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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Randy High, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    I have had some think time today.

    By what I can recall , the events of Bush II rule, I am thinking we are on a reprogrammed course.

    That Democracy has lost to Capitalism.

    That no matter who we elect they must Interface with the Program.
    In an acronym GOD "Government of Democracy" ( world wide distribution rights reserved )

    The American Way , the Capitalistic Shinning Path, is the Sword of a Banking system; Which is a demand on world resources over time... All of it!

    Yep they expect us to climb the pole to get the reward.
    The One that I affectionally expect to climb my pole I lovingly call "Bitch."

    Wake up American Voters.


    We all know who will lose... The poor and ignorant... Get involved now seems a logical way to put it.

    Again just thinking the day away...

  2. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

  3. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    swap capitalism for invisible facism.....

    Yeah randy all true:eusa_clap:....just exchange the words capitalism for invisible facism then you've hit the nail right on the head amigo.Capatilism was invented to divert our gazes from certain things and it works,more young ppl watch fuckin paris hilton on the simple life or MTV than watch the friggin news these days!WE LIVE IN HOPE:angel8: Peace:smokin:
  4. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    You are right. Things move towards the Right all the time.

    Do yall have homelessness in the UK?
  5. saxby

    saxby I Smell Pot

    Good stuff guys, but in my opinion we are dancing around the real problem. In 1913, the federal reserve bank was given the power to mint and therefore control our currency. The United States government has no power to issue money, control the flow of money, or to even distribute it - that belongs to a private corporation registered in the State of Delaware - the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED is a privitely held bank, not a branch of government. There has never been a single audit, income tax is complete bullshit. The money we pay in income tax is not going to pay for schools, roads, or anything else for the people. We have never even made the FED accountable for any funds. Anything we do is pissing in the wind as long as a privite bank controls our money.

    In 1963, President John Kennedy wanted an end to the Federal Reserve System, which had a strangle-hold on the United States and virtually the world. By a simple stroke of the pen, President Kennedy dismissed the Federal Resene System and ordered the U.S. governmcnt to restore its Constitutional-mandate of controlling the money. President Kennedy was dead three weeks later. When President Lyndon Johnson took office, he immediately rescinded Kennedy's order and the Federal Reserve won another round. If anyone cares here is a link ever American should check out.

  6. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    Damn good point...

    I did not know that!

    Food for thought.
  7. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    word ....i been sayin this shit for ages

    iv been telling GK members all this since i joined,abe lincoln was assasinated for the same reason,the only one who stood up to the bankers was old hickory and PrezGarfield.Thans for reminding everyone and again ppl if ya aint seen 'the money masters' parts 1 and 2 at google vids then y'all aint NEVER gonna understand the stranglehold the few elit european bankers have on the world!PREZ WILSON SOLD AMERICA TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER AND BETRAYED AMERICA!He even l;ater admited that he thought ' he had done the worst thing in american history by letting the euro elite like rothschild,etc take control of he federal reserve but b4 the federasl reserve there were others and if someone tried to take the power to mint grenbacks back from them back then and even now they would be assasinated.

    If america minted its own money it would be FREE....FRE from their biillions of interst they pay each year,yeah thats interest,god only knows what the actual debt is....prez eisnhowher warned y'all not to let the military complex grow,the founding fathers warned y'all bout limiting central banking AND GOVERNMENTS power but it fell on deaf ears....just like when the patriot act was passed in the middle of the night,we still dont have any ppl owning up to having had read and agreed to pass it.... y'all just got told hat to be free you give up liberties....ehm is that not some kind of friggin paradox or summit?I HATE THE GLOBAL ECONOMISTS AND BANKERS,THEY ARE THE ILLUMINITI OR NWO,ETC~ta
  8. Randy High

    Randy High Organic Alumni

    The USA should have a balance of economic vrs social IMO..

    It looks to me that the Social is like feeding the HOGS.. As long as there is plenty of slop the pigs don't mind the shit.

