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Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by blazerwill420, Jan 25, 2017.

  1. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Luckily it only happened to that one plant. It was my cheese krush.
  2. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Getting started on the wife's Xmas present early. This is all pine, 1x12x4, 1x8x8, 1x6x8 and an 8 foot 2x4 with 100 pound ball-bearing slides on the drawer and then I inlayed some cherry wood on the drawer face with some wood from my black cherry tree. It's all finished with 4 coats of stain and I am on the first coat of 4 of oil based polyurethane. It's all fitted with mortise and tenon joints and glue. The only screws are holding in the slides and the handle that will go on the drawer.

    IMG_20171129_083711.jpg IMG_20171129_083703.jpg
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  3. GrowKing

    GrowKing Member

    cool man! brownie points never hurt, plus that is nice.
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  4. Green Goblin

    Green Goblin Cannabis Connoisseur

    That's terrible, you should give it to me for jesuses birthday :pimp:

    :roll: nice work :chef:

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  5. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    I was courious if thats a stash box you made for your wife there or a night stand type deal. I love doing wood work. It gives you a great sence of accomplishment.

    P.s. Nice job there.
  6. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Thanks, it's an end table/nightstand type deal.
  7. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    All finished and she loved it.

  8. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    That turned out real nice.
  9. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Thanks, she's making a list of stuff she wants now.
  10. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    Sweet skills.
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  11. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    Candy time. 7 grams...

    IMG_20171228_134304.jpg IMG_20171228_134320.jpg IMG_20171228_142112.jpg IMG_20171228_142125.jpg
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  12. Justcheckingitout

    Justcheckingitout GK Old Timer

    WHAT!!! I got to get out more. I mean grow more. Oh man those look super duper yummy! :bigok:
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