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Discussion in 'Politics' started by TheApprentice, May 4, 2013.

  1. nippie

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    I for one loathe Israel, they have been a thorn in our side since it's formation.

    They offer nothing but cost everything. While we needed ports during the cold war I think we got that shit under control at this point.

    Why support someone when they have nothing to offerbut moach off us and get us into fights, and the opposing team has cheap oil and will decrease terrorism
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    Cant just bomb them though. Doesnt make sense. You target a selection of military installations,palaces,infrastructure etc and if Assad falls then theres gonna be a vacuum and USA nor any other country can afford for Hezbollah and Iran to seize control or even a faction of Muslim extremists. Its gonna have to be boots on the ground at some point cos you cant rely on U.N forces to do shit . Id rather there was zero war at all but shits fucked up. You look on FB these days and people are protesting everything,fuckin animal rights,gay rights you name it.... but when our countries wanna step in and stop the ongoing slaughter of woman and children and the displacement of a few million innocent people we all start to protest "no war":bduh: Whose protesting for the human rights of the poor fuckers in Syria:ponder:

    See all this "not our problem" bullshit,it bugs me. Isolationism is bullshit. If you know a neighbour is beating,raping even sometimes killing his kids every night your gonna be like "not my problem?". Nope,your gonna deal with the guy or at least ring the cops. In this case,like it or not but apart from rent-a-cop UN troops then USA is the cops. Theres a time and a place for military intervention and THIS is one of them. Send in the drones (cant believe i advocate the drones but on this occasion i do) Its only gonna get messier otherwise. I cant believe the UK ovt is scared to go into this cos of the Tony Blair stigma from Iraq. This is a case where we SHOULD intervene. Not full on war cos Iraq was the worst mess ever. But theres gotta be military intervention and not just a few airstrikes. If its soldiers we are worried about then send in drones with some special forces:2c:

    5 jets flew low over my house last night,my windows were open and i heard them coming and i seriously thought some shit was coming down from the sky. I was reading about this syria shit at the time while having a smoke,it was on the news too. Imagine your living in your house and your Govt start bombing you with nerve gas after they have already been shelling you with mortar for a year solid?Fuck that!None of us can comprehend the terror and trauma of unarmed people ,neighbours and families being massacred. Sarins a fuckin nasty way to go,even worse way to survive. THIS SHIT NEEDS ACTED ON....ASAP.

    If that happened in the UK and we couldnt hit our Govt back then id fuckin hope you guys would say more than "not our problem" cos you'd be the only fuckers who have the ability to help us. Thats how Syrians feel! Who can come to their aid?
    They have Russian boots on the ground,Russian hardware killing them and Russian Advisors helping Assad to stay in power. Id say that makes it an unfair fight. If Russia and Iran werent up to their necks in this then i could see some of your points of view but Russias a superpower and they need to know that if they get involved in the genocide of innocent people then the West are gonna ride in on a horse no matter the battlefield. Beg ood for China to observe and take stock of too:smokin:Thats my take on it anyways:bongin:
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    Just because some of the rebels are associated with what we consider terrorist groups shouldn't deter us. There are hate groups all up in our military. Hell, half of our government is still old ass white male bigots.

    Israel has little to do with this at the moment, at least in our decision making.

    Innocents are already meeting their death, so that isn't really a good reason to stay put.

    Isolationist thinking is why Hitler got as far as he did.

    We are not going there to conquer them like the Romans; that isn't really what we do. We bomb the shit out of them, build a base, and then nudge them wherever we want them to go.
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    Romans knew how to rebuild the power in a vacuum though,thats the only part that doesnt fill me with confidence. The Iraq strategy was the biggest fuck up ever,almost like Cheney and Co WANTED sectarianism to break out:eek:
  5. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    I would disagree....most all reports state the majority of the rebels, basically anyone willing to fight is linked to al fucktards. Thats why obama hasnt done anything yet. He was forced into by his own mouth. He doesn't want to supporting the rebels specially after Egypt. And Egypt had a real chance at democracy.

    Ta. Without boots on the ground its pointless to start a campaign. Bomb a couple bases, take out the command and control, radar, and runways and call it a day. And we should only do that if its proven that assad and not the rebels used the gas. Russia is saying rebs did the gassing anx bavd proof

    Fuck em take the opportunity to bomb so either way we win. Assad wont be a threat and if rebs win they wont be able to use the weapons.

