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    Ok, lets try this again. I have a 3.5' x 3.5' x 6.5' veg room, with(12) 6500k and (4) 2700k 23 watt cfls, 275 cfm intake/exhaust, and 6" oscillating fan. Im growing in DWC. I am using GH 3 part Flora series nutes, and am currently waiting on calmag to get here. The AK and NL x BB are 5 days old and were just put into DWC today, with ph 5.7 plain water with 4 tsp/ gal 3% h2o2. Lights are about 10" from plants. View attachment 17381 View attachment 17382 View attachment 17383 View attachment 17384 Sorry it wouldnt let me upload the NL x BB, made browser crash


    AK Day 5 from seed.jpg

    AK day 5.jpg

    baby AK.jpg




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    What size buckets are you going to grow those in and what size are the netpots you are going to use? It seems like your going to use hydroton as your hydro medium? The seedlings look good, I'd leave them in there a few more days before making the transplant to the DWC. From the looks of those rapid rooters, they need some water. Don't soak the rapid rooters, just keep them moist at all times.

    Note: If your having problems uploading and displaying pictures, head on over to http://www.photobucket.com and create an account and host your pics there. I have had an account there for 10 years, and over 1000 pictures uploaded there. When you post in the forums make sure you post the IMG code, that will make the picture display in the thread rather than show up as a link.

    Edit: Do you plan to upgrade lighting? CFL's are cool for seedlings and veg, but usually don't cut it for flowering. Metal Halide bulbs are usually the best to veg with. You can get a 400 Watt MH/HPS combo kit on Amazon for like $110. It comes with both HPS and MH bulbs, a ballast, light hangers, and a hood for your light.

    Edit: Are the roots coming out of the bottom and sides of those rapid rooters?
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    I'm using right now 10 gallon totes, yes I'm using hydroton, yes the roots are already coming out the rapid rooter. No, I won't be upgrading lights because I live in the mountains and we have a big problem with the damn choppers and there damn FLIRs. Gotta keep it stealth.
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    FLIR is NOT looking for a 400 or 600w light. A large flat screen TV puts out as much heat as a 400w HID for goodness sake. Think LEO has the time or manpower to search every idiot with a $2000 tv going 12 hours a day? Lot more of them than growers. Cautious is one thing and good your being so. But silly scared is another thing altogether.

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