And so the endgame begins...

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    Fast Forward a year or so and BECAUSE we didnt intervene in Syria we now have ISIS. An islamic group who have laid claim to an area that encompasses parts of both Syria and Iraq. If they go unchecked they could seriously destabilise that whole region. Theres no choice now,we HAVE to go in. Otherwise we're gonna be watching more and more of our people being brutally beheaded online.

    Its interesting to note that the reason our nations bottled out of entering Syria was because Putin had put russian troops on the ground. To see that hes now annexed crimea and by all accounts has boots on the ground in eastern Ukraine in the escalating war there. A country we promised to always protect if only they gave up their nukes ,is now under siege from Russia the same country that forced our hand in the Syria issue. Both things are gonna come to a head at some point

    But for now i'd like to see us take out ISIS and possibly remove Assad from power while we are out there. Thoughts:ponder:
  2. nippie

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    Fuck we should be supporting Assad, look at Saddam. He might have been a ruthless bastard but he kept the ruthless killers in check. Has the US not learned anything?

    For some reason our president thinks he can have his cake and eat it too. You can't fight ISIS and Assad, you have to choose one or the other. Assad is by far the lesser of two evils.

    It was not our war before, but now we should mop the fucking floor with these bastards.

    And Obama is fucking clueless as usual....puts together a propaganda film that looks pro-isis. What a fucking moron....he's video mirrors the recruiting videos from ISIS!!!! what the fuck is he thinking??

    Instead of showing how good isis is at killing, put together a video of US Special Forces blowing holes in mother fuckers heads from 1 mile away....or the predator strikes and how we can we 'reach out and touch someone' whenever we want.

    Obama has shown once again he's clueless and can't run this country....against what he calls JV terrorists

    BTW....can we get a consensus that I was right and these fucks are terrorists?
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    And the West has such a good track record when dictators are deposed and leave a vacuum? Or when we support fringe groups in hopes of furthering our position? No matter how you look at it Syria and ISIL/ISIS are losing ventures for any western involvement, or non-involvement for that matter. It's simply a matter of picking your poison knowing full well that all the choices are bad.

    Perhaps the time has come for the West to simply do nothing for a change. Buckle up and prepare for a 100% in fuel costs and further exploit Western controlled energy sources to try and offset this. Then, let the boil of Mideast extremists fester until the regional powers unite to deal with it.

    The Ukraine is an entirely different issue. We turned our back on that country. Promised protection, crowed about the former East Bloc member coming to our side.....then tripped running out the door when it came time to put deed to word. An action worthy of ol' Neville Chamberlain hisself.
  4. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Just noticed the way you wrote that....rewatch the vids I posted a year ago, notice the black flags??? You supported ISIS when they were ISIS

    Res, must of what you said is absolutely true. But I honestly think we need to shove about 50 cruise missiles up ISIS's ass to show everyone terrorism will not be tolerated anywhere.

    These people are killers, they are not islamic....just flat out killers
  5. friendlyfarmer

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    we need a i-phone video taken by of one of our own bearded SEAL's capturing not one but FIVE ISIS leaders, then pulling their pants down, chopping off their dicks and choking them to death with their own bloody cocks, all the while talking in Arabic about the new millennium of MALE GENITAL MUTILATION!!!!!

    It's all the rage now. Coming soon to a suburban American/Scottish neighborhood near you.

    Let's show these punters what real crazy is all about. Beheading? LMAO that's soooooooo 17th century. Let's get a little creative and torture some of these fucking subhumans on video in the good ole' American tradition. Remember scalping? Let's skin 'em alive.

    Cruise missiles are way too expensive and political. I'm talking blow torches and pliers. I would torture those stupid fucks for so long they'd think it was a career.

    In this world might makes right. Never forget it.
  6. ResinRubber

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    I would suggest a carpet bombing with globs of SPAM.
  7. TheApprentice

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    So Dick Cheney is on "Faux News" blaming Obama for ISIS situation....

    Been a while since i started this thread (i believe it was a follow up to my origial Syria thread several months earlier) ....

