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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Herb, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Herb

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    You have no idea man. I like growing Mj better than i like smoking it....not by much mind you, but I love to grow. Veggies are great but ya can't smoke um!
  2. Herb

    Herb Mountain Man

    Ok...so....I've been like a lil' kid waiting for Santa to come on X-mas eve. This is my first time buying beans so you can imagine I've been watching my delivery tracking # like a friggin' hawk! Well....as per the tracking # reference page the package arrived this morning at exactly 8:20 am. My wife and I have this 'thing' we do when we see the clock and the time for example is....8:20 am. We say...."It's 4:20 somewhere!" Like I said...just a thing we do. So I see that time of arrival and wonder to myself.....where in the world might it be 4:20 pm when it's 8:20 am here in my time zone? I look it up and there plain as day...London. Seeing how my package came from the UK that is quite remarkable. Either Seed Supreme is the SHIT when it comes to delivering on time or the universe just gave me a BIG thumbs up for this new grow....maybe both....who knows? I believe numbers are the language of the universe and have meaning. Good Karma indeed...thanks Universe! I will grow them with love and care....promise. :animbong:
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    I use to get sick watching the tracking number like 10 times a day after a seed order. Cool you got them ok. Nothing like going to the mail box and seeing the seed package.

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