    Fuck em though...not our fight. These people hate us both sides.

    I have friends in turkey that keep posting shit and saying they need us intervention. ..but because they are being crushed by the people fleeing. Their economy cant handle it. Dont knw about whata real or not...but I trust her word when shes it bad.
  6. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

  7. TheApprentice

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    Dont let the media mislead you nip:eusa_naughty: Theres a small fraction of rebels who are them guys. The rest are rebels who didnt want to be rebels but did what any one of us would do when our families and friends start getting killed,they took up arms against their govt. Theres a whole other separate group of rebels. If our govt had just gave them the hardware in the beginning this shit might not have came to this. It got prolonged cos the rebels couldnt finish the job. At the start of this there were Syrian generals defecting left right and centre and thats when we should seized the initiative,way back when this thread got created. I dont give a shit about the small group of halfwit rebels. I just dnt see how we can stand by and watch 2 million people get displaced and the rest of Syria lleft to be shit,mortared and bombed then finished of in a cruel way with Sarin. Its low. How any self respecting Govt like mine can stand by and watch it is beyind me. Considering how quick we jumped into action to help Libya dispose of Gadafi. Mind you Libya does have some of the biggest gas reserves in the world.Makes sense. No money? Sorry cant help you.

    Plus,Obama and the world clearly warned them the LAST time sarin was suspected to have been used that it was a line in the sand. But cos Assad got away with it last time round hes done it again. That wasnt no rebels using nerve gas,no way. I dont believe shit Russia says,their just wanting to keep everyone out cos they got a shitload of hardware,soldiers and intel in Syria.:bongin:
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    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Question for you TA,

    You remember Iraq? You remember how we fought the evil gov to free the people?....then we fought those whom we freed for the next decade costing endless billions.

    Show me how this is different.

    You say it's a small band, but it's the band doing the fighting. It's like our military, couple millions troops, a hundred thousand or so that actually fight, the rest are support.

    How do you separate to the good from the bad rebels? Specially if they win? If anything was going to be done, it should have been done when generals were defecting. NOw it's to late, the rebels are infected.

    Let Russia handle this one, it's their proxy.
  9. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Arab Spring....(prob started by the CIA)

    but really it's Iraq 2.0. Iraq and Syria had Baath Parties controlling the Government.

    We ended the Baath party in Iraq because they were so terrible, look at what replaced it, 10 years, hundreds of thousands of deaths, trillions gone....for a dick worse than the one we threw out.

    Same thing here.

    Hasn't anyone just realized that it's a different part of the world? They are not like us...they need a dick to control their country and keep the bigger more dangerous dicks in check
  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Exactly....except now we are suppose to fight for Al-Fucktards that want to kill us

    Obama got himself into a corner, he's a moron and didn't think things through....not our fight, let Russia handle it. Assad is a secular president. He might be a dick, but he's not a radical dick bent on world domination.....he just want's his country. I'm cool with that
  11. LionLoves420

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    Iraq was not warranted and we got some VERY bad intelligence there and Bush used it to settle a personal score. The rebels do not have the ability to use the chemical weapons or chemicals in general even if they got their hands on them.

    They are fighting because they were oppressed. The government started to shoot protesters. With over 100k dead people and over 2 million displaced people later (including civilians), here we are with a 2.5 year civil war.

    WE were those people once. WE were the rebels fighting the British, AND we got help from other countries (France). But that was OK because it is us and not THEM.

    Isolationism works until you're the one being shot at and needing help.

    The reason we end up as the world police so often is because we are the only country that has the ability to do it with or without help.
  12. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Totally not even remotely the same thing as us the US.

    What did Assad do? Like Ofo said, what did he do that our Government doesn't do to us?

    And how couldn't they use the weapons, they have generals, the Iranians, etc helping them. That is by far the biggest concern we should have, seizing the actual weapons. To think Al-Fucktards would export them to kill is insane. You think they wouldn't use them against Turkey if giving the chance?

    All the countries can help on this one, hell they are better equipped and have assets in the region, we don't.

    And let's say we strike at Assad, and he fights back, then what? Another decade of help those that are trying to kill us!!! All it would take is for him to strike at Israel or Turkey and the entire powder keg erupts.....and you think we should fight that war???

