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  1. Mrgreengenes

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    Ducrider Im giving it one more grow this round and I may chop her from the room also. We will compare. The big difference is I flowered her small again. The flowers should stil be comparable.
    Did the Orange Chamaeleon make it?
    Here is a shot of the whole room at week 4.
    I’m also including a shot of the Vanilla Tart.
    FF5A3947-2B62-4CF0-9E08-5340CA552206.jpeg B7FEC9B9-962A-4AA6-A23C-87756C0254ED.jpeg
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  2. Herb

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    Beautious Maximus!
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  3. Mrgreengenes

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    Thanks Herb, I try.
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  4. ducrider

    ducrider growing your mamas weed

    F1B846F9-A08A-4A75-99CE-9B307ADD30EB.jpeg The Orange Chameleon cut is still green so I guess it’s alive. she’s been in a state of stasis for so long now it has become more of an experiment than anything else. I’ll gladly give it a nother go if more cuts come my way :)
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  5. Mrgreengenes

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    No problem ducrider.

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