Winter 2013 - Cheese Krush - Jack Squared - Jesus OG Kush

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    This grow will be an outside grow in a greenhouse for the fall and winter of 2013. I will be building a greenhouse that will be 10x10. It will be made from pvc and covered with 5 mil GreenTek. I anticipate having the plants in it buy October 15th and I am going to grow in it the entire winter. And I almost forgot...A big shout out to greenjah for all of your help bro!


    1. Cheese Krush (Sannies Ko Kush f4 x TGA Subcool Cheesequake)

    2. Jack Squared (Sannies Jack f7 x Tga Subcool Jack The Ripper)

    3. Jesus OG Kush (TGA Subcool) - These will also be grown indoors in a flood table.

    Plants will be in five gallon buckets filled with TGA Subcool Supersoil...

    8 large bags of a high-quality organic potting soil with coco fiber and mycorrhizae (i.e., your base soil)

    25 to 50 lbs of organic worm castings

    5 lbs steamed bone meal

    5 lbs Bloom bat guano

    5 lbs blood meal

    3 lbs rock phosphate

    ¾ cup Epson salts

    ½ cup sweet lime (dolomite)

    ½ cup azomite (trace elements)

    2 tbsp powdered humic acid

    Any supplemental feeding will be done with Actively Aerated Microbial Rich Tea Solution


    1. 1lb worm castings or vermiblend (castings, compost or humus).

    2. 2 TBS molasses.

    3. 1 TBS soy-ful, A liquid plant nutrient produced from fermented soybeans to be used as part of a complete fertilization program through all stages of plant development.

    4. 1 TBS humic acid.

    5. 1 TBS fish hydrolysate (optional).

    6. 2 TBS organic soluble seaweed.

    7. 2 TBS earth juice catalyst.

    8. 2 TBS primal harvest solution guano.

    9. 2 TBS mycorrhizae (add in at the end of the brewing cycle, long term aereation will destroy the mycorrihizal hyphae).

    10. 5 gallons of lukewarm reverse osmosis water or distilled water (tap water contains chlorine and chloramines, these will kill the microbial populations you are trying to breed).

    Pre Activate Fungi In Microbial Media (compost, castings, humus)

    To pre activate add 6 TBS of powdered baby oatmeal to dry media. Thoroughly mix, add just enough filtered water to achieve a drop or two of discharge when squeezing a handful. Let set for three days in darkness, preferably at 80 degrees F. A heat mat with a thermostat placed at the bottom of the container works well to achieve this. If visible fungal mycelia have formed, (a dense fluffy white blanket), continue with the brewing process. This process will increase the beneficial fungal populations in the tea.

    Brewing and Application rates

    The aeration should be apparent and diffuse over the entire surface area of the container, the more air the better.

    1. Add microbial foods (ingredients 2 thru 8 and 10).

    2. Mix well and add airstones in bottom of bucket.

    3. Add ingredient number 1, worm castings, compost or humus, place in stocking if tea will be used for foliar feeding.

    4. Begin brewing cycle.

    5. Let cycle run for 24 to 36 hours.

    6. Dilute one cup per gallon of filtered water to get the most out of your tea, or use straight as it has no capability of burning.

    7. Water or foliar feed within 4 hours of completion for highest microbial activity, or store for up to 7 days in the refrigerator.

    8. Important – Tea should smell earthy fresh and like good compost or healthy soil, if smell is foul like spoiled milk or vomit the tea has gone anaerobic and should not be used.

    The greenhouse, this is one we built for someone last year, we will be doing the same thing, just a little smaller.



    And the seeds...

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  2. Discorilla

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    If you end up with a better Jesus pheno than me, I'm gonna find out where you live.... Bwahahahaha!

    Just kidding!

