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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ozzman667, Sep 9, 2007.

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    hello g.k people,i'm new to your boards here as well as growing.i've had to be completely sober for a full month now and it has almost killed me. i can't say it loudly enough SOBRIETY F#$%*!$ SUX! well anyway the wait for the upcoming u.a for work has caused me to decide to start producing my own herb. so far i've started construction in my basement on a small grow chamber(actually not that small) about9'x 5' which i'm gonna split into 2 areas so i can always have some in bloom:) i haven't purchased lighting yet but i've been lurking here daily for a week or so and have decided to go wit 400 hps and acouple of 4' fluros. gonna just start with some decent bag seed(high grade schwag) to start. i'll probably kill a few so i figure why waste money the first go round. if anyone can help me with the best potting mixes and nutes i would be very thankful. i've actually done a little too much reading on the net for my own good,i think because i find myself very confused now:rolleyes2: kind of like high school chemistry class. anyway foxfarms sounds like the preferred brand,is that a premixed ready to go soil or do i need to mix with other stuff? anyway guys just wanted to introduce and say what a great site this is!
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    Sucks that ya had to dry out for a while, but wait till you taste your own home-grown...it'll make the wait worthwhile. Sounds like you've doing your home work and keeping up all the prerequisite cultivation reading. Keep a photo log of your set up during the construction phase and post it here on the site; it's alway good to see before and after pics. Glad you decided to join this most excellent of sites! Keep up the good work and Happy Growing!!!


    Seeking Utopia
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    Yep! Just keep up the research, and when you find a dead end, or have a novel idea, ask us about it...glad to have you here! Good luck, and enjoy! :smoke2:

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