Strain Hunters:India Expedition.

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    Arjen from GHS goes on yet another strain hunt :passit: Heres the synopsis>



    Strain Hunters are people that can't sit still for too long. After completing the Malawi expedition in 2008, Arjan and myself began to think about the next mission. We had many destinations in mind, because the list of places where amazing landraces are awaiting is a long one. After much thinking and talking we selected a few "top-spots" on our list, and started gathering information and ideas.[YOUTUBE]CqFiucWKo-8[/YOUTUBE]&feature=related
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    Strain Hunters:Malawai Expedition

    Strain Hunters Malawi Expedition by Green House Seed Company featuring Arjan and Franco with Simon on a mission to find the Malawi Gold, one of the ultimate landraces. Watch how the discover the hidden treasures deep inside the countryside of Malawi![YOUTUBE]89RH475eZYc[/YOUTUBE]&feature=related
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    Strain Hunters:Africa Expedition

    Our planet is home to millions of species of animal and plants with their own habitat, and each plays a unique role in the perfect design of nature. Unfortunately many species of plants and animals are victim of uncontrolled human development. Cannabis, one of the most ancient plants known to man, used in every civilization all over the world for medicinal and recreational purposes, is facing a very real threath of extinction. Besides the threath posed by human development, one of the goals of the United Nations, published years ago in official reports, was to wipe out the cannabis plant from the face of the earth by the year 2010. In reality this is far from being achieved, because man keeps using the cannabis plant for religious, medicinal and recreational purposes no matter what the law says. Most cultures cannot comprehend how a plant can be made illegal. In most people's perception, plants and animals stand above a status of legality or illegality, they just exist in a higher design of nature that goes beyond human laws and regulations. Nevertheless most governments of cannabis-producing countries are implementing drastic measures to destroy crops. Dangerous chemicals are sprayed over fields and over the farmers themselves in most of the third world countries, and the poorest people of the planet are the ones paying the highest price for cultivating a plant that does not kill. But in the economy of scale, where demand dictates supply, the poorest people of the planet have no choice but to cultivate cannabis as a cash crop to feed their children and send them to school. Communities that are isolated in remotes areas in the poorest regions of the planet are often the keepers of very special landraces.

    The worldwide prosecution on the cannabis plant generates the need to go hunting for the real landraces that are left in the most remote corners of the planet.

    These strains, isolated for decades and sometimes for centuries, costantly inbreeding, are at the origin of all the thousands of variations that we know today in the cannabis industry. In these landraces there are hundreds, maybe thousands of unique cannabinoid profiles that have never been evaluated by the pharmaceutical industry; nevertheless they could be of enormous help in the future, when the knowledge about the medicinal properties of the cannabis plant will advance further. One of these cannabinoid profiles could be hiding the next miracle drug for the treatment of very serious diseases. The concept of strain hunters stems from the need to preserve nature's gifts to man, in a quest for a better future.

    Being a strain hunter is a personal challenge, a passion, and a way of life. Strain hunting is a very delicate task, one that involves social skills, a travelling-oriented mindframe and a pinch of crazy. Besides being physically fit, the strain hunter has to speak several languages, be able to blend and socialize in different environments, and has to be willing to commit to a lifestyle on the fast-lane. From the jungles of Africa and Asia to the mountain ranges of South America, the strain hunters are on a mission to bring back the most important and isolated cannabis landraces known to man. The logistical challenges involved in strain-hunting are quite considerable, but Arjan, owner and founder of the Green House empire, has been devoting a great deal passion, time and resources to this task. After two decades spent strain hunting for the breeding programs of the Green House Seed Company, it is now time to show the world what the hunt is all about. Strain Hunters is a brand new series of documentaries, real-life reports of the search for the greatest lost cannabis strains, a deep insight in the typical "day at the office" of the most successful seed makers in the world.[YOUTUBE]LsKOzrymxZE[/YOUTUBE]&feature=relmfu
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    :321fu: ghs and strain hunters. sorry bredren, scum of the mj world

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    Educational Purposes:wink: Dont tell me,your a purist who dont believe in feminised seeds:ponder: Iv heard the argument and understand it as i once was schooled by Useless on this but even still,some of the finest weed iv smoked has actually been GHS.Peace:jj:
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    That's only cuz u haven't been to Cali bredren. :thumbsup:
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    Haha aye that is true Ras:roll: I remember growing Big Bang and also El Nino and they were really good,although i was very disappointed with The Church although UrBigBuddie seemed to enjoy growing it. UBB brought me back some lemon haze cannibus cup winning stuff(granted it IS GHS who organise the november cup,lol) but it WAS a decent smoke.Its like anything else,pick and choose.If i was gonna grow chemdawg or trainwreck then NO i wouldnt buy it from GHS,i would rather go get the realdeal so i do know what you mean... but as far as eductional purposes go,its worth a watching:thumbsup:

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