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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by BIGSMOKE451, May 19, 2008.

  1. BIGSMOKE451

    BIGSMOKE451 Veggy Stage

    i been lurking around here for some time now i thought i should introduce myself it says on my profile that i like being stoned in the corner this isnt true LOL im 26 yr old male i have a wonderful girlfriend and a 6 month old son living in small town usa and since i live in such a small town the weed is terrible so i decided to grow my own my first grow was a disatser so after a month or 2 of research and stubbling upon this site surfing the web i have all the knowledge i need THX GK im currently have one plant on 1 and half weeks of flower and from that plant i pulled 4 clones which i plan on planting outside and when i get some pics i will have to post em up :smokin:
  2. ishmeil

    ishmeil cannabis connoisseur

    what strains are ya growin?
  3. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still

    welcome to GK

    Welcome,BIGSMOKE451 :wave: ...............

    Stick around, grow and smoke your own quality buds, and make some friends at the same time! :redbong:

  4. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    :welcome: BIGSMOKE451

    Glad ya decided to finally take the plunge!

    Just remember!!!

    Don't say ANYTHING to ANYONE about growing!!! Don't let your name get out there!

    And... If the weed is that bad in your area...

    Be damned careful who you share your harvest with!

    Don't always be the one to break out the fat sack of quality nugs when the only thing around for miles is bunk!

    The phrase "I got nuthin'" still works!

    Stay below the radar!

  5. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Your thumbs are gonna get greener from now on in...

    Firstly welcome and secondly good to see that you have obviously read up on your grow before beginning it,kudos for that,its amazing the amount of ppl that start growing without actually researching what they are doing,lol,but taking clones is a step in the correct direction good call and good luck,look forward to reading about your grows and maybe a smoke or grow report in the strains subforums once your done.Sounds like your off to a good start,may your thumbs grow green with experince.Peace:potleaf:

    PS: Snicks right...Yeah seeing your in a small town then i would resist the 'URGE' we all get to show of our stunners when they are in full bloom cos its amazing how quickly word gets around,dont even let locals know this is a site you frequent or they can keep an eye on what you are growing by your posts,your only a few years younger than me and your child is only a lil bit younger than my son who is 1yr old in June and purely cos of the factor of having a kid ya gotta keep shit under wraps,i used to post my grows freely and pictures,etc but recently i had to stop doing it cos a few ppl were reading my threads at growkind after hearing that my grows were being documented on here( a 'mate' who grows aswell,blabbed!:eusa_doh:) so what i have to do now is do my grow and THEN i post a grow thread with my images in order so ppl dont know exactly when im growing.LOOSE LIPS and all that...:5eek:
  6. dooobster

    dooobster A Fat Sticky Bud

    Welcome :)

    Welcome to GK, BigSmoke :)

    This place is full of cool people who are experienced growers, and they're happy to help.

    Pay attention to the advice they give you, and you'll have happy plants.

    Peace! dooob
  7. BIGSMOKE451

    BIGSMOKE451 Veggy Stage

    what strains are u groing?

    not sure bagseed all the weed here has seeds this happened to be some really good stuff definately sativa dominant hence the long skinny leaves and the couchlock high but for my next grow im leaning towards some feminized church or big bang from greenhouse
  8. Kind Cola

    Kind Cola Loves White Rino

    Wellcome BIGSMOKE451,, Cant wait to see your grow pics,, Good Luck on this grow you got going,,
  9. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    The skinny leaves I can see but a couchlock high usually means Indica. Sativas tend to have that 'heady' high. Who knows these days with all the crossing being done. Just wanted to clear that up for ya is all. :)

    Welcome to the jungle BigSmoke.....it only gets better from here. :animbong:
  10. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    BIG BANG from GHS rocks!

    You hear some dodgy stories about GHSeeds but i can promise you that the BIG BANG(and church) are two great strains,im talkin from experience i didnt buy it on the street or any of that shit,they were a pleasure to grow and to clone,etc...if i was to pick one it would be the big bang purely as its got great genetics.Peace:potleaf:
  11. SoloFlyer1

    SoloFlyer1 Keep Smyelin

    Happy Growin!

    ....And welcome!

  12. Mrgreengenes

    Mrgreengenes Administrator

    Hey Bigsmoke, welcome to GK:)

    I'm just going to reinforce what a couple of others said to you.

    You live in a small town, I grew up in a small town. I smoke with my friends sometimes and they want to know who I get it from because they think it's just the best weed they have smoked in a long time. :)

    I tell them from a friend of mine. My friends do not know I grow, even when they come over. My point is don't let people know you grow, in a small town thing cans come back to bite you real fast.

    Here are the rules if you are going to grow.

    First, if you told someone you are going to grow go back and tell them you decided not too.

    Pay for all your grow supplies in cash. ( no paper trail that way)

    If you ever decide to share some with your friends, don't tell them you grew it. I think you got the picture, just be careful.

    Look forward to seeing your first posts of plants.

    Welcome again:suave:
  13. BIGSMOKE451

    BIGSMOKE451 Veggy Stage

    damn does everyone think im a blabber mouth lol i definetly wont say sheet i know its a cardinal rule not only that i know how it is let a :XXfart: here and the next town over knows what it smells like.As long as im smoking im good THX for the warm welcome.:GK:
  14. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    LOL... It's not that we think you're a blabbermouth or anything like that...

    It's just, nobody here wants to see anyone else end up in a world of shit.

    There's a lot of us "small town folk" in here.

  15. Administrator

    Administrator Administrator

    I have to agree with the small town thing. I lived with a friend of mine once...he and I split the 'spoils' of my closet grow right down the middle since it was his house and he allowed me to grow there. Well....he liked to hit different places around town and smoke everyone out with MY homegrown.....needless to say it was the best around....or so everyone said. One day I went to a b-day party for a guy who's lived here all his life and had people telling me left and right that my roomie had THE best pot around and had I tried any? LOL......was the hardest thing in the world for me to smile and nod but keep to myself that they were smoking my herb. I did swell with pride though. :ebert:

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