What's the Dopest Dope you've ever smoked...?

Discussion in 'Smoke Reports' started by JesseJamesBond, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. raven

    raven Germinating

    Got to agree with the Thai stick. Fucked me up big time
  2. djdc

    djdc Established Healthy Roots

    G13 is still my all time fav that was the first strain I ever ran that and silver pearl, the g13 was amazing.
  3. HappyHappyHighGuy

    HappyHappyHighGuy dreamer and misfit


    Old thread, but my consistent favorites are the Black Widow varieties - Medicine Man, Shark Shock, La Nina, and Black Widow itself. I have yet to try Mango Widow and G13 Widow but I'm sure they are also top shelf.
  4. JesseJamesBond

    JesseJamesBond Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    I must say, Eskobar's NYCD x Cocoa Kush (I dubbed her Cocoa Diesel) available through Sannie's via the chocolate mix pack was some super-ultra-fantastic smoke! :not-worthy::not-worthy::not-worthy::not-worthy::not-worthy:

    I know Link knows what I'm talking about... :thumbsup:

  5. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Transkei African Landrace strain..... & BLUEBERRY!!!

    I could probably post a whole different set of strains in this thread as my favourites probably once a year if im honest.You know how it is you smoke shit and you swear its THEE FINEST shit ever..... Until the next time!

    But consistency plays a huge part.You can buy ''big bud''(for example) from a guy in the streets and it ALWAYS varies from big on weight to low on quality or sometimes you get some real good 'bigbud',if you can grow instead of buy it then it will ALWAYS be better .But i find that no matter whether its from the guy in the street,or in my case a selection of extended family who buy weight and/or grow,but Blueberry ALWAYS hits the spot for me. From Barneys/DJ Shorts preferably but no matter the breeder its ALWAYS quality ,each and every time i smoke it im in the zone.I had a healthy smoke and some personal left over from new years eve and it was so good.Immensely good.Kinda sad it ran out so quick:sad4:

    Another huge fav of mines since last time i posted in this thread was a South African 'LandRace' strain from the Transkei hills.Funnily enough it was called Transkei:rolleyes:. A TOTAL keeper strain and if there was only ONE strain i could bring to a GK meet up then it would be that.Purely for the quality but also for the novelty factor,people always like to try summit new but yet original.As far as any strain goes nevermind a landrace strain then if i could recommend one strain to my fellow cultivtors/smokers @ GrowKind then it would without a doubt be Transkei.At the last time of checking,around a year or so ago,it wasnt available to buy from any reputable seedbanks i know of but i might just have to go google:5magnify:that shit again.The GK strain database needs an update anyways:jj:

    It was the ONLY true landrace strain iv ever been involved in growing and smoking. My mate goes out to south africa a lot and he brought me and my brother in law back a bunch of these seeds from the transkei range.We got one fucking amazing pheno and ran with it.Sadly life dictated other things and we never got to clone and keep that specific pheno going for a long time but the seeds are still in Scotland,still safely stored in UrBigBuddies stash:thumbsup: An amazing sativa:notworthy: Mindblowingly good. So i guess for me the regular "dopest dope" is blueberry. But if your talking landrace straight from its natural habitat seeds then this shit was "tha bomb!". Kinda makes me wanna grow and smoke other landrace strains cos it WAS a totally different and "out there" stone.I like me some good sativas though:redbong:
  6. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    The Rise&Fall of Hash in UK.Getting me a bar but not till April.Miss me solid so i do

