Where are the Killer Queen Seeds?

Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by WiZaRD, Dec 20, 2006.

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    what the hell are those???
  3. killahkush

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    Is there a link or anything? Or have you just heard something about them?
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    Is that anything like 'Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?" :lol:
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    Im sure someone will come up with an answer for you, but i can seartainly let you know that ive NEVER heard of them.... sounds more like a Nik name given to somekind of quality BUSH, thats all probably. Its probably a local or NikName for whatever strain it may be!!!


    UrBigBuddie..........:qbluewacko: :punk: :)
  6. TheApprentice

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    None y'all heard of the queen strains?JD they big in the dam i heard?

    ...this just happens to be your lucky day aphophis cos my all time fav seedbank in the UK maybe the world for high quality THC coated high yielding big budding MJ plants just so happens to have not one queen strain but 5queens including afghan,personally id recommend the ICE QUEEN,apparently this is the latest of the ICE strains.Copious amounts of THC!Pure Power Queen also i hear is a good strain ppl are just starting to hybridise with other strains.Heres a link: http://www.high-land.co.uk/acatalog/bio-queen-seeds.html

    PS: Queen strains are very expensive as the seeds are exclusively ALL guaranteed females...hence the name queen... whatever strain.
  7. TheApprentice

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    unless ya get clones this is the best you'll get ....

    If you are referring to the ACTUAL killer queen strain from back in the day then its unlikely you will get it in an unhybridised form unless you are lucky enough to know someone who will give you a clone,its just like the original G13,there aint no seeds,only clones.

    Here is a link to a site with wonderful killer queen x strains and other queen strains like crystal queen,etc: http://www.sensi.nl/k Peace:)

    Strain s/bank/company Killer queen X strains

    Kill Bill Reservoir Killer Queen X William’s Wonder

    Killa Kush Motarebel Bubba Kush X Killa Queen

    Killer Apollo Reservoir Killer Queen X Apollo 11

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