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Discussion in 'What song is GK listening to?' started by TheApprentice, Nov 21, 2013.

  1. BongRippa

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    Nirvana deserves a nomination.

    I think my favorite would be considered a B-side song.

  2. TheApprentice

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    Isle of Wight,Monterrey,Woodstock... dont make gigs like that anymore

    Yeah man thats a good way to sum up that era in music.Yup i know all about Monterey. I must admit one good thing about growing up hanging out with older guys aswell as hearing my old man and my uncles tunes.I had a good schooling in music:thumbsup:

    Ahh man to catch an all too rare glimppse of Brian Jones on that Hendrix video man...:sad4::5sigh::icon_salut:

    Hitting on that Isle of Wight gig again heres two of my favourite performances from that gig and another set of Best of the Best candidates with The Doors and


    Bob Dylan performing at Isle of Wight... DO YOU GUYS KNOW HOW FUCKIN HARD AND RARE IT IS TO FIND BOD DYLAN ON YOUTUBE?? Its covers and covers but never Dylan! This was best i could find from his Isle of Wight gig in '69. Dylan was worshipped over here after his early gigs with The Band but see when he went away then came back without The Band and with his "new sound2,he got dogs abuse from UK crowds. I can understand when he went electric,i didnt dig that phase either.


    One last Isle of Wight and Best of the Best moment and it has to be a Jimi Hendrix solo:rocker: There were other good gigs fromJeffersonAir and Jeff Beck and T-Rex but sadly theres no youtube audio or video.I love me some T-Rex

  3. TheApprentice

    TheApprentice Retired.

    Change of rhythm...Bob Mrley and the wailers. Im gonna catch some flack for this but my best of the best for Marley is Kaya . Dont get me wrong i love his deeper stuff,but as far as an uplifting tune that strikes a chord with me everytime i hear it then kaya is THEE song that lifts my spirits anytime i hear it.Whats your fav Bob tune:ponder:

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    Simple direct and poignant.

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    How about Tina Turner? Anybody think Tina needs to be in this thread?


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