    Your as old and 'sheltered' as me then:wink: I remember the "softblack era" well.In the 90's there was an absolute plethera of Hash to purchase.I remember in 92 when i 1st got into smoking weed regularly and it was always lebanese(Leb.),the real yellow dusty stuff that actually fluffed up and expanded as your burned and crumbled it. Pollen aswell.I remember trying to explain to guys on here and other forums from USA about what pollen was,they either saw it as summit evil that rapes your females in the grow room or when i explained it was in solid form they classed it as hashThe best example i could offer up was "nederhash".'Pollen' was so much more special than hash and at double the price,in fact the SAME price as highgrade green then id fuckin expect so too!:roll: Double the stone though and it lasted a lot longer as it didnt crumble,it 'dusted' into your joints:eusa_drool:.You consumed less in spliffs,buckets and pipes yet you still ended up MORE stoned:eusa_clap: Redseal,goldseal,rocky(Morroccan),leb,soapbar(the good shit pre milleniumY2K:disgust:)golfball black,zero zero,nepalese temple balls,etc..The 90's sure was a golden era for resins.I loved how 'puttyblack' cold just be rolled into little worms in the joints cos i hate burning my hash knowing that between burning it and smoking it im losing around 40% of my draw! You ever remember doggin school with your mates and you all had a quarter between you and you'd all go to someones house and heat 2 cutlery knives on the stove and put the tiniest most minute grain of hash on the knives and press together while sooking ALL the vapours through a glass milk bottle with the bottom removed?I KNOW you did that shit,everyone did hot knives!!:rocker:Damn them hot knives get you stoned as a motherfucker:smokin:Nowadays its all "soapy" with fuckin plastic in it bumping up the weight and have you ever smoked that Diesal shit?Thats gotta be worst hash ever:disgust: I refused to buy it on the basis it didnt get me stoned:wink: And it didnt sell well either,couldnt give that shit away!You wanna check out the hash forums on here,we got some extraction methods and some real pro's at doing that shit aswell. Stash2.0 ,our resident weed celebrity springs to mind.Check his shit out,you'll be impressed:icon_salut:Where you hailing from,England,Scotland,Wales or Ulster:ponder: Im Glasgow born and bred myself,living undercover among the English nowadays though,lol.One thing iv noticed down here is its almost impossible to get some solid hash.Back home theres someone doing 9 bars on every street and its more of a RARITY to actually get good grade skunk.Well it WAS in the 90s when i came up in my teens but nowadays the whole "home cultivation scene" is everywhere so you DO get good grade back home but i have noticed theres a LOT more strains on offer and more quality down south too.Hash is non existent and i never thought i would say this but i miss my hash:sad4: I used to be all about the hash and the couchlock Indicas,nowadays i prefer the cerebral stone from a strong sativa but if your interested in a good Indica and ESPECIALLY good for making your own hash from then you might wanna skip back a few posts and read what i wrote about Pot Of Gold by TFD. Or check my signature:5magnify: for the link to when i grew the POG back home in my old grow.:passit: Meanwhile i gaze adoringly at these pictures:eusa_drool: from days gone by:eusa_think:,eagerly awaiting April when i head back to Glasgow and get me one of these here bars to bring home:eusa_dance::eusa_pray: 9 bar.jpg







  7. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Oh pollen you say?

    I know someone who has pollen ;)
  8. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Skuzz you must score the same shit as me round your way man? Pollen/Polm whatever they wanna call it. Its charras X 10:eusa_drool: Love me some pollen. That shit ont even need burned,just heated:eusa_drool:
  9. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Not sure if its the same shit, this came straight from London lol. It was some lovely stuff though, very clean. It's all gone now though :(
  10. sonofdust

    sonofdust Germinating

    Back in 71 I ran across some black hash in Germany called Magic Cookie. This shit was like a Tootsie roll on a hot summers day, it was so gummy. When the Buda bag was gone I never seen nor heard of it sense. My hash bags haven't turned out anything close to it but, I'm still looking..
  11. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    Squidgy black.
  12. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Best I ever smoked was when I still lived in SoCal, god I miss the beach/bikinis. Had a buddy that played pro paintball, whenever he came back from the fields he would have some outrageous stuff. Anyway, he showed up with what he called romulen, I haven't had much luck trying to find it so not sure if it is even a strain or not. We toked up one bowl and honest to god couldn't get up off the porch for about an hour. And everything I looked at seemed superimposed on its background like a bad photoshop job. Train wreck tore my head off as well. I really miss Cali now that I live in a state that will try to throw you in prison for a half g. Just makes me more cautious now I guess.
  13. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    pro paintball :rofl6:
  14. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Hey, that's what he called it. I do know he played in some tournaments over in Europe. Thought it was bs myself, but have you heard of romulen- I may be spelling it wrong:idea:
  15. MrAstro

    MrAstro R.I.P

    Yes I have. Can't remember what seed bank I saw it on, though.
  16. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Dang, when I get this hydro down I'm gonna find some and see if I can get the same result.
  17. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

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