Yellowing of all leaves over 5 weeks into flower

Discussion in 'Pests and Plant Problems' started by JBEE, Jan 17, 2018.

  1. JBEE

    JBEE New Member

    plant started yellowing around 2 weeks ago which I know is normal but seems it has got out of hand and now all leaves are nearly yellow and dying.

    strain - Blue Cheese

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  2. JBEE

    JBEE New Member

    only using coco canna A and B for nutes, pot is a 50/50 soil and clay balls
  3. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    How many days into flower are they? They kinda look done. What do the trichomes look like?
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  4. JBEE

    JBEE New Member

    42nd day today, I dont have a microscope to look at them properly but heres decent pic -

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  5. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Looks like an early finish and them yellow fans are gonna be crispy in two more weeks. With leaves yellowing that evenly that early my first thought is cool garden temps or cool root zone temps. For example, a pot sitting on a concrete floor in the winter can impede nute uptake in late flower even though the garden temps are in the 70F range.
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  6. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    That's about the shortest flowering time I've ever heard of.

    Looks like 5-10% amber trichs which could be considered done, depending.

    Anyway, see those individual leaves poking out of the buds? Harvest before they yellow into the bud.
  7. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    Is blue cheese a fast flower like c99? 6 weeker?
  8. bigbudztoo

    bigbudztoo growin the good stuff

    My cheese is a 8 -9 weeker
  9. JBEE

    JBEE New Member

    It can get quite cool at night, lowest I've seen it is 16c. It has normal floorboards under it because I'm in the attic.

    Yeah I did one early last year from seed out of the same pack as this one and that one was more normal, wasn't even this yellow when I harvested it around 8 weeks!

    This one recommends between 8-9 weeks..

    Thanks for the replies guys, I really don't wanna miss the flush so I think I'm gonna start flushing and see how long I can go. what you reckon?
  10. OldSmokey

    OldSmokey Registered Users

    Sounds like a plan!
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  11. Guess what your plant does not get the right temp for the growth, beside there are other thingd like the Ph level of the soils. Are you over-watering them?
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