DWC or RDWC questions......bring em here!?!?!!!

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Cultivation' started by CCrete, Dec 7, 2010.

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    And yes, I'm a :dink:! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Thanks bud.
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    Too bad you didnt google what PVC does to hydro systems


    im sure you already knew that much
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    I thought it was the whole leaking toxins issue... supposed to happen over a long term. I have pretty frequently heard of NFT systems being built with it before I think, but I never tried it myself. I just used pvc pipes for framing stuff.

    On a related note, is there some way to block seeing posts by certain members on this forum?
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    Under the User Control Panel is an ignore feature.
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    All I can say is thanks. I didn't get past page 5 and all my questions were answered. Started my grow horribly wrong, I think I'm getting it fixed up right. I put the seedlings in my "homemade" net pots way to early. I used pea gravel for media, and t-8 fluorescents. So, found a hydro store fairly close, got some clay pellets. Real net pots. And have a combo hps/mh 150 watt hid light on order. My room is only 4'*4' so I hope 150 watt is enough. I now have my seedlings- bag beans, and some lemon haze sprouts waiting in jiffy peat pot things. When I have enough roots I will fire my 7 gal. 4 pot resi up again. Oh, and I got some gh 3 part kit. Thanks y'all!!
  8. Bje4201

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    I think I have a link to my garden, you'll see what I mean. I'll put more up when I get my light and have something to show off
  9. dlr42

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    The 150w will be good for vegging, but WAY to little light for a 4'x4' area.

    The 150 does not have the light output you'll need for a full grow.

    For your area I'd go with 400 tp 600 watts.

  10. Bje4201

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    I was afraid of that. It was what I could afford at the time. Do you think I could make it worth my time if I made a little tent around the light and resi on this run. I might just have to do the lemon haze outdoors. Until I get this hydro setup right. Y'all weren't kidding when you said it was an investment.
  11. dlr42

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    Like I said, the 150w will be good for vegging. Using the MH will keep your plants

    short and bushy. Well shortish. Again, not a lot of light.

    Check out Ebay or Craigs list for used equipment. Save yourself a few bucks.

  12. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Ok, I got it. Can I get a 400 or 600 watt ballast and still use the fixture or am I totally screwed. Obviously I would need new bulbs as well.
  13. dlr42

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    You'll probably need a different socket. The 400w bulb will have larger base.

    Cost ya $10 bucks at Lowes.

  14. MrAstro

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    Why not just return it for another light?!
  15. SpecialEd420

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    yea like astro said return it if you can, if not its a good veg light, then get something bigger
  16. Bje4201

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    I bought it on eBay actually, I'm not sure how I would be able to return it. I'll have to look. So, not even the hps bulb would work for flowering, cause its coming with both a mh and a hps.
  17. Bje4201

    Bje4201 Vegetating

    Well I got the 150, I went ahead and kept it cause I already have some seedlings. It's a lot better than the flouro's I had but I see what y'all mean. It's just not as powerful as it needs to be it seems. One good thing, I would only need a new ballast and bulbs to make it a 400. Won't need a bulb adapter.
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    This is one kick ass thread! :smokin:
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    H2O2 and White Shark questions

    Ok, so I got some H2O2 at 29% strength today to help with the small slime problem I had last week at the end of the 1st week res change. I did some reading and seen where "Great White" was a product that is used with H2O2, so a couple of questions came up.

    1. A few people told me to use 1ml of H2O2 per gallon on the 29% strength, and the bottle said to use 3 ml per 4 liters.....is this too much?

    2. The "Great White"..... Can this be used with full strength in conjunction with the H2O2? and also, can it just be put in the res and mixed up the same time the H2O2 is put in? Or does it need to be put in before the H2O2? Is there any waiting period that needs to be done?

    3. the "Great White" container said use every 3-5 days, is it ok to use once a week like the H2O2, or do you need to use it as directed?
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    H2O2 will also kill any beneficial bacteria along with all the bad. If you have H2O2 in your water don't bother using anything to promote bacteria growth. Once the H2O2 has "fixed" your problem and you are no longer using it, then you can add in your beneficial stuff.

    Now for the powder, did you get a buzz?

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