White Widow (Fem) Coco T5 Grow/Journal

Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Music City Cannabis, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. HeadCase

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    Pretty impressive how many t5's are they under ? Can't wait to see the bud size-Bud
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  2. Thanks HeadCase! I'm pretty excited that I've made it this far without any crazy problems. Hoping to keep everything smooth as I'm restless waiting to see what these buds are going to grow into how they look and how they smell lol. (I'm high right now) lmao. They are under 12 bulbs about 630 watts.
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  3. Update: Girls are doing good. 2 weeks into flowering. Alot of things I wanna be better at and do differently already and will on the next grow as I wanted to top not fim and I also fimmed later than I had planned. Vegged longer than expected due to my inline fan having issues. Should have lollipoped more before flipping into flower and the main one I regret is starting to scrog so late. (Work kept me busy) All in all tho I think for my first grow I'm definitely already heading in the right directions. Love and appreciate all the help/advice during my grow journey. Don't hate on me to hard for the shitty scrog smoking Banana IMG_20180524_020205.jpg IMG_20180524_020121.jpg IMG_20180524_020139.jpg
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    I don't see anything to hate on at all. Your grow looks just fine to me. Just remember that it's all a learning experience and it can be fun to experiment. Just go with it and see what happens. Make changes as you see fit. The only person you need to impress is yourself. BTW...it's never too late to take off lower branches/leaves that will never see the light of day. Look at Mr. GJ and his defoliation technique...works pretty good for him. Your plants won't hate you if you do. :wink:
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  5. Great advice Herb! I needed to read that. I'm definitely gunna check out Mr. GJ defoliation technique! :You_Rock_Emoticon:
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  6. They getting big Fast! Tent is already filled front back and side to side :beerchug:

    IMG_20180528_235435.jpg IMG_20180528_235705.jpg IMG_20180528_235609.jpg IMG_20180528_235619.jpg IMG_20180528_235347.jpg
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    You have some nice flowers forming. Herb mentioned my defoliation method. You will not use the flowers underneath the canopy will be smaller compared to the to flowers. Defoliation allows for light to get to the lower flower so they can bulk up. Check out the thread if your interested. Otherwise your plants look great!

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  8. Update on the girls:
    They are on day 29 in flower. Still feeding once a day until runoff at around 600 ppm. Last night I decided to go ahead and clean them up, and ended up removing alot of foilage as it was just to full in the 4x4 tent and so many flowers hidden from the light.
    Screenshot_20180610-011250~2.png Screenshot_20180610-011258~2.png Screenshot_20180610-011303~2.png Screenshot_20180610-011307~2.png
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    There ya go! :bigok:
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  10. How would y'all rate my flowering buds so far? 37 days into flower. IMG_20180617_074704~3.jpg IMG_20180617_074648~2.jpg IMG_20180617_074623~2.jpg

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