    I maintained from the beginning of the Syria "Civil War" / "Genocide" (depending on what way you look at it :wink: ) that outside intervention was required and if WE (United Kingdom, United States of America, N.A.T.O or the useless U.N) didn't intervene then it would bite us in the ass further down the line..... our ass isn't getting bitten yet....but the dog is baring it's teeth that's for sure! :eek:

    What initially was Syrians trying to join in with the (MI6&CIA encouraged) "Arab Spring" and overthrow a despot dictator ,has now over the period of 4 years, evolved into mass genocide and sectarian ethnic cleansing with hundreds of thousands dead and MILLIONS displaced :sad4:

    In the beginning Obama and Cameron(UK Conservative Prime Minister) dragged their feet and were hesitant to get bogged down in yet another middle east conflict which was fully understandable....but at the same time, we invaded Iraq on the basis of nothing more than FALSE information from "all 16 intelligence agencies" (Quote from Colin Powell yesterday) so you'd think our moral compass would point towards Syria considering that the landmass area ISIS have taken control off and formed their Caliphate in, is essentially a vacuum which was left when our countries withdrew from Iraq. (Leaving behind lots of shiny toys for the Jihadis to play with!)

    So ,gradually as the conditions worsened and the Assad regimes massacres of their own citizens increased the outcry grew louder to the point where both the UK and USA realised action had to be taken.

    Unfortunately both the House of Parliament and House of Lords here in the U.K rejected Camerons call for Military intervention, while the outcry for intervention was reaching fever pitch, the memories of all the servicemen coming home in coffins draped in UK flag from Iraq & Afghanistan was still too fresh in peoples minds aswell as the liberal Anti War /Peace movement being very vocal ..... basically the Liberals who oppose Genocide and Fascism got confused as to what side of the fence they should be sitting on and voted against warfare.

    I believe something similar occurred in the U.S :ponder:

    I know that after both countries leaders were told warfare was off the agenda that they had to save face in some way, so they drew lines in the sand. I believe Obama called them his "Red Lines" and Syria was warned they better not cross those red lines!! (well, not AGAIN! :icon_rolleyes: )

    In the end after all of Obama and Camerons posturing and grandstanding and after all the "red lines" were drawn up and announced to the world (ie- Chemical Attacks on their own citizens etc) ,Assad decided to test our resolve by (for the SECOND time!) launching biological chemical warfare on his own people, killing thousands.... not just killing them but the way those poor people died was torture and pain 'a plenty before the death part actually kicks in. :sad4:

    Incidentally at the time there was much debate over whether he had indeed launched gas atacks etc on his own people. When U.N inspectors (before being chased out the country) investigated it was indeed confirmed that chemical warfare was in effect after it was proven Assad was launching chlorine attacks among others. Many in mainstream media debated and insisted that it was likely the rebels who has launched the gas attacks on their own people to make Assad look bad :eusa_shifty:

    ...... :disgust: which logically is the most stupid fucking thing i had ever heard in my life because if im a Syrian Rebel and if i happen to have stumbled across a weapons cache or wandered into a bio-hazard military base (as you do) then the LAST thing i'm thinking is "Hey guys! Let's use these weapons on our own rebels and fellow oppressed citizens cos that'll make Assad look really bad and the U.N might launch their highly ineffective "Travel Ban Sanctions" against him!!! He'll never be allowed to fly on Brittish Airways,Delta or any other airline so he's gonna be stuck here and will be forced to fight it out till the bitter end. Whose with me??" :icon_confused:

    Rat a tat tat..... <<<< that was my fellow rebels firing a kalashnikov into my head promptly after suggesting the above ^^^^ .... Then a PROPER rebel would stand over my corpse and say " Now here's what we do with our new found gas weapons... We create a diversionary attack using gas bombs on the Army bases then in sync we storm Assads palaces and launch all of these gas attacks. Job Done. Who's with me?" RAT A TAT TAT ... This time the Kalashnikovs are being fired in the air in a celebratory fashion at a strategic plan which could end the "civil war" in one swoop instead of launching the gas attacks on their own people in the HOPE the useless U.N might actually do something about it....... I digress... my point being .... THE GAS ATTACKS WERE NEVER LAUNCHED BY REBELS AND WERE ALWAYS LAUNCHED BY ASSAD. The fact that us in the West even debated the subject spoke volumes of our reluctance to get involved with boots on the ground or jets in the sky. A year or so later it was verified and confirmed of course that it WAS Assad who launched the chemical attacks-->

    I've strayed from the subject matter a little so i'll try keep it short from here on in :thumbsup:

    :passit: I came on here sugesting or advocating we get involved and the feedback from you all was a resounding No. It was pointed out to me that "It aint our problem" and generally i got the feeling that isolationism was re-emerging in the states from the ashes of Iraq & Afghanistan (which was understandable).

