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  1. First time on this forumTeasing
    First time growing cannabis. I'm already 10 days in from germination on my 5 White Widow Seeds from ilgm.com (posting pics) I'm growing in straight coco Coir medium and using Botanicare KIND nutes (Kind Base, Kind Grow and Calmag to start tho I will be adding a bloom) started my seeds in rockwool Cubes then into Dixie cups (air prunned) then finsishing in 5 gallon buckets also (air prunned) I have two tents one is a 2x4 the other is a 4x4 smaller for Veg bigger for flower. Using an 8bulb BadBoy T5 in veg and a 12bulb BadBoy T5 in flower. Have tons of pics of my setup if interested I'll post em up. Here's my progress so far.
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    Welcome to GK I'll be watching your grow-Bud
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  3. Thanks for the welcome HeadCase! I'll be posting more pics of my grow operation today. Thanks for tuning in!
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    Nice little setup. I look forward to watching your progress. :bigok:
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  5. Thanks for the love. I'll be sure to keep things updated with fresh pics. Actually have a concern I'm hoping someone could ease my mind with. Just noticed today that some of the leaves are looking like they got a lil twist to them is there something I'm doing wrong? Posting pics!
  6. Up their feeding from 1ml to 3ml per nute per gallon (Kind Base, Kind Grow and Calmag +) also lowered my 8 bulb 432watt T5 closer to the plants And they seem to be doing great except that little one in the back. It's been slow since day one.

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    Sometimes the slow starters are the badassbudz in the end.

    Welcome to GK :bigok:

    They look better than my first go round :roll: Good Job!

    Happy Growin' :pimp:

    Edit***moved to the grow log forum Pass Pass
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  8. Thanks Green! My bad on posting in the wrong place I thought I was doing it right lol. I'm hoping this lil girl will do just that :stoned-smiley:
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  10. Damn! :photographe:i hope I get some fat buds like that! Noice!
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    Nice show bro. Looking pretty good.

    Welcome aboard.
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  12. Thanks bud! I appreciate the love. Getting there slowly but surely. :stoned-smiley:
  13. Just wanted to show off how my veg tent is setup at the moment and see what y'all think. I'm using cheap $20 dollar duct fans from Amazon. One for pulling out hot air then another pulling in fresh cool air and seem to be working great for this 2x4 tent. At times it gets a lil warmer thank I like (82) so instead of a air conditioner I'm using my tower humidifier on cool mist outside the tent pulling all that cool moisture in and it gets to a cool 75 degrees and on the plus it keeps it nice and humid for my small plants. I wanna add that I also purchased 2 fan controllers for like $7 bucks of Amazon and they work fantastic! When the lights go out it's been getting a I lil cool since it's been getting kinda chilly here and being able to adjust the 240cfm duct fans really helps to keep the temp that I need for the most part. I have a small tower fan blowing just above the plants to give them a nice breeze for movement but not to cause wind burn and another clip fan blowing up towards the light moving what lil heat this T5 puts off (which is also sweet for controlling temps) I added a 3rd fan called power circulator by Honeywell that pivots up 90° to circulate air coming from the light and rising heat. Well just felt like sharing after a good smoke and to see if anyone would make any changes. I'll have my flower tent complete in due time.smoking Banana Screenshot_20180408-010348.png Screenshot_20180408-010404.png Screenshot_20180408-005738.png Screenshot_20180408-005704.png Screenshot_20180408-005641.png Screenshot_20180408-005629.png Screenshot_20180408-005634.png
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    theres no "wrong" here, just cleaning up shop...putting the tools back in the drawers and the reference manuals back on the shelf, stoners are so messy :roll:

    Nice looking setup

    There's nothing "wrong" with those fans, BUUUT as a matter of Cfm per watt a centrifugal will cost less in the long run. I've been using these with no hiccups for 4 or 5 months so far. Comes with manual speed control, and come in 4-10" fans

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  15. Thanks for responding! Absolutely agree! I had to keep the veg tent within a certain budget as i wanted and already did spend more $$$ on my flower tent as it's more important to me. I have nicer fans like the ones you shared in the 4x4 flower tent...
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  16. Well I've been out running all day today and when I got home first thing I did was open up the veg tent to zoom on the ladies and this lil girl decided to get a growth spurt while I was gone making money. Kinda tripped me out lol and then it got me excited :bigok: Screenshot_20180409-001530.png
  17. Smoked a bowl of girl scout cookies tonight and then proceeded to give my young plants a photo shoot lol. I pulled them out the tent and made pics without being directly under the light this time and man they sure do look sexy to me. I added all 5 of them in a collage but did zero editing or enhancing just a good lens and good light. Being my first grow I'm taking pics everyday I see changes and can't share with just anyone so I'm sharing with my fellow growers Pass Pass 2018-04-09_05.00.30.jpg
  18. They growing fast on me! Bout time to transplant. Having to feed twice a day. They drinking it up! IMG_20180415_200501.jpg
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    They look real nice and healthy.
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