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    Sir, the last plant looks like the ruderalis gene coming out it hard! I had this happen once years ago. The plants flowers were smallish at best and I still dried it and when I smoked it. NOTHING!
    So I suspect that's what's happening with that plant. I could be wrong. Cup of coffee
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    RR - one of them is already bigger than my head :D bigger than a football. I like big buds.

    Mr. GJ - thanks for the tip. There wasn't supposed to be any ruderalis at all in any of these girls. I'll wait for the smoke report but if The Attitude snuck an autoflower cross into my order I'm going to shit bricks. I was already planning on turning this girl into green dragon but if it's not even gonna smoke right I don't want to waste the everclear. I'll keep an eye on it. But I'm not happy with Her Scragglyness.
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    I randomly had a clone start growing leaves like that. No idea what caused it but I ended up killing those clones accidentally so I never saw what it ended up as.
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    Been busy as hell, sorry about the late update. These pics are from 10/1. Had a big windstorm on 10/5 that knocked over the special child so no way to tell if it was ever going to get better now. Not too broken up about it.


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    And here's a pic of the greenhouse after the storm. Second time this has happened. Never using the 6 mil plastic again. Gets brittle after being exposed to the elements for three weeks. Knew it would and it saved a bunch of cash up front but still probably not a great corner to cut.

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    Thanks for the tip! Bookmarked.
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    Happy New Year, GK! sorry I dropped off the end of this thing. I was taking a max credit load last semester and ran out of time to eat and sleep, much less post on here. Ended up getting bud rot in some of the plants after a few days of heavy rains followed by an early cold spell. Half the plants had to be tossed, the other half came out. They were still a couple weeks early but definitely smokeable. Harvest was over Halloween weekend.

    I'll do my best to put up my next grow too but I'm heading into my last semester and then have to take the bar and get job hunting. I miss you guys. I look forward to life becoming less crazy in the second half of next year so I can post more and shoot the shit more.

    Peace, love, and happiness :D
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