Whats up with the fan leaves

Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by Grower4life, Aug 3, 2005.

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    Hey guys my biggest plant is five feet 8 inches tall and the fan leaves { the bigger ones are starting to turn yellow and they look like they are ready to die , whats up is this because they are going throu flowering and are getting rid of the stuff they dont need or is it the lack of plant food and nutrients in the soil , I put them in miracle grow soil with time release plant food but they have been growing for 4 months so the food must be used up ,help my babys are in trouble.
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    I have gown more weed then you all could dream of but I quote every plant and every season is different in its own way , I quote I was giving you my info about how big my plants were and how old they were to get a second opinion on how fast you guys think they are growing because its better to have someone who has not seen the plants from day one judge them and I quote YOUR ALL DUMB MOTHER FUCKERS

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    hell, we all just a "bunch of DUMB MOTHERFUCKERS"

    Surely a cultivar of such experience and prowess as yourself , isn't asking "dumb motherfuckers" such a basic question.

    Somebody stole your nik?
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    Im dumb okay , just answer the fucking question and that will be that
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    It's a little late your highness. Your plants are showing signs of metabolic shutdown. What they need is a relativly strong dose of folic acid. Give it to the roots,and foliar feed as well. If that doesn't work, you might as well call it eight,and punch out. If you cannot score folic acid dump a couple gallons of orange juice around it.

    Maybe some vodka as well.
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    :roll: Don't ya just love fuckers that want to put everyone down... Claim they know it all... Then beg for help when they **** it all up? :roll:
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    Thats the best :animbong:.

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