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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by Slowsmoke, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Slowsmoke

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    Using a 10x10 spare room for grow room. I've got a 4x4 area blocked off to veg and flower. The only fresh air I will be able to get into that room will be from central HVAC. I have plenty of fans to circulate the air but no way of doing air exchange from outside. I will be able to leave the door to that room open on occasion to bring in air from other parts of the house. I realize this is not ideal but will it suffice?
  2. ccc

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    Odor absolutely will be a problem. I know, I've done exactly what you are describing. what I did was move into a smaller closet in that room, cut a hole in the ceiling for an inline fan, ducting and a charcoal filter. It's more costly and a bit of a pain to get set up, but totally worth it.
  3. Slowsmoke

    Slowsmoke New Sprout

    Would installing a room ventillator like the ones that are used in bathrooms work. Maybe install one in the closet ceiling and vent into the attic?

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    that fan should give the plants enough fresh air but make sure it doesn't get too hot in the area. i found out early that heat is one of your worst enemys. just a few extra extra degrees can stunt or slow the growth rate. so the more air you move the cooler. try to keep the temps in the mid to upper 70's. low 80's on occasion but stay away from the 90's. that high and shit shuts down and the plant slows to protect itself.

    peace, CG
  5. SoloFlyer1

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    Ahh...and where exactly is the room within the floorplan?

    That is, is the room on the ground floor?

    *If so*...

    It would be possible to reconfigure the ducting, under the house, to allow the room to draw as much fresh, COOL air as you want. Certainly, a 4x10 (typical vent size) will provide PLENTY!



    You do something like that, be sure to use bug control!!

    Course, 'round here at this time of year that aint so much an issue...


    You WILL likely find it too hot. I think I recall...600W?? Yes, VERY HOT! So, yes, fresh, cool air is going to help you A LOT!

    Anyway, a thought there...

  6. Slowsmoke

    Slowsmoke New Sprout

    Concrete slab for flooe so ne venting from under house. Will be growing when outside temps will be dropping soon. Lows in the 40's. HVAC therostat will be set at around 73 to 75 degrees. That room has a tendency to stay cooler than the rest of the house so I'm hoping the 400 Watt system will not raise temps much above 80 -85 degrees. Oh and by the way the strain is Auroa Indica. (Afgan x NL cross.) Does anyone know if this is a heavy odor producer? And if it is heat tolerant.
  7. mr_nice_guy

    mr_nice_guy Veggy Stage

    Maybe if you can do a inline fan with a carbon filter in your room and exchange it out with the rest of your room it might work. cause if you have 2 4x4 rooms you still have another 68ft2 times what ever your height is of air to exchange..... what sort of wattage are you talking and hoods where are your ballasts located etc.....

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    Can you exhaust up into the attic. If so use a carbon filter with an inline fan and exhaust up there .
  9. Slowsmoke

    Slowsmoke New Sprout

    room dimensions are 10x10x10. Will be using 400 watt mh for veg followed by 430 watt hps for flowering. One corner of the romm 4x4 will be set up for grow area.

    Does that help?

    Thanks for the advice in advance
  10. Slowsmoke

    Slowsmoke New Sprout

    Sorry forgot one thing the lighting system is a batwing mirror style hood, not air cooled and the ballast is located on the floor about 6 feet from the grow area.
  11. SuperCropper

    SuperCropper Supersizing our future

    Ok, so if I have this right you have a 10x10 room of which you have partitioned 4x4 to grow in?

    If you have a 4x4 room, inside of a 10x10 room, Make an intake in the 4x4 near the concrete floor in the partitions wall, and then just vent with a fan through a filter up high, into the 10x10 room and keep your tstat around 70 instead of 73.

    That room, with a concrete floor, will have enough thermal mass to maintain decent temps inside of the 4x4 partition.
  12. mr_nice_guy

    mr_nice_guy Veggy Stage

    So your going to have 830 watts in a 2 separate areas inside a 4x4 space in a 10x10 room?

    If so good luck your going to need some serious ventilation like cool tubes and the good inline fans i have 600 in a cool tube, in a 2x4 with a 174 cfm fan pulling fresh air from the bottom and if it gets warm out i am in the low 80's
  13. EvilSkuzzi

    EvilSkuzzi Sweet Guy

    No i think he has 400w for the whole area. Veg MH flower HPS.

    If thats the case you may want to make your space a little smaller 4 by 3 or 4 by 2,5
  14. SuperCropper

    SuperCropper Supersizing our future

    I wouldn't reduce the 4x4 area, I just would keep an open margin around the plants for better air exchange. that is until you can get at least a 600 watter in there.

    You will also have space for your fan and feet.
  15. SoloFlyer1

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    Few more cents...


    I think you'll find that HEAT (IE, temp) will be the best guide.

    Making "dry runs" is the only way to fly.

    Better to OVER cool than fight heat while plants are actually growing.

    Given what you have, I suggest making a 'cooltube' to cool whatever fixture you end up with. Then you can get that 400 right up close!

    The Grls will love you even more then!


    Yup, there's FIVE whole cents!!


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