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Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by blah blah boy, Apr 29, 2010.

  1. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    I have white and fuzzy, what appears to be some sort of mold that is all over my hydroton. Each little hydroton is white but only on the surface and what you can see. So I think it is a light/and nutes via drip.
    Not sure and asking GK.

    Info of the hydro grow; I use 6" netted pots in a 18gal tote with an air stone in the water. I also have a pump that feeds the drip.
  2. SecretGrower420

    SecretGrower420 Baked as fuck

    If its cob web looking fuzz, then you got mold.
  3. Dank Vapor

    Dank Vapor Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Have you tried treating your hydroton/plant stem with a few spritzes of Neem oil?

    Neem is known to also deal with some cancer type forming shit on plants as well as the pests it deals with.

  4. Useless

    Useless Diogenes Reincarnate

    I wouldnt use neem on the hydroton. If it gets into the ressy it will cause your plants to have "yuck face".

    I would mix some H2O2 with water and spray that stem. The H2O2 will kill the mold/fungus you see. You can use it to rinse the hydroton too.
  5. shiloh

    shiloh Germinating

    Hydroton Cleaning

    I have found in-between batches it's best to soak the Hydroton in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide. Sometimes root matter left in the Hydroton from previous crops can cause this.
  6. Dank Vapor

    Dank Vapor Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    Neem in the res does that? Did not know. Sorry for my misinfo.

    You can put it on the stem though, that I do know for a fact.
  7. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

    I ALWAYS soak my hydroton rocks with H2O2 and water, then use that same mixture to boil the rocks to ensure a pest/disease free media. Then rinse and reuse. ;)

    I clean and sterilize my Hydroton after each use and usually only have to buy new Hydroton after my supply has been reduced by tossing the ones that are "super attached" to the root mass, and too hard to remove.

    Removing them would cause too much "debris" to break loose and make cleaning much harder. ;)

    I try to keep my used Hydroton rocks as clean as possible, that way the actual sterilizing is easier. It's very hard to remove all the broken roots from the Hydroton, so I prefer to buy new ones instead of picking out the few that remain attached to the roots.

    I'd say I lose about 5%-10% each round, maximum!

    I highly discourage reusing the hydroton without cleaning with a H2O2 soak and/or boiling them.

    I boil them because it's free and it's a very effective way to sterilize.

    Of course this is all just a prevenative measure. ;)

    Best of luck and I hope you get a grasp on them very soon. ;) :ebert:
  8. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    When you boil the water and peroxide is it half and half?


    I kind of thinking that I should not have the drip on the top. I think it is some of the cause of the mold. What do you think?
  9. billyapple

    billyapple Established Healthy Roots

    is the white and fuzzy stuff you are seein on the surface kind of crisp or crusty?

    is it on the dry part of the pellets on top?

    if this is the case it just sounds like crystalized ferts that are left behind on the hydroton as the liquid solution evaporates. the water evaporates of the surface and leaves the ferts behind in the form of tiny white crystals that slowly build up over time. it should be no problem to the plants as it has already crystalized and is very difficult to mix back into the water. after your crop is finished just throw the few pellets out that have collected the crystals and replace with new. it is a good idea to thoroughly rinse the rest of the hydroton before using again. hope this helps and good luck.

    hard to say exactly what it is without a pic so this is just one possibilty.
  10. mt.king

    mt.king mud drags champion


    salts biuld up and evaporat and leave the salt on the top of the hydroton
  11. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    That explains the white stuff, what about the fuzzy stuff. :roffl:

    Seriously I will take a pic. I just thought it was a common thing.
  12. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    I come to the conclusion that if I do not have the drips directly on the main stock it will not do anything to the rocks or the create mold fuzzies on the rocks/stem.

    Thinking of taking them out completely and just do the DWC with the air stones in the water.

    We will have to see later on in another grow.
  13. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

    No, I only add a capful of the 35% H2O2, per gallon of water. It's very powerful stuff. Don't get it on your hands, or you'll be whiter than Michael Jacksons gloved hand. :laugh:

    Salt buildup is a common occurrence. A pic would definitely help trouble shoot the issue. ;)
  14. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    K long over due problem pics



    It seems that the fuzzy mold type stuff is going away since I moved the drip tubs away from the center of the roots mass. Maybe it was encouraging mold.
  15. RkyMtnWayHigh69

    RkyMtnWayHigh69 2010 NAGC Winner

    That looks like salt buildup to me. I'd say it's not a big deal, but you don't want to ignore it.

    Do you regularly clean the rez?

    My Hydroton rocks sometimes get the same look and it's nothing serious.

    Plain water top off will help minimize this issue.

    You do allow the plants to have plain water on a regular basis?

    This is sort of how I run my Waterfarm buckets . . .

    Clean and fill with fresh nutrient solution.

    When the plant needs watering again, during the same week long period, I add just plain water top off.

    I only add fresh nutes on a weekly basis. Otherwise I just top off with plain water.

    You shouldn't be adding full strength nutes to top off your rez. IMO

    I hope this was of some help. ;)
  16. blah blah boy

    blah blah boy Harvested Fat Sticky Bud

    No I do not flush at the moment. I know bad bad blah blah!

    Now I see what this formula can do so I just feed last night and will flush this Sunday and from then on. That alone might take care of this build up.

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