Cheese Krush - Candyland - GDP - Marisol - Outdoor 2015

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    In nature the case usually hatches in march/april. Right about this time of year the female lays her eggs and they over winter in the case so they last at least 6 months. Some places will not sell them after May because they say they don't keep well but the ones I have, I bought in mid july. Caution on doing them inside, each case will hatch aprox. 300 babies. You may not be able to find them in stores this time of year, probably have to get them online.
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    Things are in full swing now.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]








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    Cheese Krush[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]








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    Candyland and Cheese Krush are frosting up nicely. The candyland fan leaves are turning purple from the cool nights. The candyland is putting off an earthy, pepper smell. The cheese krush smells like vanilla mixed with skunk.Candyland[​IMG]Candyland[​IMG]Candyland[​IMG]Cheese Krush[​IMG]Cheese Krush[​IMG]










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    Beautiful back yard garden! :thumbsup: :redbong:
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    thanks man!
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    Cheese Krush[​IMG][​IMG]




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    Cheese Krush[​IMG][​IMG]




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    That Cheese Krush looks nice!
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    Thanks disco, I've been working on it for almost three years now. I have a dank ass pheno here, it has this vanilla smell, but then you crack open a bud and this cheese smell just assaults your senses. I am getting this one tested in about a month and I'll see what the real deal is.
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    I'm about to do the same with Mary Magdalene. Last time I ran her, she hit 26%, but she's looking different this time around.
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    That's funny you should mention that your strain is looking different. I am having the same thing happen with the cheese krush. I started this pheno in March outside in just regular miracle grow soil. When the keeper flowered I took it and reveged it. Now I have the reveged plant and all the rest are clones from it. The reveged plant and the clones are all the same, but, they are all different than the plant before it reveged. Before it reveged it was this real earthy, cheesy skunk thing. Now it smells of vanilla and cheese. It had a skunk component to it until recently, but the more it matures the more it loses the skunk notes.

    The smell is real hard to describe now but if you have ever cooked then maybe this will make sense. If you have ever smelled real vanilla it has the strong vanilla notes and then you pick up alcohol notes in the background. That is the first thing you smell with this, vanilla with alcohol notes, and like I said before, the cheese smell comes on real strong but you have to actually crack a bud to smell it.

    If there are any constants across all the before reveg and after, I would say it is the frostiness and general growth structure. The only difference in the plants pre and post reveg as far as their environment goes are the soil and the weather. Now all of them are in a modified version of TGA supersoil I made and the weather is much warmer. I have ten of them in pots that were put out late to make them bud in cooler weather like it was in the spring but so far the smell profile is like post reveg. When I smoked the stuff in the spring it was straight fire so I am assuming the reveg will be also, but I have yet to pick or smoke any yet. My guess is that it will come in at 20/24%, or there about.

    Now the next step is going to be to stabilize it so that the seeds will give off this pheno, or at least a majority of this pheno, when they are grown out. That all starts this winter and into next year.
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    Looking good man! I'm looking forward to seeing how the GDP finishes up. :thumbs-up: :redbong:
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    Thanks mgj, the gdp is finished and curing. It's good smoke but I won't be planting it again, smoke report to come.
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    Cheese Krush[​IMG]



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