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Discussion in 'Strains and Crosses' started by TheApprentice, Sep 5, 2007.

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    LM I've heard green crack tossed around on IC alot. Seems to be a very popular strain out there in Cali. No clue where it comes from tho it's so hard to tell since most of them cats get their gear from dispensaries. I'm sure Useless or someone out there in that scene could tell ya more. If I wasn't such a hussy I would take a ride out there an bring back all the strains I want but 3 days in a car and then another 3 back riding dirty with a bunch of clones isn't at the top of my to-do list ya know?!!:potleaf-3:
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    Astro I hear you. After posting that video and some subsequent reading on the Cheese, the pic in the video is fake. It was made by HHF/ Queijo a known scammer in the seed business. Of course he claims it is the real cheese, but others have posted it is the UK cheese x TW, his kochina strain, and the picture was photoshopped.

    Some things to look at in the picture. There are no leafs, only really fat swollen calyxes. It is clearly manicured bud held in a "bouquet".

    So the real UK cheese cut is out there.

    LM, if I remember it correctly, green crack is from the SD area, and is Trainwreck x Bullryder. Very nice combo of head and body high, and a distinct smell and flavor. Reminds me of fresh cut melons. Yes it's a popular clone around Cali, especially So.Cal. It is also called green cush, with a "c" despite having little or no kush in it's genes.
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    Thanks for the info Useless!

    Any idea of a breeder for some seeds???


  5. Useless

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    Nope, sorry. It's a clone only as far as I know.
  6. luvtogrow

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    Have only grown from seed (no clones), well over 100 strains. I'm bigger on cerebral highs and use body strains for late night bedtime.


    Kali Mist





    Columbian ganja



    Medman(catpiss pheno)

    Only grown the 2 MrNice offerings above, but really like his menu. Probably going to try most of what MrNice has! Also going to get some clones of some clone only strains. Lemonskunk is the tastiest listed(roadkill/lemon) and A11 is the least tasty (slight, very slight fruit),listed.
  7. 420/24/7/4/12

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    I joined this site because this is the best "top strain" post I have ever read. It is not good because of the replies, it is the best I have seen because of the criteria for the replies. You must have personal experience smoking and preferably growing and smoking. Most other sites where the same question is asked, has replies from people about what they heard or read and I can go read that anywhere myself. Most of the replies are from experienced people as well and not from some 20 year old that has only smoked a few strains and thinks one of those is the best. LOL

    Although I have a ton of knowledge, I do not have a lot with strains that are known and available to everyone. I can only comment on three strains that are well known as these are the only strains I can confirm with 100% certainty that they are what they say they were and that is because I grew them. One thing to note here is that my last strain is White Widow which is supposed to be great, yet with the three "public" strains I have grown, it is the worst IMO. This year I grew all three of the strains I am voting on and it was the second year in a row for the Northern Lights. Last year this is the only strain I smoked so to have it for the second year and it be the number one favorite strain after smoking for a year and then comparing it to the other two.

    My List:

    #1 Northern Lights from http://www.marijuana-seeds.nl/

    -not sure who the breeder was

    #2 Le Fruit Defendu from http://www.amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/

    #3 White Widow both from other growers and my seeds from http://www.amsterdammarijuanaseeds.com/

    Something that is missing from most of the other lists is where the actual seeds were obtained from. Since not all strains are the same, because they all do not come from the same breeder, I think it is VERY important to list these. When I bought the White Widow, I bought it because everywhere I read said it was #1. Well as you can see, it is #3 on my list and that is because the seeds were not from the original breeder of the strain. If you can, can you please quote your list and then list where the seeds came from, if you know.
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    Forgot about this thread. Fun to reread.

    I'll play. Most memorable to date.

    1. Khmer Gold (Cambodian landrace) Gypsy

    2. Lemon Thai Fusion Useless/Hupla

    3. Bambata (Nigerian sat x?) TikiSeeds Kerala

    3. Black Rose Heath Robinson (for appearance only, stone and flavor were lacking)

    4. Rooie Marie (Shaman x Santa Maria) gift

    5. Mexican Landrace (Copper Valley region) gift

    6. Shanti Devi (Afghani x) Tikiseeds/Kerala
  9. ShadowWarrior

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    I am sad to say the best strain I've grown was a Lemon Skunk from a less-than-reputable UK seedbank. One pheno was pretty awesome though, and one of the freebies showed signs of good potential near the end of the cure.
  10. Lvstickybud

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    I'll give this a short:

    1. Blue Widow Dinafem

    2. Pineapple Express G-13

    3.(tie) Lemon Berry Fusion (Useless/Hupla)

    3.(tie) Jock Horror Nirvana (only when "fresh". It loses it's appearance and taste the longer you hold onto it, so it got listed below LB)

    5.(a distance than the others) Blue Mystic Nirvana (for the very nice taste and appearance. A nice buzz but not enough.)

