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Discussion in 'Smokers Lounge' started by SMARMY, Mar 25, 2018.


    SMARMY Cuban Bee

    It's been a while since I've stopped by. How's everyone doing? Its good to still see some old heads here. Lots of new people too. Need to get back in the swing of things so I'll be popping in and out of here more often. Who's still around?
  2. HeadCase

    HeadCase Old Prick

    good to see you back Smarmy been back a couple months my self-Bud
  3. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    I remember you. Welcome back.
  4. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

  5. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    What's up bro! You still growing or getting back to it?
  6. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

  7. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    I made a comeback myself. Good to see you Smarmy. :animbong:
  8. ComeToMyLife

    ComeToMyLife New Member

    Welcome back everything is good too. I'm a new member as well but enjoying my stay here!
  9. skunky

    skunky labor smoke'n lumberjack

    Still creeping around from time to time.
  10. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Hey, Skunky!
  11. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    Hello everybody! Im Dr. Nick!

    Ha ha ha. What up mofo's?

    Where's my ergotamine?

    Good to see you all.
  12. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

    Hey Useless, hope you had a nice trip. Good to have you back.
    How have have you been?
  13. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    glad to see you back. What genetics you got going ?
  14. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Good to see you back bro, hope all has been well....hang around!
  15. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    What's happnin' Use? :smokin:
  16. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Everytime you show up I'm smoking some blue chocolate. Damn fine weed, especially for sleeping.

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