Where's your toke spot?

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    Everyone has a favorite spot they go when they just need to unwind and get their head back together. Show us all your favorite place to have a toke.

    Here's mine....my zen spot down by the creek. Whenever I need to ground myself and let shit go...this is where you'll find me.

    Creek 06 01 18J.jpg

    Looking left.....

    Creek 06 01 18L.jpg

    Looking right....

    Creek 06 01 18N.jpg

    The indians gathered here for many generations it would seem. There are 27 holes in this one rock alone. More grind holes can be found on other rocks in the immediate area as well.

    Grind HolesA.jpg

    Some are quite deep.....

    Grind HolesB.jpg

    Small wonder the indians loved it here so much. I'm lucky to enjoy this area for the time that I have it in my stewardship. Beats any park hands down.

    Creek 06 01 18A.jpg

    Creek 06 01 18C.jpg
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