Finding an excellent outdoor grow spot.

Discussion in 'Outdoor Cultivation' started by MidnightToker, Feb 21, 2006.

  1. MidnightToker

    MidnightToker Developed Alternating Nodes

    Ever had a hard time finding a good remote location for your grow? I was surfing around the net this morning and found something that makes the task SO much easier.

    GoogleEarth is a free program that you can get a satelite image of just about any outdoor location. You can see wooded areas and if there are any trails in the said area.

    The link is

    Just my contribution for the day :cool:
  2. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

  3. Mr Douglas

    Mr Douglas still stoned again still

    Yeah, i've been playin' around with that program too........keep in mind that many of those images that you're looking at are years old. I was looking at the area I live in, and saw buildings that were tore down 3 years ago. So it might go the other way. ie: a wooded section may have a new subdivision built on it today.

    Still would work for potential sites though, as you would still have to go out there and check it out in person.

    ......and Snick, I went to that NASA site and downloaded the program,(took HOURS,i'm on dial-up) then tried to open it, and couldn't because I had to download some other program (I think it was .net 1.1 or something), which I did (another 2 hrs), and when I tried to open it again, it said I needed ANOTHER download. And I downloaded that too (hours...... i need a cable!!), and when THAT was finally downloaded, and I restarted my pc, and tried to open the NASA program, it said I was missing some other component, so I finally said fuck it. :mad:

    I was interested to see what it was all about. Is it like Google earth, or better?? :confused:
  4. MidnightToker

    MidnightToker Developed Alternating Nodes

    it has some features that google earth doesnt have but I can't get it to focus enough too even see a can see cities but i think that's the extent of it...correct me if im wrong.

    googleearth is a pretty old image but it has good resolution.
  5. agrowguy

    agrowguy Excommunicated

    you guys all need google earth pro w/ gps enabled. Never used any of nasa's trash. Imagine that, a Nasa project crashed.
  6. snickelfritz

    snickelfritz Weed College Hall Monitor

    LoL... Sorry Mr Douglas, But you would DEFINATELY need a broadband connection to use the Nasa one, as it is constantly downloading images... Dial up sux major ass!

    The Nasa one does have its share of bugs... But, it is still pretty cool.

    Oh, and Agrow... The Google Earth Pro has a $400.00 ANNUAL subscription!:eek:

  7. greenthumbdanny

    greenthumbdanny Excommunicated

    Ive been messing with the google earth I did not know they were outdated. I thinks its pretty cool being able to pinpoint locations. If you go to you can download google earth pro and the serial key it works 100%.. DIG IT

    PS I can see my neighbors car...
  8. Ganja Gary

    Ganja Gary Veggy Stage

    the best place is in my back yard.... ya'll should put you plants there? hehehehe :D
  9. the_clairvoyant89

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    i was playing around with google earth looking at my old house, its only a few months out of date.
  10. MiGuerrila

    MiGuerrila Germinated

    matters where your looking at on google earth whether its updated or not. some areas are photo'd every week, others every year (or more) but still a good idea to at least take a peek at. *opens google earth*

  11. sizzamm

    sizzamm Germinated

    when i d/l the torrents it says cant find program to open em and they say 15 megs but d/l instantly, what am i doin wrong?
  12. Flash88

    Flash88 Germinated

    Yea theres a lot of crappy versions, can you link us to the good one you have? plz.:confused:
  13. rtyree

    rtyree Latae Sententiae Excommunication

    pointless flaming
  14. pot_is_good

    pot_is_good Germinated

    useless flaming
  15. thunderlungs

    thunderlungs Germinated

    i downloaded google earth and it sucks shit its all blurry and i can get closer with windows live local
  16. TRUBoss

    TRUBoss Banned

    :rolleyes: why would u google something when you can get ur ass up and go look for a good place i mean you live in the area you should know where to goo look for a good spot :rolleyes:

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