browse around the site to get familiar with it.
    Growing Cannabis is not like growing a house plant. To grow quality cannabis for medicine takes work and knowledge, and that is something the members of GrowKind have.
    GrowKind is a Cannabis growing education community site. We strive to help all members to further their knowledge from learning basics for growing to more advanced techniques.
    If you want to grow one plant we can teach you. If you want to learn to grow a room full of plants we can teach you that also.
    If your here to grow I would start out by introducing yourself to the community and letting us know how we can help you.
    We have a moderator team in place here at GK. They are there to help you as a new member with getting around the site and using site features.
    The Admin and moderator team is listed below. Fill free to contact them with any questions.
    Welcome to GrowKind!


    Mrgreenjeans - Administrator
    ResinRubber - Senior Moderator
    ducrider - Moderator
    nippie - Moderator
    DXE - Moderator
    JuggaloKing420 - Moderator
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    Welcome my brother
  3. Justcheckingitout

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    Another thing about GrowKind is its like a mom and pop place that you can get a answer to a question that you can trust, unlike some over filled sites where you will get 20 different answers with conflicting points. This site is perefect for both the grow masters, the grasshoppers and everyone inbetween.

    Just courious, havent seen JK420 for a while?
  4. Green Goblin

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    Are we supposed to be posting to a pinned post? Since we can, I think we should :roll:

    Welcome all you new 'persons' :bigok:

    GK is also a great place for goblins...the humons here are rather friendly comparatively speaking. They haven't thrown cabbage at me since 2009 :animbong:

    GK is also a great place to learn about the plethora of ways to produce copious devils lettuce or ganja fruits, my favorite addition to any salad smokers apparatus :water pipe smoker:

    Happy Growin' :pimp:
  5. JdsfhHdfdjs

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    This site is perefect for both the grow masters, the grasshoppers and everyone inbetween.
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  6. Green Goblin

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    There really should be a "donkey punch" smiley


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