    All of us living under the thumb of Credit and low wages.
  9. Slugg

    Slugg Developed Alternating Nodes

    Most Americans want two things:

    Entertainment and Someone to blame.

    Our two party political system feeds both.

    Problem solved...we (Americans) are not controlled by elite, we are controlled by our own ignorance.
  10. saxby

    saxby I Smell Pot

    I agree sad but true. In all fairness though, ignorance is totally incouraged. I mean we all know how slow congress moves (state and federal), it would take next to no time to cover what your local reps are voting on and how they voted. We need to demand that it be printed or reported. Or set up a grass roots news letter or something. Of course most people couldn't even name their local reps, much less have a clue on the current issues or how they voted. "Abate" a motorcycle rights origination sets is a good example of how easy it could be. They have a chapter or two in practically every county nation wide. Most chapters meet once a week at someone's house or in a bar. I can say from experiance the "rep report" section of the meeting takes under 3 min. Most chapters have someone's Ol'Lady do the research. The gatherings generally conclude with a "safety meeting" out back. Or we can just continue to obey and consume.
  11. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    One thing im increasingly noticing is that we in the UK get better media covergae of american affairs than y'all get from fox news and cnn.Seems the BBC aint afraid to say what the other news stations are.....
  12. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Yah, I only get my news from the internet or public radio, including the BBC....CNN, MSNBC, and especially Fox are too focused on keeping us distracted
  13. Slugg

    Slugg Developed Alternating Nodes

    I watch CNN and BBC. I don't have fox where I'm at. It doesn't matter though, I usually catch their news online. I like to see how many different ways each news organization spins things. Go to the foxnews website and check out the political section, look for Ron Paul...they spin his bio to make him look 'anti' republican...it's bunk.
  14. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    Yah, Fox can be entertaining...they call people hippy's and have headlines like, "Democrate rapes mouse"
  15. El Campesino

    El Campesino The Farmer

    Faux News.....

    Aljazeera is more fair and balanced than those Nazi ass mofos
  16. Bud Greenright

    Bud Greenright In the garden, you?

    Don't get caught up in a competition over who is the best or gets the most news, or who is better than whom. Because all media is corrupt to the core. They all have a brand of propaganda that they use to sell cars,soap, and the latest better living through chemistry products. A person who says the BBC is better than CNN or FOX or even the Daily Show, or they obviscate by saying they only listen to NPR has allready reducced themselfs to a demographic statistic that these companys use to impress the sponsors.

    This message was brought to you by the GK group. "better living through better grown buds."
  17. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    quote of the week...so true!

    That gets my vote for quote of the week award....^^^WORD^^^EL-C:thumbsup:

    Bud-G,good to see ya back on the politics section once more...i hear what your saying,and no i dont buy nuthing i hear on the news cos like it or not we kid ourselves on that cos we got cable and HBO that we live in a cool democracy:bs:...our news is as state sponsered and controlled as any arabic or communist country especially FOX 'we declared bush president 1st' news station.

    But i was making a point that it seems weird that a UK institution like the BBC,that i would have thought was 100% under state control,are actually for once going against the government and the grain.

    They slammed tony blair and dubya bush repeatedly for going to war when every other news channel had their reporters already geared up and camoflagued ready to follow the troops into battle,i know medias the most corrupt out of all out newslets barring the internet,where the truth will out,but what im saying is,im learning and hearing more news about whats going on over in america than the actual american news chanels are tellin y'all.Peace out y'all:smokin:

    PS:BTW the BBC dont answer to no sponsers,they are massively funded by us the UK public cos we all by law got to pay a yearly TV license ,whether you pay for cable or not,of over a 100pounds sterling per UK household,they fuckin LORDS,they answer to no-one,even the government has tried to take away their monopoly(probably to sell it to rupert murdoch!:5masked: )and failed so i tend to believe the BBC more than say SKY news which is owned by rupert murdoch same as half the broadsheets and tabloid newspapers,now he is a powerful guy:wink:

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