    This will be a sweet grow to watch!
  3. Midnight Garden

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    I'm really excited about this grow because I'll be doing two of my own crosses and some jesus og. I smoked the jesus og at the cup, that stuff is damn good. When it is done right it has the full package, smell, taste, looks, and a very good buzz. That is why I am going to do some inside and out, I want to see the differences in the phenos I get, that and the fact that I have been dieing to do a winter time greenhouse grow for the last two years now. This is the year.
  4. Midnight Garden

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    The Jesus OG has popped, 100 percent germination!

    I will be using soil for these as I plan on vegging them for thirty days in soil, cloning them into rockwool, flipping the light on the soil plants and making some seeds. The clones will go outside in the greenhouse and into the flood table.

    I had to change my soil because the nursery I got it at went out of business several months ago. This new soil is what several people I know use and it gives outstanding results, no need to feed for at least 60 days (if you are running them in small pots), you can also run this soil without phing the water.

    North County Bounty 420 Blend...


    North County Bounty 420 Blend...


    North County Bounty 420 Blend...


    Jesus OG Kush...


    Jesus OG Kush...

  5. Discorilla

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    Gonna be sweet. I have 3 J OG that are showing Sat Dom, and one that looks like it may be an OG pheno. It's getting big fat leaves compared to the others. They should love this soil, because they seem to be loving Resin's soil/Nute Recommendations. The 420 isn't the same as that, but still...
  6. Midnight Garden

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    How far along are your Jesus OG Disco? Got any pics of them? I'd like to see them, feel free to throw a couple of pics in this thread. That soil I am using, that is just going to be for the seed run. I'll be using it as the base soil when I mix up the TGA Supersoil in a couple of weeks.
  7. Discorilla

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    These are 22 days old. One of them is kinda a runt, but it will do just fine I think.... View attachment 18196 View attachment 18197




  8. Midnight Garden

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    Looking good, that soil mix is doing them justice for sure.
  9. Discorilla

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    This has just been regular Pro-Mix Bx and Neptune's Harvest 2-3-1. They just got transplanted into the amended mix, and should take off in the next couple days.
  10. Bje4201

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    Can't wait to see this :popcorn-2:
  11. Midnight Garden

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    Thanks for looking in everyone. I started on the greenhouse today.


  12. Midnight Garden

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    The Jesus OG has popped up. Out of the ten that germinated only seven have popped up so far. They are in the green planters. The red cups are the Cheese Krush. I started seven seeds, five germinated and four of the five have popped above the dirt. The Jack Squared was a total bust, but I expected as much because I took all of the seeds that looked like dudes and that was what I was trying to germinate. None of them did so I am going to germinate some seeds that look viable.

  13. Discorilla

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    That seems about right. The stats that I have seen on Jesus OG, are that they are about 80% germ/grow. I'd seen 3 other logs now, that show 4/5 or 7-8/10 germed.

    How long were your roots before planting them? Mine were about an inch after 24 hours of being put in a cup.
  14. Midnight Garden

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    That's funny you ask abot the roots Disco because the three that have not popped up yet just barely had the root coming out of the shell. The others were about an inch like you said.

    And just fyi, if any of you use this 420 blend soil, it holds a lot of moisture in. They are in my garage where it is getting 100 plus daily and I have not watered them since the initial watering on the 15th. The containers feel like they will go another couple of days before I need to water them.
  15. Discorilla

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    Wow! That's a lot of water retention. I usually start mine by soaking the soil, but they get bone dry after 2-3 days. It's cool how you can just water and leave them, instead of having to spray a few times per day.
  16. Midnight Garden

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    Well, all of my Jesus OG died, I think it was caused by not hardening them off properly.

  17. Lvstickybud

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    Well Jesus, that's too bad. Any chance of resurrection?
  18. ducrider

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    "Jocularities, jocularities"

    (Father Mulcahy of Mash):redbong:
  19. Midnight Garden

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    No chance of resurrection! Duc, I've been recording Mash and watching it when I have nothing better to do. Probably seen all of them multiple times.

    Qush, Ripped Bubba, Cheese Krush, Killing Fields

  20. Midnight Garden

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    Killing Fields - Rio Samba/JFK


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