    There was no appetite for war and to be honest there never should be... but at the same time... how we gonna have the worlds fiercest military machines and special forces and NOT get involved? Consitency is key, if you are gonna invade Iraq to get rid of Saddam , if you're gonna invade Afghanistan to obliterate the Taliban and if you're gonna provide Navy firepower to aid and assist Libyan rebels overthrowing Gaddafi then how the hell are you gonna say "nope, we're gonna sit this one out" when the "Arab Spring" was encouraged and enabled by our countries:ponder:

    When Assad launched his 2nd or 3rd chemical strike on his own people and it looked like Obama was ready to put 'boots on the ground' (or at least create no fly zones to stop Assad bombing his own people) after another of his 'red lines' were crossed.... ALL OF A SUDDEN RUSSI GETS INVOLVED AND WE ALL BACK THE FUCK AWAY.... Seriously?? Russia basically tell the world "Hey , we're in Syria protecting our friend Assad, you want to make war with him then you make war with us". BOOM,job done and we all back the fuck up and MSM coverage subsides seriously despite conditions worsening to unprecedented levels. All Russia had to do was put a few of their troops on the ground and suddenly Assad has the best bodyguards in the world cos aint no drone gonna bomb a Russian base in Syria.

    SIDENOTE---> After Putin does this and sees how weak the wests resolve is he suddenly decids the time is right to open up another front,this time facing Europe. We all know what happened next, Russia basically annexed Crimea from Ukraine despite international U.N agreements WE made promsing Ukraine that if they gave up all their nukes they had following the fall of the Iron Curtain and collapse of communism, that we in the west would absolutely protect their sovereignty should Russia EVER fire a bullet in anger towards them....... well to be fair, bullets weeren't fired.. Putin simply sent in thousands of troops in unmarked uniforms who overtook EVERY SINGLE CRIMEAN base around the Black se(or Caspian sea,i forget) at gunpoint but without actually firing. Crimea fell and the west let it happen despite all our promises.... you guys might not hear it over there on the news but ALL of eastern Ukraine is now under occupation of "rebels", they even shoot down a fucking commercial flight and kill hundreds of passengers from all different countries and STILL we do nothing cos we're SCARED of Russia... Sorry, i forgot the "sanctions" where we handed out travel bans to 47 members of the Putin Govt and Associated Oligarchs... that'll fuckin teach them not to fuck with NATO :thumbsup: ...Putin is hellbent on war and he's now essentially invading one peaceful european nation while defending a genocidal nation ran by a despot dictator....and STILL we do nothing.... sorry.... i heard that the travel bans might now be extended to include families and friends of the original 47 "sanctioned" govt members :5sigh: :icon_rolleyes:

    Fast Forward 4 years till now and look what it has became!! Literally MILLIONS of refugees in Turkey who are now spilling into the E.U for asylum while Syria Kosovo or Sarajevo in the 90's and STILL we are doing nothing!! Due to the absence of our presence in Syria aswell as the vacuum and chaos left by our Iraq withdrawal (added to the fact we left the newly formed and trained Iraqi Army well stocked on guns,tanks and bombs but low on courage) then a splinter rebel group funded by Iran and based out of northern Iraq were formed & called themselves ISIS and they very quickly overpowered cowardly Iraqi army battalions who deserted their bases leaving all their new military hardware in the hands of ISIS. The appalling beheadings and people being burned alive like a hogroast are now common place. EVERY DAY woman are reported missing here in the UK only to be seen on CCTV leaving the UK on flights for Tukey with 4 and 5 children to help build up the Caliphate. The men already left a year or so ago to take up arms and whats scary is that these clowns have ZERO idealogical philosophies, they are simply barbarians,for example "Jihadi John" the "leader" who beheads all these poor USA,UK citizens,contractors and journalists , is a bum!! He literally lived in the UK on welfare and now he's on tv as a leader beheading ppl. Many more jihadi johns have left the UK and most of them are all welfare bums just like him,these are the calibre of people who now have tanks and bombs at their disposal! :eek:

