What say GK on MANGO?

Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by TheApprentice, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Ok guys long story short(that'll be a 1st then:icon_biggrin:) Basically iv met this cool cat in his late 50's who grows on mass in a greenhouse,iv samplled his stuff before and its always the best strans from the best breeders.I was out on a stag night at the weekend with him in company and he said he grew MANGO and it was so good he decided to dedicate half his greenhouse to it!!!!! Now i THOUGHT id grew and smoked MANGO previously but i smoked his shit and ....well lets just say it was way more sativa than what i remember smoking/grwing.Hes got 50 clones in rockwool ready to be put in pot#2 under floros and im down for 4. ALL OPINIONS ON THIS STRAIN SERIOUSLY WELCOME!!!They are from the best pheno out of 50 plants so its precious and good shit.Anyone growing or toking/toked mango,just wanting some GK feedback other than what iv already found elsewhere....what say the GKers?Peace:potleaf:

    PS: Ssssssh..... but Ap might just have come out of cultivation reitrement...cos Ap just got a new apartment,MY OWN place.....finally:wink: All stealth cabs this tim round with 75w hps bulbs dangling in the grow...saw it on rollitup or icmag and it was called the 75w club or summit like that,its my new method ,dont want junior finding my grow nevermind the cops:eek:
  2. Glitterpixiee

    Glitterpixiee Veggy Stage

    I've been wondering the same thing. We're growin some plants that are Mango x (G13 x Widow) atm.
  3. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

    I've heard good things about it but never smoked or grew any myself.

    Keep us updated. ;) :ebert:
  4. Glitterpixiee

    Glitterpixiee Veggy Stage

    I've heard lots of good stuff from other sites on the strain too RKY but sadly have no firsthand knowledge. I'm eager to try our cross.
  5. rasganjah

    rasganjah True Ganjaman

    I've smoked some Mango. It was frosty fairly compact spear like buds. It tasted pretty fruity, not necessarily like mango. It smelled somewhat fruity, and as I remember was not as potent as I had hoped. But if you got a bad ass pheno then it may be way better than what I had.
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  6. SecretGrower420

    SecretGrower420 Baked as fuck

    I grew Somango, not sure if there's a big difference.
  7. link420

    link420 Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    I've never grown mango, but done some reading about it and found out that its offered by three different breeders- K.C. Brains, Homegrown Fantaseeds, and Nirvana (mango is called papaya). The mango from Homegrown Fantaseeds is bred from the same gentics as KC's mango (KC33 X Afghani). Its claimed to be a 100% indica, but growers reported having different phenos, including a sativa dominant pheno. and since the parental KC33 is a cross of Thai X Brasilian, its not very realistic that its actually a pure indica, although most growers did report an indica dominant growth pattern and high, so maybe the sativa pheno is recessive?

    The mango from KC Brains has a good reputation, and from the numerous reviews I read, there seems to be three phenos- A clearly indica pheno (with narcotic indica high), a hybrid, and a sativa dominant pheno (which seems to be the winner in terms of taste and aroma). Hope that helps :bong-2:
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  8. Glitterpixiee

    Glitterpixiee Veggy Stage

    Yeah I had a guy tell me he had some mango seeds but he called them papaya and after a lil research i found out that Nirvana calls it papaya. I thought it a bit strange but oh well.

    that's the pheno i wanna get my hands on
  9. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Hes got other clones..crimea or crimea _____, was drunk.It was T/CLASS tho..

    Aye Link thats great nfo cheers,this guy only buys from the best breeders and seedbanks,not dissing nirvana cos iv grown many of their strains and fuckin loved them:rocker:...but this guys a PROPER coinesseur and not short of cash by any means,he grows on a mass scale but purely for himself and a few select cultivator friends:wink: Yes i checked and he says it IS the KC BRAINS MANGO and im glad you put up so much detail Link cos id heard it was indiica and i know the stran that i grew was indica and the one i smoked was indica but this stuff that hes growing is without doubt mainly sativa so i did wonder about that one +1 rep for that reply my friend:thumbsup:

    This guy has a huge space on his farmland in a massive greenhouse,he has seperate sheds or 'mother pods' as he calls them and he keeps mother plants growing in them of his fav strains and apparently when he 1st grew the mango he only did a few but he got one pheno that was so good hm and his mates told him to forget growing the AK47 and several other HIGH QUALITY strains and concentrate oon the MANGO so im guessing he found a real good sat dom pheno and what you said backs up my thinking.

    The guys got this other stuff he gave me a toke of...crimea or crimean something or other,very good stuff.He honestly only grows the best and dabs his hand at breeding here and there so im hoping this stuffs worth coming outta retirement for...im kiinda nervous though cos iv got just me and my son at home ,id hate to get busted and go to jail:eek: Jail dont scare me,i dnt like it but it aint like in america,its pretty much an easy ride over here...its not being with my son or his mum getting custody of him that scares me so ima be EXTRA CAUTIOUS...any grow thread and pics will be post dated to avoid any risks but rest assured,IF this grow goes ahead i'll be detailing it foor y'all and smoke/grow threads cos it wll be my 1st grow in my own home for over a year,recently all iv had is my hand in a few local grows wth friends,time to get my shit together.....SAFELY:thumbsup: Thanks for the feedback guys,anymore welcome:ebert:
  10. luvtogrow

    luvtogrow Veggy Stage

    Funny, always heard negative about kcbrains strains, except Mango. Everyone likes Mango, a must try. I'd also like to try some Mr Nice seeds MangoHaze or maybe Mangowidow.
  11. link420

    link420 Smokin' Fat Sticky Buds

    I hear ya bro, the mango has always been their most intriguing strain, but their KC 33 also has a very good reputation.
  12. rollin2techno

    rollin2techno cL053t Gr0w3r

    The Mango cross we are growing at the moment is half Mango and half G13 x White Widow.

    This cross has very little side branching and little stretch in flower. Not sure which genes give these traits as I have not grown either. FYI

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