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Discussion in 'Grow Log Forum' started by Mrgreengenes, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. bigbudztoo

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    How strong a a dose of the AN were you using ? I run with AN in pro mix and have had good luck with them ,. During flower, I feed at 12-14 ppm- about 3-4 tsps a gallon. I also add cal mag plus.

    Just curious.
  2. Mrgreengenes

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    blazerwill420, I'm not sure if the Advanced Nutrients caused the problem but I vegged with canna formula and then cleaned the sump and ran straight water for 24 hrs, then I changed the water again before adding the Advanced Flowering formula.

    bigbudztoo, I started with half strength and then eventually increased to 10 milliliter's per gallon. I also added Cal/mag and have started seeing problems since the change. I never had theses issues with Cannas nutes.

    So I'm going back to the canna products for the last two weeks of flowering. :redbong:
  3. skunky

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    You're running too weak probably. AN i ran full strength 16mL per gal. Canna I can't go over 12ml per gallon without getting lockout. Wish you were closer I'd trade ya my canna nutes for the AN. LOL

    Sorry just read your issue. Remember I had the same issue with AN in buckets. Like cyanobacteria I couldn't get rid of no matter how much I cleaned. Maybe the nutes. Worked awesome in coco. Maybe just not good for tables or dwc. But yeah would also need run hotter concentration than the canna. But sounds like you fixed it by going with what you know. Though you might bring it to ANs attention. Maybe they'll reimburse or something. Ugh ugh.
  4. Tiger Shark

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    Good luck with the first-aid.
  5. Mrgreengenes

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    Hey skunky, I'm thinking I should get my water tested. The last time I tried Advanced I had the same problem. I thought UI would give it another try. I can get over a pound, Dry weight from the 2x4 table with canna. So no problems with canna.

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