    Our response? Drone attacks... I heard that the S.A.S are FINALLY being sent in, not to help sway or end the war or to fight but simply to do what the Drones can't do and take out Jihadi John. The SAS are currently flying around in UK Apache gunship helicopters with SAS snipers on board and their mission is simple...."once drones identify a beheading about to occur then the coordinats are sent to the gunship and their target is jihadi john (and i suppose it will spook the fuck out of ISIS to know that the SAS and the SRR are deployed deep undercover in the surrounding areas) ... BUT SERIOUSLY......HAS THE TIME NOT COME FOR SERIOUS INTERVENTION:ponder:

    Or are we STILL too scared of Russia? Thoughts GKers :ponder: (other than "did he just say he was gona cut this short 1000 words ago? :5eek: :rofl: )
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  8. ResinRubber

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    Ap...try as I might, the novella wore me old eyes out.

    Growing isolationism in the U.S. isn't simply a reaction to Assad/mideast/Iraq/Iran/Afghan

    It's a response to:

    -Guatemala (US installed government=250,000 estimated dead due to war crimes),

    -Panama (US backed Narco warlord later arrested by that same US),

    -Iran circa 1979 and the overthrow of another US backed dictator with accompanying loss of life,

    -El Salvadore and the Junta death squads using US aid and weapons,

    -Operation Condor in Central and South America backed by US which murdered tens of thousands of political dissidents,

    - Samoza and Nicaragua. We don't like them....then we do like them while they kill citizens..then we like the Contras who then kill more people in terrorist fashion.

    -Haiti and Duvalier- US aid, in the form of bribes to behave, that went almost directly to personal acounts. He didn't like commies so we aided a despotic tyrant that left his own people to starve.

    -Pinochet and Chile, We installed him and were rewarded with forced detention of dissidents, tens of thousands totured, murder of political opponents.

    -the Việt Minh. We supported them as allies in WWII. In Vietnam they sided with the Khmer Rouge. 'Nuff said.

    -Mobutu Sese Seko, Congo. This needs no explanation. Repulsive.

    This is a small sample of US foreign involvement gone crazily bad. The list in entirety, as far as public knowledge goes, would takes days to list. We simply don't trust our government to make the correct or ethical decision. The costs of such bad decisions is usually MORE blood on our hands rather than less and greater expense with no betterment of position for those directly affected..

    Further....we don't trust that those we help won't turn against us in the future. This has also been borne out on countless occasions.

    Only a fool would trust US military, diplomatic, or political aid. It ain't right that we can't. It dis-serves those in need. It allows despots to continue to kill their own people. But it's what our leaders in the US have created. Even when it's the right thing to do.....many of us believe our US leaders will find a way to make the worst possible decision thereby making it the worst thing to do.

    Is bad shit happening in Syria? Fuck yeah. Do we believe our government can, or will, do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason? Absolutely not.

    If there's a way to fuck this up the Obama, nee Bush, nee Clinton, nee Bush, nee Reagan, nee Carter et al administration will find it.

    BTW...Russia is a poseur with shitpiles of land and resources and no capitalization. Until they figure that out they will be a bully to those weaker and bellicose to those stronger, just like any other playground hoodlum. The real worry will be if they ever get some idea of private ownership and capitalist markets like China. Then Russia will be something to contend with again.

    BTW btw.... Seems Crimea and the Ukraine could do with a little more "local" help. It's your backyard my friend. If Mexico took over Belize methinks the US wouldn't wait on the UK or Europe to actually do something.
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  9. blazerwill420

    blazerwill420 Fuck AUMA

    When we were involved in South America the CIA was accused of importing coke into North America and causing the crack epidemic. In more recent years we got involved in Afghanistan and now we are seeing a heroin situation of epidemic proportions. You be the judge.
  10. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    holy fuck TA, god damn books...

    Hows the migrant crisis working out over there in EU???

    I'm thinking you guys are going to get screwed really hard soon. You'll be facing the double whammy of American sized violence and more than likely you countries will be cutting back on social programs to pay for the new arrivals. And I the only one disturbed by all the fighting age males coming over there and that Obama wants to bring here????? If you leave your family in a worn torn country you are either a pussy, or a terrorist...nothing in between

    Maybe that was then end game all along, the collapse of the western world

    And this is Obama's fault, make no mistake. Iraq was a clusterfuck, that's given...but Iraq isn't Bush's fault, hell why not blame Clinton? He bombed them too....Iraq was about an aging weapons inventory and Corporations need to be paid to build new ones...and Saddam fucked up when he crossed us (even though we crossed him first, but hey were America, we can do things like that)

    Obama destabilized the entire region....remember the Arab Spring...Obama and Clinton encouraged these uprisings...and now the massive flood of terrorism and immigration that has followed.