    Enlist if you want. I sure as fuck wouldn't

  13. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Exactly. WW2 woulda ended at Dunkirk insead of the humiliation of evactuating the battlefield. If USA had been on board from the get go instead of the Isolationist policy then we woulda HAMMERED the Germans early and at that point Russia werent mobilized so they wouldnt have took over haf of eastern europe.anf the ensuing cold war wouldnt have happened either. Hindisghts great but foresights better. And Japan,they would NEVER have bombed pearl harbour. All that coulda been avoided by early intervention. Woulda saved a whole lot of lives. Whpose to say we're not creating a monster by letting Russia have their way here. Syria is under Russian protection so the new rule is we dont fuck with Russia? If their protecting Genocide we step back as long as we are ok?

    I dont see how this punk can be left in power. Only reason he is is cos hes got Russia onside. Isolationism is ok to a point. But the points been crossed,we dont make up these binding agreements regarding nerve gas and shit for nothing. Its been used and now Assad has to be removed. Iraq was an unjustified war,not even comparable. The only reason it was such a huge mess is cos Cheney and his gang didnt plan for what to do when the vacuum came about. I remember watching Iraq burn and museums destroyed and the place turned to shit on TV.... and the troops were no where. If you go to war then you plan for all eventualites. Bush and Cheney seriously underestimated that one. I dont think that would happen this time.

    TBH i think Drones would do most of the wor. Assad could be taken out very easily,send in some special ops to mop up then let the UN peacekeepers and Arab League deal with the rest. But theres got to be action of osme sort. Otherwise whats the point in telling countries "use these weapons and your fucked,we'll come after you" but then the little country uses them,MORE THAN ONCE and flips you the bird cos they got their big friend Russia behind them :bduh@
  14. LionLoves420

    LionLoves420 Lazy Days In The Sun

    They were protesting peacefully, yes. What I said was that the rebels DO NOT have the ability to utilize chemical weapons if they COULD even get their hands on them.

    How is a bunch of rebels fighting the British to rule themselves different from another bunch of rebels trying to do the same thing.

    Otherwise, if you don't know what Assad and his government has done (or the rebels for that matter), how the hell are you even discussing this? This has been going on for over two years and has been plastered all over EVERY faction of news around the world!
  15. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    TA that's a pipe dream...when has the UN ever pulled their weight and they say a strike is illegal.

    About the gas, fuck US uses gas against it's own people all the time. Tear Gas is illegal in war, but cops use it all the time.

    And if you are looking at WWII....we didn't know who was goin to win, remember we fought you twice, don't like at it knowing all the facts, look at it from a 1939 view. I didn't see you guys jumping in either until you had to because of Churchill

    And say Assad goes, then what....who takes power. Look at Egypt and we control that think Syria is going to be easier?
  16. TheApprentice

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    :eusa_eh: Whens the last time Obama dropped a bomb full of nerve agent,suffocating everyone you know, in your state nippie:ponder:
  17. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    The UN is a wats eof time,i cant abide their bullshit sometimes and the hypocrisy of them so i concede that ....

    I believe lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan would mean this was handled properly,there would be an after plan this time:jj:
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    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

  19. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Without a doubt in my mind if the US Gov thought it was going down it would use everything in it's aresonol against it's own people.

    You know we purchased 2,000,000,000 rounds of ammo that has to be used stateside...enough ammo to fight Iraq for 20 years, and it has to be legally used in the US
  20. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Ofo with respect,thats crazy talk.... How the hell can they go home man??Their homes have been shelled,their cities abandoned,their wives and children murdered by tanks and jets and now suffocating gas 25 times more deadly than cyanide. You think ALL these rebels WANTED this? Id suggest a small band started this fight but the rest have been dragged into it through grief of loved ones. If a civil war breas out over here then im not jumping into it,got akid to think about. They shell me and kill many neighbours and friends then im gonna be sad but still try keep my boy safe,they fuckin drop sarin on me and i watch my kid suffocate in front of me and im launching my own Jihad on the fuckers,gimme a gun im down for whatever. THATS the rebels,this isnt rebels born out of idealism,these are rebels born out of grief and trauma. Guys with sticks and stones fighting against armoured chariots with swords and sheilds. They cant go home,theres no home. You kill my family,take my home and fuck up my country then im gonna suggest THATS the reason i risk the little i have left. What homes? They can go back? Assads okayd that shit,truce.Let them all go home and he wont bother them? Come on ofo your an intelligent guy,you know its not that clear cut man:bongin:

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