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Discussion in 'Beginner Lounge' started by StrikerIV, Dec 20, 2006.

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    Where can I find a digital ballasts for under $600? I googled the query until I couldn't google anymore and I've come up empty handed, save for a few listings on eBay. I can't seem to find a complete set with a 4'x4' sun reflector, ballast, lamp, etc and I've been looking for days. If anyone has any info on where I might find said supplies I'd greatly appreciate it!

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    I actually just got mine Monday from that site, and I think it may have been bubblegump who suggested the site. If it was you thanks even if it wasn’t it is a great site. Mine is a 400W HPS and its about 2’x2’6” and if it were an inch bigger than 2’ it wouldn’t fit where I have it. They do have pretty good prices, I got it and an extra bulb for just under $300 including shipping. The guy who runs the site is helpful too. I would say it’s a great place to get lights!
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    search Future Bright if you want a 1000 watter I got mine last week for $499cdn funds. Hid hut ballasts are good as well I run a 400w MH for my mothers I paid $140 for the ballast and a sunmaster bulb.

    Here is a link to my grow thread there are pics of the ballasts on the first page.

    here is a link to an ebay listing for a FB ballast

    Hope this helps happy holidays


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