    So a couple years from now, when you lose benefits over there, you'll look back and see that I'm right...kinda like Obama and the rest of the left called ISIS freedom fighters at first when they were cutting the hearts out of people and eating them
  11. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Yeah Res it is our problem mainly, i agree... but where there's oil and religious conflict then the USA are usually not far behind hehehe...

    Nippie, right now m8 it's all about to go fucking loco... Germany have taken over Eurpe by stealth... we might aswell have not won the 2nd World War cos Germany call the shots... Germany depend on Russia for 75% of their energy so thats why we've let russia walk all over Ukraine despite treaties and agreements to the contrary. The immigration thing... the sheer scale ... germany only have germany to blame for whats going on over there....

    meanwhile the right wing govt are bolting the doors to the UK come April. Non EU immigration is being drastically cut and made harder to enter the UK on a par with australia although not quite as strict as Japan :eek: (Cue comment from Hank :wink: ) ....

    Hence why me and my lady get married in October and get her out here full time basis by christmas before the new legislation gets announced in the queens xmas day speech and it'll be in effect by April . The door to the UK is firmly being bolted... the opposition liberal party have just elected a hardcore liberal as leader (im liberal but not THAT liberal where i want to shake hands with the IRA, disarm our trident nukes from scotlands submarine base and open our borders to everyone and anyone. )

    This Jeremy Corbyn guy makes Bernie Sanders look right wing!! :eek:When theres a neo right wing agenda in govt then its inevitable that the opposition lurches as far left as it can.... personally my concern is that they'll now go so far left that in the eyes of the mainstream moderate electorate they'll now become unelectable for a generation (labour party were out of power in the UK for 18 years from 79 till 97 due to the trade unions and miners strikes when the tory govt nationalised this corbyn wants to take us backwards by renationalising trains and other industry, it wont work. )

    The fact they sung "the red flag" after winning the leadership contest was a bit much.... the labour party just regressed a decade overnight here in the UK. Shame... means we can look forward to a decade of right wing rule which means NO CANNABIS LEGISLATION and rich get richers while poor get fed to the middle classes for dinner. Its a fucking mess m8 as we've spoken about in PM's....

    Half these refugess are ISIS undercover... woman and children yes... fighting age men should stay at home to fight for their country in the ongoing war.... but the ones that arent pro ISIS are too scared to stay ....

  12. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    the end game is here. life as we know it is about to change because of this shit.

    this is solely Obama's and the lefts fault. This isn't Iraq, this isn't anything like Iraq....Iraqi deaths were close to nil just before we left, now they are saying the country may not last another year because of war.

    then Lybia, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia the countless list of countries that Obama and Clinton destabilized on purpose with this endgame in site.

    Does anyone recall Obama's push for immigration reform here? He was using Central America as examples of the new defin of 'refugee'...basically everyone qualified for refugee status

    Honestly I believe is intent is to bring those fuckers over here based on ruin the last bit of America we have....because I guess it's payback for our evil past or something, who the fuck knows, but this is solely a liberal problem....the millions upon millions upon millions of deaths are Obamas problem. People act like bush was a war president, fuck Obmam has killed prob 10 x as many and now I believe his end game is against his own people

    Wait until these refugees start their waves of hatred against their host countries. They have no desire to return home, they are taking a new one
  13. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    One world population doancha know. How much easier is it to disintegrate borders with a fully integrated population?

    I'm not a racist btw. This is not a natural flow or expansion of migratory populations such as the Paisa in South America. It's a forced integration of dissimilar cultures....that bodes ill for all involved. History has proven over centuries that the odds on outcome is the demise of one of those cultures.
  14. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    funny i've seen memes on FB about a world with no borders...i don't think they meant this, or did they? They are always smiling on some mountain or exotic place in the picture.

    and it's not racism at play...biologically humans are designed to not want immigrants. it's one of those that helped us survive in the stone age, because you gotta protect your resources because if your resources get spread thin, everyone suffers...when they run out, everyone dies
  15. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    And today....YEARS after the original post by me for my country to get involved and FINALLY they vote in favour today of airstrikes against ISIL/ ISIS/ DiaSH or whatever the fuck they're being called these days!!!....... But wait... Isn;t Assad the problem here?? YES HE IS! Remove Assad from power,put in place a stable Govt voted for in elections and let the Russians train them up and oversee democracy for once but point being, once a new Syrian govt is in place then DiaSH will soon and quickly be exterminated! There's as we speak 300, yes THREE HUNDRED S.A.S / S.B.S and S.R.A's from UK special forces over there working in tandem with U.S Navy S.E.A.L.s, Rangers and Frances Brigade des Forces Spéciales to hunt down and kill any remaining stragglers since they've been droned the hell out of.