    I also haven't been growing top notch gear for long so my list is just that, my list. I KNOW there's a lot better stains out there. I just haven't grown them yet. ( I will get my grimey paws on them, tho!!!) I won't list strains I've only smoked.
  11. jr215

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    1- Triple OG

    2- Jack Herer

    3- Master Kush

    4- Electric Fruit Punch

    5- New York city Diesel
  12. 420/24/7/4/12

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    Who was the breeder of these?

    With so many seed banks claiming to have the same strains, having the exact place the seeds were obtained from, or better yet, who the actual breeder of the seeds was, would really help those who may be interested in getting some of the strains. I know that a strain I recently obtained, which was supposed to be one of the best out there, turned out to be no where close to what was expected.
  13. RoninAmok

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    A word on the Green Crack , it's actually the old North Coast SweetLeaf ( straight afghan) over a Skunk allegedly , some say the Island Sweet Skunk but who really know.

    HHmmm a Top Ten list , we're supposed to limit it to just ten?

    I'll stick to stuff I've grown , and in no particular order of ranking.

    Pure landrace brown Thai.........an extreme hassle , long finish , finicky 100 percent pure Sativa.........and worth every bit of said hassle.

    Blueberry Indica , preferably the DJ Shorts cut.

    Blue Cheese............north coast genetics travels and meets up again in one of the better crosses of all time

    Blue Dream.............sativa dominant Santa Cruz institution.

    Real Hazes.....remember the Corralitos and Redwood Estates days.

    AK47...........another old reliable

    White Rhino.....short ugly indestructible indica with flavor.

    E32 Trainwreck and her cousin Catpiss

    Casey Jones......memorable melding if three stellar strains.

    Hindu Skunk/Skunk Kush/Pot-o-Gold.............yeah she's the old abused trollop of Skunks , still a great old time smoke.

    Island Sweet Skunk..........need I say more? Fits it's name

    Sour Diesel..........best of the East Coast

    HHmmmmm went over ten , big surprise. And two that I expect to end up on that list that I'm starting to play with Querkle and Toxic Punch.

    My Kryptonite will be here in Feb , already preordered.
  14. that gringo

    that gringo Young Bud of GK

    I like all these strains the same...all very good in their own way, but if i have to list them


    2.Hindu Kush

    3.Sour Diesel

    4.Purple Kush

    5.White Widow

    :bong-2: TOP 5 cuz i havent smoked many mediical grade strains.
  15. ShadowWarrior

    ShadowWarrior In The Spirit Realm

    are you sure? you just listed a few
  16. that gringo

    that gringo Young Bud of GK

    Well yeah i guess they are,but atm.. i can only think of like 10 strains i've smoked that were named lol, the rest is brick weed and homegrown bagseed:jj::jj:
  17. dowork123

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    I went through this list and saw that a few of my favorites, were reoccurring favorites for others.

    1)AK47 - Serious Seeds

    2)Sweet Tooth - Barneys

    2)NYCDiesel - Soma

    3)G13 Haze - Smoked (I love any racey, trippy haze)

    4)Headband - Smoked

    I love Sweet Tooth, so balanced and strong...I never hear anyone mention it.
  18. AlienBait

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    My current favorite is SFC's SCUD.

    I grew it out last year before I lost all my clones and didn't start smoking it until about a month ago.

    It is was an accental cross between two clone-only strains (KKSC and Underdog) by SFC over at 420G. I believe the UD hermied and fertilized the KKSC resulting in 2 seeds. One seed grew out and produced a great female.

    Sadly, I lost all my mums so I'll have to see if I can get it again..
  19. Stash2.0

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    Underdog is the shit i just trimmed some up......+reps for ole SFC....
  20. jr215

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    Times have changed


    2-Girl Scout Cookies. Fake or not, the one Ras is growing is some of the strongest shit around.

    3-Jack Herer

    4-Master Kush

    5-Mars OG

    The pheno of Tahoe I'm finishing right now will probably be on my list in the future. It smells so f'n good.


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