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  1. frannyboy

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    first thxs for help on non flowering problem since then it has started to flower next after reading on lights i ask this i have 2 grow rooms 1 for budding 1 for growing i bought a metal halide lamp yeasterday [only can afford one] should i use it 2 flower 1 plant or grow several?

    confused then ever:potleaf-2:
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    Hey Franny, and :-welcome-: to GK!

    What other lights are you currently using? This way we can advise you appropriately as to use which on which plants...


  3. frannyboy

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    other light

    in rooms now i have flourecsent bulbs an a few halogen work light . totaling 650 watts in flower room i have 120 flourescant an 300 halogen watts

    in grow room i have 120 florescent 300 halogen an 300 incadescent

    also wil mh bulb produce alot of heat?

    seems to be cooler then halogens

    mh bulb is 75-4oo watt


  4. rasganjah

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    There are 2 things to be considered. A flowering plant requires more red spectrum than a vegetative plant. Light intensity is the key to producing bigger yields when flowering. That being said, your Metal Halide light will provide a more blue spectrum of light better suited for vegetative growth, however if you are flowering plants now and have to choose between Fluorescent lighting or the MH for flowering, I would choose the MH for flowering and use Fluoros to vegetate since any HID light is going to offer greater light intensity than fluoros and therefore will increase yield and quality of the nugs. Save up in the mean time so you can get a High Pressure Sodium light for your flowering room. HPS light will provide an enhanced red spectrum better suited for flowering. :-welcome-: :passsit: :thumbs-up:
  5. rasganjah

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    incandescent and halogen lights are worthless for plant growth. They are going to provide very little usable light for the plants and just create excess heat. Get rid of them and go get some cheap 23 watt CFL bulbs to replace them. Or better yet go to Lowes and get 2-3 4 foot T12 shoplights for around $15 dollars each with bulbs. (fixture is $10 and bulbs are $5) These lights produce almost no heat and work well for mothers and vegetating clones. They are cheap and readily available at any Lowes or Home Depot and will work much better than the halogen and incandescent lights. They are also much more efficient producing much more usable light per watt of power used. Here are my moms and clones under 3 4 ft. fluorescent fixtures I bought at Lowes for under $50 You can also use the CFL bulbs that will screw into the fixtures your using for your incandescent bulbs, also at Lowes for like $1 each


    Hope this helps. Good luck and keep us posted. :passsit:

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