What is a Trichome ?

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    The epidermis of Marijuana plants grow attachments that are called trichome's
    (TRIH-combs), a word derived from Greek "hairy" and indeed, the trichome's we are most familiar with on cannabis are the ones which give plants a downy or furry appearance.

    Trichome production increases as the plant gets older and will give the plant a sticky feel when touched, and a glistening appearance on the flowers of the plant.


    This production of trichome's depends on some key factors, such as genetics, lighting, soil and nutrients that the plant receives during the flowering cycle, also THC is stored in the trichome’s.

    You will need a jewelers loop or magnifying scope of some sort to look at the trichome’s closely to determine when you plants are ready to harvest. I use e small scope from radio shack to do this. The scope cost about $10.00 dollars. It has adjustable magnification up to X100
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