    Whats needed here is Russia to stop protecting Assad so we can let a Syrain army deal with a terorist rganisation on their borders and let an Iraq army do it too with oversight from our nations and the Russians. Assad must go. You cant gas your own people then stay in power!

    Also, Putin hs 13 MILLION Shia muslims living in the Russian Federation and its a little known fact that Russia have lost more lifes to Islamic extremisim in the last decade than any other nation, thats shit goes on daily in Chechnya over into Russian areas etc. So essentially Putn HAS to sit down with US and UK to get rid of Assad.... bombing Diash is a waste of time if Assad remains in power :disgust:

    Yeah Res, this is NOT a normal flow... although I have notced that since the E.U formed its as if they have an agenda to bring in as many arabs,asians and africans to the E,U as possible. Theres no doubt about it, immigration and the idea of a melting pot of nations to make the E.U a diverse and financially competitive org has failed. Come April the UK are bolting the doors, hence my urgency to get my wife over here by april cos technically she is classed in the same bracket as all these other 'NON E.U' immigrants that we are reducing by 90%.

    The Syrian crisis need never have got to this stage if only our govts had the balls to stand up to Putin and Assad the minute he crossed Obamas "red lines" :sad4:
  16. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    whys everyone hating on Assad?

    at this point i'm ready to do some papa shango shit and raise Hussien from the dead and let him lead Iraq again. Haven't we learned yet that they need assholes like that in power over there....because they are all fucking crazy nuts that start blood feuds cuz a camel shit here vs there 500 years ago.

    Back assad or don't back anyone. At this point I don't think we should do shit against him, because if all the 'refugees' won't fight for their own land, why should we.

    But fuck isis, all of them should die.
  17. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    And STILL it drags on ..... remember way back when , i said if we dont put boots on the ground then it'll eventually affect us? Well that time is now. Its stalemate over there, it wont stop till the last person shoots the 2nd last person. I think the time for boots on the ground is way past..... and all because obama didnt have the balls to stand up to Putin. Tragic.
  18. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    Whatcha mean, this was Clinton/Obama's plan all along

    reread what I said all along, this was bullshit from the start. Then the mass migration, yeah Europe is proper fucked.

    didn't you know, this is bringing the world together, this is about inclusion and all of us being one people. OBama even took the time on 9/11 to remind us white folk that we are garbage and we need more people like this, so Merica can be a better place

    ISIS is only a problem because we let them be a problem. We could crush any state, any territory in a matter of minutes but we haven't done anything but tell people they are so racist and intolerant for not liking the 'refugees' that are fleeing isis.

    Back Assad, at least then you can have a ruler in the region, but the left hates him so much that theyd rather watch the innocent die, then lecture us about the innocent dying.

    Funny this thread is three years old

    remember this.....the guy that was so mad he couldn't get saturday off he ate another dudes heart....because they're freedom fighters wanting a normal life

    fuck these guys, it wasn't our fight, we should have let russia and syria handle it, but globalization has to march forward

    PS, you know its bad when the Brits mock Trump for wanting a wall, then they build their own to keep out 'refugees'

  19. ResinRubber

    ResinRubber Civilly disobedient/Mod

    It's not our fight. The only reason we're there is proximity to oil, and an unsettled MidEast influences availability of oil which upsets our home grown international oil conglomerates. You don't see the US and Russia involving themselves in North Korea. NK is a bigger threat globally with nukes and a bigger humanitarian disaster than almost any MidEast misadventure.

    So fuck the fake sensitivities of humanitarian worry. It's a government/corp manipulation to get folks to care so troops/arms can be used to subdue an economically important region.
  20. nippie

    nippie preachin' and pimpin'

    at least some truth is finally eeking out of syria. only a month left of this war since we no longer have dems in control

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