750 watts of LED over 25 sq.ft

Discussion in 'LED Growing' started by ducrider, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Must of been skunky then.
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    Once you play with a PAR meter in your garden, you'll wonder how you ever got along without one. Seriously, it's an awesome investment, especially if you play with LEDs. I found that I was a really crappy judge of light level. I'm getting better at it, now that I can actually measure it.

    Ducrider, riding goggles are needed the garden... LOL
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    5AC1F0FD-007D-407A-B84C-1CF559AF6E2F.jpeg I’ve decided to replace a few more Indus bars with COBs and add a a little more fire plower to boot in the flowering rooms. Opted to save a few bucks and go with the Vera 29 cons in lieu of the Cree units this time. Should be a fun build.

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    That looks like it ought to light up things really well.

    What temperature do you run your garden?

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    OS, Historically my flower rooms have been running in the mid 80's during the summer & 77 or so when it's cooler out. The COBs combined with a 140mm pin heat sink run about 10-15 deg cooler than the Indus bars do so I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep the rooms cooler this year. The smaller of the two rooms is 5x5 and with (19) cobs I am able to have corner to corner coverage with 900w (up from750) of LED. The Indus bars worked really well but at 20-24" above the canopy each bar only covered about 14" of which only 12 was er... looked like full intensity. Plus they have about zero foot print off each end of the bar so the corners of the room were not lit very well. The other room is 5x6 also with 900w of LED but because this shit isn't cheap I'm using a combination of both COBs and Indus bars.

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